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I have the original 3DS (the small one) and honestly Monster Hunter didn't seem like a great experience because of the screen size, but was well worth the sale price of $15.99 on the Wii U. Hopefully Capcom will change their minds. #2
Not surprised - this is gonna be huge! #2
I really wish there was some kind of 3DS/Wii U Smash Bros bundle since they are already doing this! #1
I really hope so! Wii U sales are growing, no reason not to! #2
Love Mortal Kombat - I remember how upset I was when MK I was toned down on the SNES! #1
We really can review something to death and especially with the web doom games before they even hit the store shelves #1
I know that emulation can be a very questionable grey area, but I would love to see a fair approach to preserving parts of our shared gaming history - and Atari is definitely worth preserving! #1
Awesome project, if you enjoy this, check out questicle.net - it's a review of every North American NES game! #1
Nintendo will always be my favourite game dev! #1
LOL I like this but no Hold the Line? I love Hold the Line in RE:4 #1
Reasonable requirements are always good to see; the crazes that happen sometimes really drove me away from PC gaming in general. #1
This looks awesome, but too bad we aren't getting a Wii U version. #1
Hahaha I love titles like this. Who knows what its supposed to mean (kind of like Bravely Default) but I guess that's part of the fun with gaming! #1
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Well it might be the right business move here; it really seems that (at least under the current management) that the OUYA has hit a plateau, and those HDMI android sticks look awfully tempting #1
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I am all for it, but I think it needed a new name considering that it has its own games. I am really curious to see how this impacts the Wii U. #3
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I think the bottom line is this: as much as I am a Nintendo guy, the Wii U is in trouble. Is Sony beating MS? Yes, they are, and quite handily, having said that, considering that the XB1 is $100 more, I think it is selling incredibly well.

I'll add this - I haven't turned on my PS4 since launch; I really wish that Second Son had been a launch title, and that Playstation Now were here. There is no doubt that at the $399 price point it is a phenomenal piece of hardware,... #38
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Great article. I can't really disagree with #1, but I would have moved Cole McGrath up, and definitely found a spot for Zeke ;-) #3
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Haha thats awesome. While its good to see that he has a sense of humour, its also good to see that he is keeping an eye on the competition :-) #8
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Loved Deadblock and Awesomenauts especially - but I'm glad to see that Plants vs ZOmbies was tops! I was so excited when this was added to PS+, and really I feel that just about anyone can jump into it. Not too over the top military, great gameplay and simple mechanics. #2
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Yeah 1984 so needs to be a game. I'd even settle for an updated movie! #4.1
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