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Why are they desperate? The marketing has paid off extremely well it seems, considering controversy is selling this game. #2.2
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Too bad services like GOG can't offer all kinds of new releases as well, because then i would agree with him. The Publishers / Developers are simply too afraid in that box of theirs called DRM.

As it is right now, i'm just waiting for digital titles to be heavily discounted, because it's just not valuable to me. Steam seems to be cracking down on resellers as well, so i may just have to stick to older games for longer. #8
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The first Bayonetta is not exclusive, keep that in mind. #11.1
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That's just too funny, it reminds me exactly of what's happening here, and the supporters of it. Maybe the male supporters are secretly female? #11.3
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Dragon's Dogma, Bayonetta, Vanquish, Lost Odyssey, Tales games and more. Plenty of games that people would love to see on PC, but it's all up to the publisher. #4
Did you disagree with the high ratings given to Skyrim as well? Because that was pretty much a unpolished game like the recent ones, and even unplayable for a long time for PS3 users.

Yet..people praised it to high heavens, mainly because it was a new game by Bethesda. #4.2
I don't even play the game, but even i was expecting to see something more special. This is pretty much just another human with a bit of added horns to it.

What happened to different, unexpected races? #1.2.1
Is it progression to water down games for the masses? Because that's pretty much what has happened over the years. I'm not saying Hatred has amazing gameplay or anything, but i don't really see the problem here.

This pretty much seems written by someone from a newer generation, considering people have gone soft as well.

I'm not interested in playing this myself, but it's kinda special to see the protected bubble burst for many people. #3
Is it just me liking Alastor more than Rebellion? :) #2.1
You could write essays about how it was a disgrace to the franchise, but yes it was pretty much a step back in every aspect. One of the worst things about it to me, is that when you search for something related to DMC (original) that failure that is DmC pops up more often than not. #2.2
I just hope the rumours of some tacked on MP mode is false, but i would like to see them take the game elsewhere in Dishonored's world.

Add more varied areas than being in a city most of the time as well. Not to mention Dishonored's main game should take a look at what they did in the DLC. Daud had more of a personality than Corvo did.

Before i forget, add difficulty modes for players wanting more of a challenge. Maybe it could even be a list of thing... #1.1
It doesn't really matter if it's well worth it. They were well aware of selling you a unfinished game, but you're letting them get away with it. Same thing Square did with FF13-2. #3.1
Nothing quite beats a unfinished game with true ending DLC. People may praise Bethesda for their messy games, but they made it possible for developers to get away with this.

That's why i find it funny, that one of the free DLC's for Witcher 3 is Horse Armour. #5
At least they're making it increasingly easy to see, that certain games shouldn't be bought on release. It has saved me a lot of money in the past, and it seems like that won't change in the future. There are very few devs in my good book. #1.1
Dark Souls 2 did indeed get flak for downgrading, but at least we could look to community mods for the PC version. #1.2
As much as people complain about Ubisoft, many will still continue to buy their games. The majority doesn't even read on sites like this, and purchases what catches their fancy as an impulse purchase.

At least some people on this site knows not to support it, and i don't intend to either for the future. #5
Well, they were pretty much Ubisoft with their previous Dead Island games. #6.1
You see, that's exactly the opinion lessening the industry. The pure and unchanged ignorance of today's masses of people playing games.

Just because you have the money to spend, doesn't mean that your decision isn't setting a mark on gaming. #22.1
In other words, you want a remake. Adding content not existing before is not just a remaster. #14.1
Lost Odyssey was the Final Fantasy of last generation. I'm not sure about this one, though. #7
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