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Bah! Great game. Bad review. #6
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Happened to me too
In same place where someone else reported the problem, the boss battle at the end of chapter 3 (The Dark Lord of the Lycans). http://t.co/pplCGWI #21
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Sounds like another G4TV review slip up. Remember The Elder Scrolls IV Obilivon review? 'Nuff said (and why I no longer give any weight to a G4TV game review). #31
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"Dita Von Teese Wormery"
Bad comparison. Really bad comparison. That's all. #30
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Here's another SWEET reference, from Eat Sleep Play's tweet - http://twitter.com/EatSleep... #30
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Mass Effect 2 soundtrack
The first soundtrack was amazing. I was waiting to hear confirmation on this and I'm glad Jack Wall and company have returned for part 2! I've heard a few samples, and you can expect some new stuff and variation to some of the classic tunes from part 1. #1
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About 6 hours
I played through it was was about half that. But there is replay value in it with the challenge modes. I liked the game and I'm a fan of the series. #4
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Not surprised
I'm not surprised. Sounds like more RRODs are happening after the system update too. It's just too bad Xbox 360 customers aren't standing up for themselves. We went through quite a few discussions a week ago on this: http://www.gamingbits.com/c... and I'm sure there are many more to come as this snowballs. #182
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Not just a story...
I agree that it's hard to believe. What I'm sharing is what has happened to me as a fact. Anything over a couple of repairs are unacceptable. Especially when you're dealing with the same issue. I don't expect Microsoft to disclose a number on what percent of failures there are, but I'm sure it's no where near 3-4% that they've claimed. I'm hoping you really stick up for your rights as a consumer and hopefully propose something to do about it as a Xbox 360 customer. #9.1
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Playing time
My playing time before 8th Xbox 360 died was 2 minutes after being off all day. Believe it or not, playing time is not relative to the Xbox 360's RROD. Most of the ones that died were played less that 1/2 hour before breaking. It's extremely frustrating and I'm hoping to share this story to spread awareness on the problem. As a consumer, I would have quit supporting the platform. Because I try to keep balanced coverage on the website, I try to keep a working Xbox 360 around to keep up with th... #4.1
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If I had a choice...
I totally agree with you. I would label myself, and any consumer, as a sucker that would have to deal with this going into the 9th Xbox 360 system. Were it not for the reason that I try to keep up with all gaming platforms on the website, I would have been generous to stop using the Xbox 360 at RROD #5. #1.1
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Online is challenging
I thought online would be easier than it is. Man, it's tough. Lots of fun and fast paced. I think there is a divide with gamers on this game just like it was when the Wii first launched (during Wii Sports). The critics get overly critical and just don't know how to have fun and enjoy the game. I'm surprised at the amount of poorly reported features on a lot of the reviews. It's definitely the most fun I've had on the Wii system since I got it in 2006. #4
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Would have picked Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia
I wouldn't go with Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow as the Castevania choice. Because it was first on the DS isn't a good reason. Definitely Order of Ecclesia is much better. Dawn of Sorrow's artwork isn't as faithful to the Castlevania series as Ecclesia is. Ecclesia is like a female version of Alucard in Symphony of the Night. You can also shapeshift. A much better pick! Enjoyed it much better and drops the stylus gimmick. #4
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Make sure you check out the augmented reality on the site.
Check out the augmented reality via the webcam. Shows the hidden blade! #5
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Kratos stimulus
LOL, you mean Obama hasn't said anything yet? Isn't it part of the economic stimulus plan? #2.2
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No backlight
I have one of these and from using it about a week, I think a backlight would have been helpful. That's my biggest gripe with it. Thanks for the good video! Makes you wish the PSP had Bluetooth. #9
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on #5
Only on #2? Hardcore gamers survive at least 5 RRODs! #75
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Download is 1.9GB
Hi! I can confirm that the download version only takes 1.9GB to play. I would have gone for the Blu-ray disc, but seeing that I have 10GB free, I went for the DLC rather than the required install of all the HD videos on the Blu-ray disc. The links to the Playstation forums in US and EU confirm from various Blu-ray owners that the Blu-ray install takes 5.3GB of hard drive space. The extra is for all the GT TV videos. #13.1
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Goozex.com for trading. Or Gamefly.com for used. #13.2
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The worst thing is...
When you stop by GameStop the day of a game's release and they ask you, "Did you reserve it?" and they give you a scared look like you might not be getting it. Then it's like "sike" as then open a shelf filled with a game. Hate the pushiness of making you get a reservation. #14
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