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Disagree. You wish you had a Wii U to play this game. #1.1
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I might check out The Letter, looks interesting and $2 won't break the bank.

As for why it takes articles like this so long to get approved, well, I have a few thoughts on that. 1) The website that's actually posting it. Mine, for example, is fairly unknown and doesn't receive the support that larger sites do. 2) The article approval system here is the shits. Articles that should fail get approved and legit articles get brushed under the rug only to lose momentum... #1.1
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The Samus outfit is cool but that Mario one is ultra cheesy. #1
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Don't want repeat stories appearing? Everyone should help filter out the crap that shouldn't be approved in the first place. N4G has gone way downhill since I started using it in late 2012. #3
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I like their games and all... but Renegade Kid should actually finish and release games before starting up another project. Their Kickstarter failure is a good example of how they lack focus. #1
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Wii U would be a great console for developers to create RTS games on. This one, as you said, does lack depth, but it's still a satisfying experience. #2
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Not just you, DryBoneKoopa85. Loading times are brutal for this game. #1.1.1
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Those last two things you mentioned are a big reason why I enjoy my Wii U so much. I love watching YouTube videos in full screen HD on my TV and find myself reading articles from N4G on the Wii U GamePad all the time.

Also agree with Richie D; there really are no games that make me want to come back. I'm sure both Mario Kart 8 and Smash Bros. will accomplish that though. #1.1
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I don't support the game because it will follow an episodic release structure, which I absolutely despise. I want to get the full game the first time I spend money, not the sixth or seventh time. #13
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They both seem like major tools. #44
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I agree. Nintendo Stamps would be a cool concept. It would be up to the developer if they want to hide them in-game (like Super Mario 3D World) or have players complete achievement-like activities for them. They could then use them on the Miiverse, giving them a function other than just waving around an ePenis. #1.2.1
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All solid announcements. I am also looking forward to the items in this game as there seem to be a lot of new, cool items to use. #2
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Awesome news! It's worth noting that this has only been confirmed for Europe as of now. #3
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I couldn't help but notice that Ubisoft chose to include a lot of explosions and other effects that make it hard to see the game's visuals clearly. #1.1.4
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Actually, yes, because Nintendo is offering an alternative to the gritty, reality-based titles coming from other developers. While Nintendo's games might not pull high sales figures initially, they do continue to sell throughout their lifetime, whereas the sales for most of those other games drop off a cliff after a month or so.

My point is that there's always going to be a market for colorful games because they are rooted in the history of gaming. Yes, nostalgia may... #2.1
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You clearly don't understand the concept behind N4G. #1.2
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I feel like a bonehead for not inviting opinions. I like to read your opinions to see which games are preferred by the majority.

Will definitely remember to add that to my post next time! #7
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It's hard to get any kind of feedback sometimes, so I can honestly see that happening.

I could have been a tad more sensitive in my replay, alas it is what it is. I apologize for being a jackass.

Yes, it's definitely much better now. I honestly had to strain my eyes before (and I wear glasses) but now I can actually read it.

Good luck with the article! #2.1
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Agreed. Absolutely horrendous choices for text. Make it white and be done with it. #1.1
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Nintendo could come out tomorrow and say "Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., X, Bayonetta 2, and the new Zelda to be bundled with Wii U for $99" and "core gamers" would still find a reason not to buy the console. #10
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