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The first game only sold well, because people were expecting a quality Final Fantasy game, but they got the cat in a bag instead.

You can see the obvious decline, when looking at the 2nd and 3rd game. #1.2.1
IC is more like the beginning of more grindy content, fitting the B2P model that it's adopted. Adding Motif's that'll take a long time to get, but it's conveniently available on the crown store. The Glass motif is even worse than getting Dwemer, because the latter could at least be obtained from opening urns inside solo areas.

One of the more absurd changes is crafting, which has a V15 item crafted for 15 materials, but going to 16 it jumps up to 150 materials... #1
It's almost like Jimmy invaded this comment section as well, just by looking at the comments. It's getting more and more popular to watch streams, even more so than regular TV these days.

Oh, and they inventionally pick fabricated comments, or pick out the worst apples of the bunch instead of the more level headed ones. #13
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I'm pretty sure Halo created the problem, not Gears. #4
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Obviously they didn't succeed at adapting the books to a game, but it's not a small feat for either games or movies. Cyberpunk should restrict them less, so they can create more or less what they want with it. #1
Tanks for your time, you may now have another. #3.1
As i've said previously, games like Ninja Gaiden and DMC never got the credit they're due, but GoW is the mainstream.

Ninja Gaiden especially forced me to up my reflexes. :P

PS: Spotie on the spot to defend the Playstation. Sigma on the PS was definitely not hte better version. #1.1.1
I remember when buying a PC game, and all you had to do was apply a key in order to play the game. No linking to a service or anything.

Buying Digitally on PC, the thing i like about GOG is that you can save the game externally. That way you can save bandwidth, and install the game any time you want. #4.1.1
That's pathetic even for Konami. #4
I was just thinking about game ideas yesterday, but obviously i would need money for a developer to help create it.

Notch's money would be welcome to make that happen, considering it would be one of a kind. #59
Personally, i prefer games like that, more so Split Second than Blur. I also remember when i was playing Destruction Derby Raw back in the day.

GRIP is a game going to early access on Steam, because there wasn't enough people backing it on Kickstarter (unfortunately).

That's one of my only hopes for racers i enjoy. #2.1
As it was said, Disney shut it down due to it not being successful enough. With that said, a sequel could definitely have improved on Split Second's arcade madness. #1.2
F2P games always have another purpose with content in the game. More often than not, you can't trust the company / developer. #2.1.1
Well, at least PC players can mod it out if there's an obnoxious filter. I have to admit though, the player in the video seems a tad reckless. #1.1.2
I used to really, really hunt for the achievements, but now i don't find it so interesting anymore. In total i've gained thousands of achievements, both incredibly easy and more tough ones, while one of my longer ones include the Seriously 3.0 in Gears of War 3 the same year it released.

I still explore whatever corner in new games, but i don't think about achievements anymore. #6
Huh, so that's why we only got half the soundtrack at release of the game. #1
The thing is though, only the PC players are signing petitions for something like this. We wouldn't want to turn that around now, would we? ;) #5.2.1
No, it definitely isn't. A Redkit would be what was released for Witcher 2. #3.1.1
The game had half the time left to raise about 500.000 CAD, which obviously wasn't going to happen with the momentum it had. If i was rich i'd give them the money in a heartbeat, because Rollcage deserves a return for something different than the current racers.

Before you ask, yes i was a backer of the game (about $100). #3.1
Really? Of all the platforms you thought it was on the PSP? #2.1
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