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Lets all whine and moan!

How DARE Sony not have the answers to all sorts of problems within a day of its first occurrence!

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the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

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Yea, and look how Anonymous over reacted to the whole Sony VS Geohot thing.

Funny how its okay for Anonymous to over react and try to attack PSN, affecting all PSN gamers, but its not okay for someone to write an article about them and their selfish cause?

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"We are always chasing after things that other companies won't touch," Ohga said in a 1998 interview with The Associated Press. "That is a big secret to our success."

Very true even to this day, especially with Bluray and the PS3.

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Sony tried full DD with the PSP Go because the users asked for it.

The main problem was that it was hard for Sony to convince all the developers to allow Sony to upload the full PSP games library onto the PSN. Copyrights and all that.

Either way, the world's not ready for a purely DD console yet. Makes you laugh when people keep claiming Bluray will die to DD in the next few years. XD

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Nintendo is going the route of "its all fun and games" while Sony is sticking with the "we give you the best bang for your buck and make your home theater system shine".

I don't know why the author has such a problem with this when its CLEAR what each system offers and markets.

The PS3 and 360 share mostly the same types of gamer demographics, while the Wii has a demographic ranging from little kids to even grandmas and grandpas playin...

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I could care less what all the PS3 fanboys do in 360 articles.

Its off-topic and not related to this article at all.

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No save points. :(

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Wow, if that comment does not get marked for trolling... >_<

Seriously? Why are anti-PS3 users always coming into PS3 articles to complain about PS3 fans?

Do you understand how ridiculous you sound right now?

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I bow down to the man with 39 agrees and 0 disagrees.


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Dang, these theories sound like MGS5 or something.

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Wow, if jdoggystyyle doesn't get marked for trolling after calling someone out as a Sony fanboy and bringing up Sony Defense Force... -_-"

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I hope no new Playstation or Xbox console gets released till 2014.

Wii2 is only releasing to get all the multiplats that PS3 and 360 have and to target "this gen's" core gamers more.

If Sony and MS wait for 2014, their consoles will leave Wii2 in the dust again (graphically).

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This means the Wii2 will be left in the dust again in terms of graphics.

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OMG! The stage from GOW3 is in there!

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Of course the next GTA will also be on the Wii 2 since it'll definitely be strong enough to run it now.

All multiplatform games after this year will also come out for the Wii 2 along with PS3 and 360.

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Freedom of information! XD

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Anyone who ever doubted that he was merely seeking for attention should feel like an idiot right about... now.

Its funny because he came out of retirement just to take credit for FailOverFlow's work.


Sony will pay very little to get the rights to his story. But Sony can potentially make LOTS of money out of it.

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Wow, that's really great stuff you wrote there.


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Darn Sony for not getting Monolith. >_<

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