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No, just kidding.

But they probably put the wrong reviewers on the wrong games.

"Ooh! Lets put this platform games fanatic on the review for MGS4!! He'll surely give a fair review!"

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But other games didn't get the scores they deserve, they got special treatment.

Well not really special treatment, but they just didn't have such high expectations for those games as PS3 exclusives do. Not saying that's a bad thing though... the higher the expectations, the more it will force developers to break new grounds like with MGS4.

Like many people said, its a double standard. Although that double standard will improve PS3's game quality, its still pretty unf...

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Because most of the time, reviewers will give perfect scores just because a game reached expectations... but they forget to factor in that the expectations were low to begin with.

MGS4 set the highest expectations for any game ever made. Yet it still surpassed all expectations. What does that tell ya?

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seems like sony is doing some kind of brainwashing with their advertisements!!! ^_^ my friends all want a PS3 after watching some of their ads!!! lol

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