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Did people not complain about the advertising in Oddworld? I can't remember what kind it was, though. #1.1
Let's just wait for the real world performance, then we can talk about it. This is just a potential test. #14
That's funny, because i heard another crowd is the most sensitive of the bunch. I don't even need to mention which one it is. #14.1
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You mean the yearly rehashes? #10.1
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We don't even need to make petitions to get console ports, because that's usually what the games are being made for first, to cater to bottom of the technical chain. #8.1
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I'm not sure where you're getting it from, that people are abandoning the PC. If anything, more people are seeing the truth and ditching the walled gardens. That's only evident with services like Steam increasing users again and again.

And i can't imagine anyone would be picking up a Mac for anything other than working, because they won't be catching up anytime soon. #2.1.1
If Capcom knows what's good for them, they'll make DMC 5 and avoid another outsourcing fiasco.

Unfortunately, chances are good that Capcom doesn't know. #1
More and more remasters just signals not to expect new and exciting experiences on the consoles. They may have done something like it in the past, but it's getting worse with this generation. Unfortunately a lot of impulse purchases and supporters of 1 year old game remasters are plentiful. #1.2.1
If the average joe is kept happy by remastered games, then they eventually won't be asking for new games to play. It's a genious way to keep making money, but not making anyything new at all.

Just wait and see. #10
Never is such a strange word to use in this case. At least officially. #2.1
Just another sign of them not really caring about it. #1.1
If you're a PC guy, then i'm a president.

Either way, it's unreasonable to expect DX12 support currently. #2.1.2
Blizzard's focus on the business side over the game itself has increased over the years. It's one of the reasons i just don't play them anymore, unless it's a private server of a previous WoW expansion. #1
Personally i liked the online play as well. It was one of the few MP games i actually wanted to get all achievements in. #2.1.1
Vandal Hearts 1 and 2 was great, but the 3rd game was not that good in comparison. I'm sure even FF Tactics was inspired by Vandal Hearts, considering it came before that. #1
A sequel to Singularity with some new ideas would be great. It wasn't anything revolutionary to play, but it was a great experience either way. #2
It has been the God of Milk for some time now, but people were just turning a blind eye to it. It's obviously to squeeze out more money from single releases. #11
More characters being playable would be surprising. I certainly didn't see that coming. (Trish and Lady) #3.1
Releasing during a time where games usually avoid release? That's interesting alone. Hopefully it does well. If Vergil, Trish and Lady is playable in the DMC4SE, then that's even more than i thought. #8
The static hardware is simply not enough to reach these goals this gen. They're not some magical machines where devs can pull out massive fps improvements. Games will also feature more as the generation goes on, which will further show the age of the PS4/Xbone.

Now that they're even closer to PC's, it'll be even more obvious with the gap between consoles and PC's. #4.2.1
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