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Going full Blizzard is the last thing you want to do. It's unfortunate, but it does happen.

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There are simply too many great soundtracks to list, both video game and classic in general. There's a reason why i listen to that almost exclusively, besides a few other bands in other genres.

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Basically, the score is everything today. Hell, even developers themselves review their games positively.

Come to think of it, slapping a random number on something has always been bothering me. Reading or watching the review itself would be better, but that's beyond most people these days.

And even then, you don't know if a review is paid off, or heavily biased and pressured by an agenda.

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I may not have agreed with everything TB said, and maybe he has gained a little more attitude after getting cancer again, but i hope he doesn't go out on a sour note.

Without TB to push back a bit, i feel like the consumers have lost a valuable voice.

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I can imagine the booth babes would be crucified, if this happened in the west. It'll certainly sell VR, though.

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Imagine them spending resources on a game with both an online only, and offline version. I doubt some of the larger publishers would care about that, and maybe even cripple the offline version to promote online.

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Yeah, that's the thing. I have no problem with this being used for games that have a focus on online, but using it for every game will not exactly make people happy.

That would also ruin the point of something like GOG, because you no longer have DRM free games if this is the route taken.

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Yep, always online games is a cool idea. /s

Going this route will have consequences.

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Considering sites like these are trying to tell us, that we also have a 50/50 split in gender, it's hard to take them seriously when they also lump us in with wannabe gamer mobile users. They're always trying to cherry pick statistics, in order to prove a false reality.

They may dabble in it, but they sure as hell don't care about the big picture as a whole.

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Hard Reset was fun in the beginning, but ultimately it turns out to be a boring game about half way through.

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That's exactly the kind of excuse he's looking for, from other people. It's his responsibility to provide what people backed, instead of letting other projects get in the way of it.

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After seeing how Inafune has handled this game, it would be understandable if backers backlashed them for it.

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It's hard to get excited for something, when the chance of mobile software is more than 75%.

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Surprisingly, Lineage 1 is still generating a ton of revenue after years of being released.

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It was already known that PC is beating the crowd in revenue, but i'm not sure about Mobile, though. it's hard to trust SuperData, considering how often they lump together a wrong genre and the like.

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Indeed, why create more value for the consumers, while ''we'' keep buying games with a minimum of it in the game? EA isn't the only one guilty of this, which is why i've pretty much abandoned the majority of mainstream releases.

Of course, there are people defending any and all practices done in this industry.

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Yeah, i would like to see one in the old style as well. Keep the levels like it was done previously, instead of messing it up with some open world idea.

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Based on the video they released about this game, it's a good thing it was cancelled.

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Unless they come out with one from the original timeline, then it's dead and buried.

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Indeed, the company is better off in this case. DG was writing with his own intentions in mind first, instead of what was better for the game as a whole.

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