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I'm glad that I am not the only one that remembers motocross madness 2! It was my 1st adventure into online gaming and still have the 1st person I played with on my friends list. The fan support for it was AWESOME! There were a ton of user made tracks out there for free. MAN! I miss that game!!!

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I agree! Don't waste your money on this P.O.S! Its the worst handling game EVER! Forza this is not! Infact save your money for Forza horizon 3.

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Video games don't kill people...people play video games to keep from killing people!

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WHAT???? No mention of any of the ghost recon games! The hawx and RSV games where good also. I like r6 siege game and will be looking forward to GR wildlands!

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LOL! It can be a game that is the love to hate kind! As said above it can be a real grind. The key to its enjoyment is to find others that are at your skill level to play with.

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I would say to the author of this story to see what Ghost Recon Wildlands will looks like at E3.

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I would like to thank Dice and the entire CTE community for letting me a part of the CTE! It will be missed. The CTE has made my FAVORITE game even more enjoyable.

Now its on to battlefield 5 and I will be looking forward to E3 in June for whats next!

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hmmmmmm LIKE a Turd-of-Dooty game! LOL!!!

Rockstars games have been top notch with excellent servers from day 1 no matter system you play them on! Lets hope there new ip's will continue this tradition!

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I have heard rummors of a new red dead was in the works and it seems to be one of the most requested title. I have a feeling that they are working on something that will be nothing like we have seen before.

Like I said above lets see what they show at E3.

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Theres no mention of what these new "ip's" are. For not wanting to "milk a franchise" they seem to be doing just that with GTA5. Not that its a bad thing cause i LOVE gta5 and the dlc and support for it has been AWESOME!

Looks like we will haqve to wait till E3 to see these new IP's?

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Great response! I had the chat pad for the 360 and rarely used it. I have to agree with you on the love of the preview program and some of the quests are strange ( This is the 1st that required a purchase ) MS has done a GREAT job with the support for the xbox 1 and hope it will continue to do into the future.

BTW I like your taste in cars!

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Looking forward to Ghost Recon wildlands,Doom,and seeing which direction Battlefield 5 will take.

Can't wait till E3!

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I like the 16 player party chat! Just in time for the division with 4 four player squads!

The best just keeps getting better!

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Ditto for what zero said. If you need someone to squad up with,PM me and I will give you my xbox gamer tag.

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I have owned both turtlebeachs xb500's and the ag9's. I prefer the tb over the ag. They sound better, feel more comfertable,and have a greater range but the hed band fell apart after 8 months of use. The were replaced with the ag9 mostly because of the price and a walmart ,$10 gc. I plan to get another set of tb's as soon as the go on sale again!

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Could this mean that more dlc and paid +for expansions are in the works?

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Western Digital 4TB $129.00 at Walmart!

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This game is best played by a 4 player team,working together as a team. If your looking for a one shot one kill type of game then look elsewhere. You will not like the division.

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She can game with me ANYTIME! I have nothing but respect for female gamers! The hobby needs more of them. and I do like her liberal use of the F word!

Heck I would let her hop in the stang and run up to Checkers and buy her a bacon cheese champ and a diet coke ( with NO ice! )

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