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I think it's pretty obvious that Elena's on the list simply to provoke a reaction. Which it has done.

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That'd be nice, I think they were probably testing the water with the new app version of Prince of the Yolkfolk.

But the fact that nothing new has been said since it was released suggests to me that they're not doing anymore at least at the moment.

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Cheers for the approval. I would certainly recommend checking out the android/ios poty game.

You'd probably find all the puzzles really easy considering you just played an emulated version but the graphics are top knotch. Plus they also included the ability to save your progress in that too!

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One of my favorite quotes has to be: "Did you get the number of that donkey cart?" From Discworld.

There were a lot of classic quotes from the adventure games like Discworld and Monkey Island (inc the sword fights). Uncharted as a few mentioned has some good one liners too.

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I own both consoles but I have to say I much prefer achievements over trophies. I just don't feel the same sense of accomplishment from collecting trophies as I do from achievements.

I've platinummed a couple of games but I weren't bothered at all about them. Whereas on 360 I'll conciously go through and try and 100% or 1K the game. I would like to see MS copy Sony in reognising when you have completed a game but that's the only thing from Sony's syste...

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I'd be very happy to see another SOCOM provided it was done properly. I'd have actually liked for Slant Six to have been given another chance as whilst Confrontation had it's problems it also had a lot of promise.

Whereas Socom 3 was the start of a downward spiral for Zipper. Socom 3 had terrible level design and then MAG was probably the worst game I've ever played. And their latest Socom, just wasn't socom imo.

I've not found a game ...

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It's been long known (since the start of the generation) by developers that the PS3 is harder to work with, however as a lot of people have pointed out you can also get access to more power. So it's a trade off between power and ease.

The article was concentrating solely on which console was the hardest to develop for. Not which console had the most power and definitely not which console has the better games.

Ultimately if the software tools available...

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No I'm not a psuedo-intellectual, I'm just British.

Have a read of this link if you really want to read up on the use of "while" or "whilst": http://www.dailywritingtips...

There'll undoubtedly be grammatical errors in my article so why not highlight one of them instead of a comment. I'm not trying to be better than a...

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Well Gaming101 I replied to your comments on my blog post directly on there with a pretty in-depth response so if you're interested you can find it there.

Your entire comment though is a sexist generalisation. And thank you @jessupj for pointing out that particular statistic. It's not something I picked out in my article.

Stats-wise I was mainly concentrating on pointing out how common rape unfortunately seems to be nowadays and the fact that we shoul...

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It's one of the screenshots I used in my article. If you read it you'll see why. I thought about using the photo of an abused woman (again from the article) but felt that would be too insensitive.

Anyone reading the article is under no illusions on what the content would be but in a list of articles I don't think it would be fair to use that picture.

So I felt a picture which showed a woman in a video game was apppropriate especially as I do use ...

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Cheers Proto. Came up with the idea after chatting with a couple of people whilst doing my article last week. I knew there had been a lot of articles specifically about the tomb raider 'rape' but thought this would be a bit of a spin on the topic.

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Now that would be great to see.

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I can't say I've played MH before but that is the point I was getting at in the article.

Though games can be addictive for more reasons than just the feeling of accomplishment. For example online games are usually addictive due to the variety and competitiveness that you get from playing against non AI opponents.

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I'm sure it is one of the main ones most people will think of when looking back. Which is why I included it in the article.

Though I'm sure people will feel the same way with games like Super Meat Boy and Dark Souls looking back in a few years time.

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