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I know you droids are very frustrated since 1st January 2010.

1. One flop after the other
2. Heavy Buttons also to flop in sales (60k pre orders, LOL, means that nobody cares about this game except the N4G droids, haha)
3. God of War 3 a game you can rent for 2 USD to play the 8 hours story (rofl)
4. Gt5 - the worst GT in the GT history.. a bad simulator with no DMG and 200 skyline + 150 civic variations.
5. 80% games need to be installed (but but but 50 G...

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The droids will buy the superior PC version like they always like to mention.

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i bet that dante will sell on the PS3 more than God of War 3.. its just EA Marketing, mark my words ;-)!

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Please stop with, its the lamest site in Germany. Just watch my link! According to VGZ there is nearly no difference between uncharted1 and uncharted2.

Anyways, Dantes Inferno looks better than God of War ...

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PS3 aka Patchstation aka Installstation = FAIL
256 PPL online?? = FAIL
Heavy rain = FAIL

2010 = Failstation

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I expected that.. boring gameplay.

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lol owned.

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Installstaion 3 :D!

DOnt forget the 1st DAY patch for Bioshock2 on the PS3 and 3 days later the second Patch to fix the first one, lol.

After 3 days, they droids will finally be able to play the game :D!

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The PS3 is really full of Flops


So 3 games are already deleted from the so great exclusive AAA 2010 list, LOL

The difference is droids, that the bots never hyped their games like last Renmant or Infinite Undiscovery while YOU wanted to tell us all that WKC would be better than FF13, LOL.

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Great score for such a bad game.

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"is still no games"

lol, nice one.

Well, 360 owners play Mass Effect2 while you are ruling the forums around the world, haha.

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Nothing new... the PS3 was the lead plattform and after they portet the game to the 360 they saw the huge graphics difference so they must polish the PS3 version.

Its like with every game.. GTA4 was held back due to the PS3 limitations, we all remember the 360 version running at 720p and 30 FPS compared to the crap PS3 version in Sub-HD and 25 FPS.

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Edge 6
IGN UK 7.5

Means FLOP

But the droids still search for excuses.

Hey droids you know.. Too Human is also one of the best games i have ever played.. i bet you will now disagree because of the reviews, right??

PS3 = It only patches and installs EVERYTHING
PSN = It only gives you free trophys which still hasnt been fixed
MAG = 500 players online. means 2 matches are open, lol
Heavy rain = Boring gameplay...

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The only ppl ruling all sites and all forums all over the world are the Ponyboys who dont buy games or prefer buying multiplatts instead of their so great AAA exclusive games.

The droids are the biggest flop this gen after Sony, the PS3 and the poor PSN which gives the gamer a feeling of loneliness.

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So close that with sales like that, it will take 2 years (2012) to be on PAR with 360 sales, lol.

The loser this gen is already Sony, fact.

Only the Ponyboys think that sony will overtake MS this year (like they ALL said 2 months ago)

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The ponyboys know, that the JASPER model has a failure rate below 2% while the latest slim models have a blu ray drive/ YLOD failure rate of 15%.

Its just desperation and frustration for them, that the 360 has the best games line up this year and that the hardware is the more reliable right now.

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Poor droids, now the kids can get an errection, lol!

Poor Ponyboys, they have only a movie and a boring simulator this year :(

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superior version for 360 confirmed

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IGN, GAMESPOT will give the same revies..

This is just antother FLOP

Sony can only pay the poor sites

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