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Ubisoft saw nothing else but dollar signs, after they had released AC2. They even pulled the quality down with adding MP to the games. #11
No, and it's saddening but not surprising, that people are swallowing this idea whole. This is going to reveal some damaging ideas from other publishers as well. #14
The first mistake was relating it to D&D, then there's Perfect World.

It's no wonder people quit the game, because PWE is known for using Pay2Win schemes. Hell, you could even pay with real money, in order to obtain the best gear in the game. #3.1
I hope you're not being serious, because if you are, then i fear for the future of gaming if people follows this. #8.1.1
It'll probably be the usual greatest game ever, then complain about people not buying it and turn sour about it. #9.1
Subscribing to a service, in order to access games is exactly what they want for the future. They get full control of your playing habits, and consumers are gullible enough to let them.

Oh, and Origin is actually Malware itself, because of the information it leeches from people. #28
Back when Dead Space released, the chapter thing caught my eye pretty fast. :P #4
Thanks! There are actually higher beings in the world. Now, hopefully Capcom can pull their heads out of the sand, and let Itsuno work on a proper DMC 5 with a budget worthy of it. #8
I'm not quite sure, honestly, since all of those remastered games are holding new games back. Remastering games that are barely considered old, that's just companies taking advantage of console gamers.

Maybe it's something related to a fanatic fanbase. #2.3
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Skyrim feels like those open world games, that a lot of people seem to push out lately(indie games). It's all exploration, but everything else is lacking.

How it gathered such a fanatic fanbase is beyond me, since the flaws are right in their face. #9
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items like these shouldn't be needed for configuring controls in a game, but developers seem to like the idea of not allowing a playstyle that works for you.

Keyboard and Mouse functionality is fine as well.

That's why i'm all for this, but not things like rapid fire. #4.1.1
I can't wait to see the tears this will cause, honestly. This is just about one of the most controversial things for MP games. #4
''Let’s picture this – The Witcher 3 gets released, and people still can’t get enough of the franchise. If there is a high demand, would you reboot the series?''

''I think we’re not that kind of company, if you get my drift.''

Hmm, i do wonder what he meant with that. Reboots are usually the best of the best. /s

Either way, i'm excited for this. #3
Kill it with fire before it spreads, or we're all going to suffer for it. #11
I honestly can't remember any bugs at release for Witcher 2, so either i'm lucky, or i had a more polished version of the game. #1.3.1
Itsuno would be the man for the job, as long as they're not cutting content like they did with 4. #10.1
Yes, yes it is. Both in terms of the game itself, and the free pass that reviewers gave it a long time ago.

Mods is the driving force behind it, without that they would be forgotten. #3.1
They might as well just remove dialogue choice while they're at it, so it plays out like they want it to be. Obviously they're not capable of keeping choices relevant, evidence being in their last gen games. #12.1
PS Now is a rich man's possibility of playing old games, and it was made purely to take advantage of double dipping. I honestly don't see why people like the idea, but that's just me. #3.1.1
Obviously people won't understand the bigger picture, but DX12 is definitely as you put it, unification.

No need to involve more unneccesary developer work. #4.1.2
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