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To be fair, Epic wanted the community to be with them from day one, unlike Cliffy B, which is the opposite of that solution.

Unreal Tournament has more potential, simply because it attracts the modders to a loved IP. #2.1
I believe this game is going to get buried quickly, because of Epic's community made Unreal Tournament game. Modders are already flocking to the game, in order to get started on maps, characters etc.

Two things to drag this game down. 1) Cliffy B and 2) Nexon. #7.1
Not to mention that Witcher 3 will have expanded modding tools as well. #15.1
What do you mean with technical mess, because i played the game just fine when it launched. I even played it on Hard as well, which was apparently too much for some people. #2.1
There's no way Bioware's writing can challenge The Witcher, and both gameplay styles are different. From what has been said about the game, NPC's are more static than anything in the world, while The Witcher has a more lively feel to it. #4
Anything Nexon related is bad news, so Cliffy can lie to people all he want. We all know he loves MT's deep inside, so this is a futile attempt to calm people. #3
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Of course someone with a background such as the Author would say this. It doesn't quite work that way in video games, and i don't think The Walking Dead is a great example either. All it really does, is make you careless about every character in those games.

On another note, those cinematic, filmic video games are going to be the bane of the industry. #4
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Looking at some of the additions to Bayonetta 2, i don't think i would care enough for 3 either way. Maybe it's a good thing it's Wii U exclusive.

Anyways, i still have the first game, if i want to play it. :) #20
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Honestly, i still stand by the words that LotF will be a relaxing game, not a very challenging one. It gives you so much time to react to enemies.

Bound By Flame was..yeah, not even worth the effort. #3.1
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It's kinda ironic, since they wanted to move on to a F2P business model. Free to work seems fitting. Unless they pull out of their graphical obsession, and start doing both in a balanced manner, they'll be going down. #3
I'm afraid there's a major chance of Legacy of Kain being messed up, so i would never accept a modern reboot of that game. #2
I can think of a few other overrated games, but that would be the end of the world. CDPR is taking RPG to the next level, and people are understandably excited for it. #5.1
Nvidia is not perfect, but AMD is just desperately trying to discredit them. Nvidia is just better at supporting developers, when there's a new game in the works. Not to mention they're much more interested in the PC market as a whole. #1.1.2
It was pretty much inevitable to get a reaction, in order to get more publicity for the game. It's a pretty clever marketing trick, but also predictable.

Next we'll have the knights defend their honour as well, and that the community hates gay characters. #12
If Cliffy is indeed making another Arena Shooter, why should people care? Epic is working on another UT with the community, and it already has a ton of support from previous map, character and other creators. #5
Seems like a unpopular, but true opinion. Darksiders 2 had worse animations, a tacked on quest and loot system stopping progression. Overall it just felt like a budget game, compared to the first.

Darksiders 1 was much more focused, with enough character customization and movesets to be great. If they want to make a great game, scrap most of what they did in DS2, then go back to the drawing board with 1 as a guideline.

Bring back signature weapons, with opti... #1.1
Any MMO player knows the terrible word, aka Homogenisation. It's not something people like when developers do it, because it makes classes less unique.

Well, at least most veteran players know it. #1.1
They know that this is going to be DoA. It's just a matter of marketing a lesser product. #3
The only games on that list being infuential is Half Life, CoD and Minecraft. You do know where the style from Uncharted came from, right? Yep, from the other side of the exclusive pond.

Otherwise Uncharted would've been a more colourful game and friendly game. #5.2
I already have a Frostmourne next to me, so this is somewhat less special. Mine is not sharp though, so that's the difference.

Still, i'll give him points for doing it himself. #3
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