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Did you rike it?!

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I want a sequel to Ridge Racer Type 4. The style it had, the way the drifting handles, the scenery, the story mode, everything revamped to next gen!

Not a Burnout/NFS copycat.

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This was back in April.

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The Grand Final Resident Metal!

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Dang! Its like Starcraft + Warhawk + Mechs = AWESOME!!!

This is Play Create Battle!!

Btw, where's Loner? Lol.

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Lets see if Fallouts gets marked for being offensive and using bad language while all the other people get marked for being off-topic.

N4G mods at it again.

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Doesn't N4G have rules against trolling or flaming from users?

Why don't they apply the same rules to articles?

Answer: N4G wants the hits. More hits, more money.

Even from blog sites and average Joes who are just repeating the same news for the 20th time but with a different reason for trolling.

If N4G allows websites and articles to troll, then we should be allowed to troll too. Simple...

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socomnick: "ahaha sony just wants a halo. Shame they couldn't hire better devs to make one."

Haven't you heard? Bungie went multiplat. >:D

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Its a multiplatform game that's coming out for Nintendo DS, Wii, and PS Suite compatible devices.

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There's a lot of exploring in Uncharted.

Although there are times where its linear and you know exactly where to go, there are other times where you have to REALLY explore the area in order to figure out how to advance.

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"Last update was 3 days ago and also more specific updates please and also more straight answers not "as soon as possible".

What, so Sony is supposed to tell us what they're working on at every hour of the day?

Let me guess, you're the type when going on a road trip you keep asking, "Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"


"Maybe Sony should slap a sticker on the box that says PSN might be hacked for months at a time."

Maybe car companies should slap a sticker on the car that says "this car may break down at times".

Or maybe Microsoft should slap a sticker on the box that says "this console may RROD at any time".

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I know.

Imagine swinging two PS Moves around like you actually have his chains. Lol.

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Although Microsoft is infamous for their shady business tactics, they definitely would not risk being held liable for the breach of one of their main competitors.

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You know, I really feel sorry for you Capcom...



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I want to see other smaller studios get a chance to catch up to THIS GEN first, before we move on to the next gen effectively hiking up production costs even more.

Which means, they'll likely charge more per game. Or have even less content on the disc, and more to be downloaded later as paid DLC.

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"So why hasn't it?"

Because although every online network is hackable, each network has its own unique architecture and coding that hackers must figure out first.

Just because you can solve a Rubik's cube doesn't mean you can solve every other kind of puzzle on Earth.

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Most of them look like normal people.

Just like the rest of us! :D

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How did I know someone was going to make this article?

After Sony decided to compensate us for the downtime of a free service, people are STILL complaining that its not enough.

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Sony's E3's are ALWAYS "sh*t hot".

Anytime Sony holds any kind of press conference, any websites that are covering it is bound to get strangled by the influx of users just anxiously waiting for any awesome news!

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