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"Bears. Beats. Battlestar Galactica."


I'm not reviewing it unfortunately, but so far I've been hearing great things :) #1.1
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Our homepage has games across Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, mobile, and other platforms: http://www.dualshockers.com

It's more than just "occasional" coverage.
The homepage alone proves that. #1.1.2
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Reviews for all different games, for all different platforms:

Not what I would qualify as a "Sony PR site." #1.1
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Not a problem :) #1.2
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It's not supposed to be the title of the episode - these are just taglines we use to go along with our reviews. #1.1
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Don't worry, we all post on N4G as well! #1.1
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Completely valid opinion. This episode, from other reviews I've read, seems to be a bit more divisive compared to some of the others in this season, of which I'm falling a little bit more in the less positive camp, if only because I wasn't entirely convinced with a lot of the character choices, and outcomes, that happened.

By all means it is far from a terrible episode, which The Walking Dead hasn't had yet. But coming off a really excellent episode (like Epis... #3
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They're not officially releasing until Holiday 2014 with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. #1.1
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Yeah same here, but with the episodes only being an hour or two I always find time to get through the newest one =)

It's funny that I've had a bunch of friends mention how they usually just wait until all the episodes for Telltale's games are out and then play them all at once, but I could never wait that long haha #2.1
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The game is going to cost $19.99, according to the FAQ on Supergiant's website:
http://supergiantgames.com/ #2.1
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I played all of Season One on 360 and had little to no issues with it, other than a crash during one of the episodes.

Otherwise though I played all of the episodes either on/close to launch and didn't have really any issues with them #1.2.1
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Me too! Originally when I was writing this I played it from a copy of the PS2 Collection I borrowed from a friend (that one has MGS/MGS2/MGS3). Since then though I got the Legacy Collection.
I was considering getting the HD Collection for 360/PS3 (and then getting MGS on PSN) - luckily though the Legacy Collection was announced, so I just waited for that =) #3.1
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