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Especially 5 did not run smoothly, and don't praise whatever next iteration they have before release either, because you saw what happened to Wolfenstein and Rage on PC. #3.1.1
KB / M is only supported for games if you pick up a 3rd party item. #2.4
Microsoft saw what happened to controller players and pulled the plug. People accusing others of being hackers was thrown around a lot, because they had the better peripherals.

People even used KB / M for Destiny using a 3rd party item, which i can't remember the name of currently. What happened is that they were accused of hacking. #1.6.1
Creation Engine is just another one based on Gamebryo. It's why their games are still unstable to this day. #1.1.1
ID-Tech should be scrapped entirely unless they overhaul it. It's more negative than positive when using that engine, and it would actually look worse instead of better by using it. That's not to mention how much worse games run when using it, compared to other engines out there. #3
Unless they got rid of Enric Alvarez, i doubt this would be a successful title. Both Mirror of Fate and Lords of Shadow 2 definitely lacked the direction of the first game. Even the DLC of the first game was a poor addition to the story.

And no, those were not just rumors considering Alvarez came out and answered that. #3
Seems like someone is late to the party. Hearthstone has been modded for a long, long time now. New tools for modding other games don't exist yet though, which is why you don't see so many nude mods for all kinds of games. #2
The PS3 emulator was actually making more progress than the 360 emulator, but i don't know how far they've come now.

So don't be so sure. #3.1.1
ESO is for the most part designed for consoles, so it's not surprising some people want controller support on the PC. #2.3
The game suffered, no doubt about that. Not as much as DA: Inquisition, but looking deeper into what people are praising, it's really nothing compared to the characters the game draws from. Some of the more important characters barely get any screentime at all, and the main ''villain'' is just another enemy to chop down.

They did a much better job with a character such as Letho, which i would've liked to see more in Witcher 3 as well. But then again, W... #2
Unfortunately, i doubt it's a continuation of Resonace of Fate. I liked that game as well, though. #8.1
It's just another reason for me to skip the game, because i despise this model. It's just getting more popular to use it in the next few years, which is unfortunate. #10
Hmm, it doesn't sound like they've gotten rid of that massive rock holding them back just yet. It seems like he still wants to have some kind of say about Daybreak, which is a shame.

Smedley only ever cared about himself. #5
You can thank the people starting the trainwreck that is SJW's. If it wasn't for that attack on gaming, we would all be discussing what you mention instead.

With that said, the world would be better off with more healthy people. #11.1
Dishonored is most definitely a Stealth game, but you do get the option for players prefering crossbow blazing / sword and powers. TLOU is much more of an action game. I also cringe when people call Assassin's Creed Stealth, which only somewhat fits the first game.

I do hope they improve the AI awareness in Dishonored 2, plus add some options to make it harder for veteran players. #1.1
Thief 1 / 2 and Dishonored is definitely up there as far as Stealth goes, even though you can choose blazing crossbow and sword in Dishonored or powers.

Dishonored can still make things harder if they wish, not to mention improve on the AI.

Oh, and TLOU is not a Stealth nor Horror game, really. #3
If it wasn't mentioned this was fan made, then i would've most definitely taken it as a official movie made by people with an actual understanding of Halo.

A(Lex) Luthor should be proud for making this. #1
Good thing i waited with Lords of the Fallen, because it ended up saving my money as well. Unless they learned from their last game, then i expect this will deserve the same fate. #2
Diablo 2 pretty much ruined most ARPG's for me, because it was simply too good for its time. Now they're typically a poor man's Diablo or even worse, a Titan Quest type of game. Unfortunately (Activision) Blizzard merged Diablo with a certain other game of theirs.

R.I.P Blizzard North. #2
Indeed, these sites are only speaking for a very, very small minority. Bioware's correctness has been infesting ever since the 7th generation, but it has become even worse over the years.

There are plenty of reasons to avoid EA's games, but this is just another thing on that list of reasons. Same goes for other games pushing this correctness to make it ''normal''. #1.4
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