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EU Just had a huge sale on virtual console Capcom games, which was arguably better than this sale. Doesn't help people living anywhere else, but there you go. #2.1
I'd grab D&D:CoM, but I can't remember if I bought it on PSN and I can't currently log in to check. #3
I hope I didn't imply that a developer needs to show off their entire game before launching it-- part of the excitement of playing a game is indeed in the exploration and discovery. However, almost nothing shown from Lords of the Fallen gives me the impression that most new games do-- it makes me question what kind of content we're going to end up with and if it'll be worth the price of admission.

For a brand-new IP, I don't know very much about this game, and... #2.1.1
I'm still pretty optimistic about this game, but I'd like to see some more thorough previews and get a better idea on the scope of the game from the devs, from the game world itself to all the weapons and enemy variations and so forth. Everything we've seen so far looks intriguing, but I feel like I know hardly anything about it.

A demo before launch would be great to get a feel for the general combat and underlying mechanics. #2
Sony denied this game's original certification because of bugs like this, yet everyone whined about it and said Sony was at fault since it passed Microsoft and Steam's certs. Sony doesn't delay things to piss off consumers; it's to protect their investments, to make sure they're not buying a faulty product.

It's too bad the devs couldn't do a better job and get the game out when it was ready instead of rushing it into a bug-riddled mess. #5
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I remember how Sutter went on a passionate rant many seasons of SoA ago explaining how he wanted any game based off of the show to be substantial and powerful, to be a "real" game; something that would affect the user from both an emotional and technical (gameplay, graphics, cinematics) standpoint. The developer had to have the chops to make it, or they wouldn't be considered; the graphics and writing had to be top-of-the-line, or Sutter would dismiss it; the overall quality nee... #1
From the way the source is worded, it sounds like the old DLC is just coming back-- nothing "new," but nice for those Pixar fans who may have missed out. #2
I'd love to see all of that, but most people who are fans of these types of games know the ugly truth to the matter. There's plenty of Maiden in the game, but you'll never see the other bands you mentioned without some kind of miracle.

Not too sure where this "overload of indie music" mentality came from either, considering the major names pulled into the DLC stream lately (unless you mean on disc, which is still kind of silly).

In fact,... #3.1
Oh yeah, I remember when this came out a week ago. There's a whole new (and infinitely more interesting) pack that came out today, and I highly suggest everyone check it out: http://www.theriffrepeater.... #2
It's not like Guacamelee is a fair comparison anyway, what with the original version being PlayStation exclusive for quite a while. This is just playing catch-up. #1.4
As far as I could tell in many, many threads, they were planning on using the funds to pledge for a tier that allowed them to make their own character, even if the designers disagreed with their choices. They were basically going to make the most offensive, derogatory character they could think of. #4
The overworld music was done rather nicely as a light Windwaker mix. The battle music was just too grungy and bass-heavy though, you're right. I love hard rock/metal interpretation of Zelda songs, but this sounded uninspired.

The game itself looks like something I'd be greatly interested in, though. I'm a big fan of Zelda II, and short of Nintendo ever revisiting that perspective (almost unfathomable), stuff like this has to suffice. #1.1
The differences between W1 and W2 were so massive it was almost like they were different franchises, and W3 looks to continue that trend. It's safe to say that people who aren't familiar with the franchise will be easily able to jump into W3 and play thanks to the changes they've made (the story might be an issue, but who knows).

I for one am greatly anticipating the revamped combat and less linear open world approach-- that, mixed with the excellent storytelling... #7.1.1
Here I was, hoping the game was fun.

That half hour gameplay video sold me on the entire game. It looked so engrossing from a story perspective, so enrapturing in terms of the environments and lore, that I installed the other two games I've had on Steam for years just to play through them before this comes out.

Some people don't even have HD televisions or 1080p displays... I wonder how they go on living. #3.5
Sounds familiar. There were duplicates of this story days ago.

That popped up from the search, don't feel like digging around for more. #3
People keep on saying "Pokemon amiibo" will instantly become a success, but I recall a similar figure line for the Wii U for a game called Pokemon Rumble or something that sold abysmally. They created dozens of miniature figures to be used exactly like amiibos are, and Game Stop ended up selling them all for extremely cheap prices after they sat on shelves for a few months.

You could attribute it to Wii U sales of the time, but you could also assume that if people... #2.1
It gets just as bad around here. #1.2
The one from January? That's older news thanks this P.T. "secret." #5.1
"Admitted," as if they're ashamed of it or being accused of something? Word choice matters. #1
If only most of these games either weren't already given away for free several times already (both Sonics, Virtua Tennis, Crazy Taxi) and another one is currently F2P. I usually jump all over Humble's mobile bundles, but there's no real value here (and half of these control terribly). #2
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