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Well, he's saying some things we know already. About the VR thing, i don't think we'll be truly excited yet, before we get Otherland immersion. #3
It's just common sense for them, honestly. Only the PC's open nature makes this game possible, because of the ease of modding for people and uploading. I can't wait to start fragging in this. #2.1
DMC3 - 4 is what Hack & Slash games should inspire to be like, because they moved the genre forward. Unlike GoW, which is being worshipped as a god.

DMC 4 had its problems, but that's because Capcom rushed and cut a lot of its content. #8.1
Isn't it not-faithful, if her dauther is supposed to be dead? At least from what i remember. #6
The same thing happened with Mass Effect 3, and look what happened to that game. It was pretty obvious when it was leaked months before release, but forums were trying to cover it up.

EA forces some form of Multiplayer on their games either way. #1.3
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At least the Halo collection is actually a collection, but still a cash grab. Tomb Raider was definitely one as well. #4.2
Oddworld is obviously the best of the bunch, no competition. It was very entertaining to play back in the early days. :) #2
If Microsoft creates another shocker, that is Win 8, then that's just ignoring basic feedback from people not wanting Phone or Tablet UI on their PC.

It wouldn't surprise me, honestly. #2.3
Seems like people are exaggerating quite a bit with this game. #18
Funny thing is that the PS3 and 360 emulator has made more progress than originally thought. PS3 more so than the 360, but how that's possible is beyond me.

So sooner rather than later, we'll have those games as well. #9.2.1
The answer is a pretty clear no to that, at least for me. Plus, i prefer playing games locally instead of depending on a server. #2.1
Bioshock Infinite was quite different when released, which is pretty sad. If you look at the previous trailers, before release, there was even consequences for Elizabeth using her powers too much. #1
Or Activision could find a competent developer, and release it on more platforms. That way everyone can benefit from it. #1.1.2
No, the Shooter we need isn't releasing before 1 - 2 years currently. #11
People just have to distribute it anonymously, instead of announcing who's actually working on it. That way Square would be even more clueless. #3.1
People shouldn't believe everything, and certainly not in this case. Maybe Bioware's story can be recapped that way, but not Witcher.

You certainly need to play the previous games, and read some of the books to understand it. #11
Correction, the first game was great. Both ME2 and ME3 fell apart, while ME2 was the worst offender by being like a spinoff game. #1.1.1
The funny thing is, that's exactly what ME2 was. They pretty much ignored what happened in the first game, and made something seperate entirely. Anything after ME1 was made for a different audience, and it's very obvious. #1.4
So cutting out 2 of the games on that list, they only have 4 exclusives coming out. #3.5
Maybe Bioware is moving away from choices, because they know that they can't deliver on promises. They're lucky that a certain other game pushed to 2015, otherwise it would've shown how low they've gone. #4
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