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First step shut down the servers, next set release a new version of the game.

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There's a difference between being good and being good against hand picked people who are considered the best in the world.

And I'll tell you where my proof is... after the season check her stats the proof will be right there

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It's so damn forced to have her in a team. She's good don't get me wrong but she isn't world class good. Owl know they have a pretty large female audience so of course they want this to go through and I look forward to her probably playing only a handful of games

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Can we get this article taken down? it's been reported that no one will be getting any discount

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All dlc, 60fps, 4k, 2k textures, updated online multiplayer

Actually just here:

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My nvidia shield, my vita with remote play from my pc and my phone also screen mirroring my pc. Go on try harder

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In engine is always a scary thing especially when it comes to downgrades

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Let me sell my loot dammit

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I'd rather place my genitals in hot water than to visit his website or Twitter. Don't like the guy and his terrible posts on neogaf so I hope his website fails.

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Do you know what a seemless transition is?

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27$ is at best buy w/ gamerclub

35 at amazon

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Did this article seriously just break this shit up into 2 pages!?

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We need a hot chick article once a month, starting early I guess

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Because l4d 1 was turtle rocks baby and not valve's. Valve saw l4d and thought they could do a better job themselves so they made l4d2 themselves instead of relying on modders (turtle Rock at the time) to do another one. It happened with everything valve has ever done just a quicker the around.

Look at portal TF for examples of this happening.

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