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BC team are the greatest, keep the good work

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yeah, the not-desperate thing is launch some ps2 titles at 14.99-19.99 with only thropy support and nothing more...genius

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Xbox One easy

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we get what we deserve...this DLC, season pass, microtransaction crap, all this oldengine with recycle cutscenes, map bullshit and still gamers buy this shit

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hahahaha jeremy conrad desperate to find some bricked xbox one.

in neogaf there is only one case, this spanish dude and a not confirmed gaffer...but expect to hear more issues, there isn't the perfect electronic machine

But the salt in this jeremy conrad website (biggest sony fanboy on earth) is really funny

Everybody enjoy your PS4 and Xbox One, best month of the year!!

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you don't want your external hard drives in front of your console or the usb cable, all external hd will look nice next to your xone

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people keeps saying that PS4 focus only on games and Xbox one only on tv and sports....but why Xbox one have a better launch lineup? just stupid, PS4 and Xbox One are GAMING consoles, both with great games coming soon, both with a decent launch lineup but Xbox one right now have so much more to offer than the PS4 besides games

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i hope everybody review this game again in march when the arcade mode and all 8 fighters are available

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i can't wait for this game, best looking game so far...the forest DAMN!!

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Xbox One Launch Line Up > PS4 Launch Line Up
Sony First Party Studios > Microsoft Fisrt Party Studios
PS4 Specs on Paper > Xbox One Specs on Paper
Xbox Live > PSN+ (Free Games doens't mean best SERVICE)
Kinect > PSEye+Move
Xbox One Features > PS4 Features
Xbox One OS > PS4 OS
Microsoft Cloud Service > Sony Cloud Service
Xbox One Controller > DS4

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i bought my ps3 with uncharted, played all three of them, then all the god of wars, then last of us and finally ni no kuni, that's all, right now it's packed in my closet and i can say i didn't miss much (never care about kz, infamous or lbp) every multiplat i bought them for xbox 360 and all my online needs were covered by xbox live.

And finally all the marios and zelda for wii, then i sold it.

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sll i need to know is that the game looks amazing, best racing game so far

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Dat Sony paycheck

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i just bought journey in a bundle with The Unfinished Swan ($14.99 both) and i love it, wonderful game

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True Gamers knows wich have better games for this holidays...somebody saying that knack or driveclub are thes best is a pure fanboy...

I'm sure we will see better games for PS4 on 2014 starting with infamous

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well if you are use to the weekly update on PS3 there's no reason to be panic

Sony and Microsoft are working hard on their OS before launch, do you think that sony have millions of PS4 packed and ready to launch?? jesus

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PS4 exclusive? Infamous

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killzone generic shooter, knack looks like a tech demo and driveclub looks last gen...i preordered a PS4 but i will only play driveclub cause is free

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can't wait for GT6 GDDR5 Edition for PS4 at TGS

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