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I dont think ALL of them are immature or embarrassing... But i do think the praise for indie games is a little too high at times.

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oh.... i see...

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Day 1 for me

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For the 3 Blockbusters that are still open.

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At least we can be thankful of that. The XIII Saga has an amazing soundtrack.

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Psychonauts 1 HD and Psychonauts 2... PLEASE.

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The game wasn't bad, it was in fact, really good. but it is definitely not the best of this gen.

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Well it wouldn't have sold very well.

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I hope we get a dubbed trailer soon. E3 can not come fast enough.

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More like... Tubs of Dumb!!!
Don't kill me.

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I really hope the All-Stars they have planned kick ass, and are actually All-Stars. I love Isaac but i dont think Zeus should've even been picked for anything more than a boss or something. I really dont want more God of War anything in All-Stars right now.

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It looks like a fun game but... the Turtles looks terrifying to me

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Nothing but Snake, Snake, and SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKE!!!!!!!!

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Mother 3 is in my personal Top 5 games ever. It was very original and entertaining. I hope Nintendo jumps on the opportunity to use the fan translated version.

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I'm so glad Nintendo finally got all that legal crap taken care of and America finally gets to experience the true game for about $10 as opposed to $120+. Enjoy it modern era! This is an amazing game!

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Always Online = Always No Buy

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When certain shooters sell almost 12 million units, with most of those being sold in the US, it seems like a very rational assumption. I still love RPGs more though...

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Assassin's Creed doesnt need CoD syndrome... AC is actually good.

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