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In engine is always a scary thing especially when it comes to downgrades

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Let me sell my loot dammit

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I'd rather place my genitals in hot water than to visit his website or Twitter. Don't like the guy and his terrible posts on neogaf so I hope his website fails.

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Do you know what a seemless transition is?

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27$ is at best buy w/ gamerclub

35 at amazon

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Did this article seriously just break this shit up into 2 pages!?

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We need a hot chick article once a month, starting early I guess

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Because l4d 1 was turtle rocks baby and not valve's. Valve saw l4d and thought they could do a better job themselves so they made l4d2 themselves instead of relying on modders (turtle Rock at the time) to do another one. It happened with everything valve has ever done just a quicker the around.

Look at portal TF for examples of this happening.

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This post isn't even decent bait. Try a Little less next time

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What the actual fuck is that thing on the right?

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*N4G thought this comment was too brutality honest click here to find out why*

Damn click bait but the redux modiwas indeed not made by only one person -_-

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Boom headshot...

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This happened like a week ago!

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Can we get ubisoft next?

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queue the scam comments

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This just in patcher is a jackass, brain-dead insider who gives to most obvious "predictions" or just plain wrong ones.

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On screen keyboard is the wave of the future, controllers will become irrelevant!


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I think I'll stick to wired.

I can already see myself turning on the ps4 way too many times using a wireless adapter by hitting my home button :/

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404.... Uh-huh

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