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wish Rockstar would make a Bully "Complete Edition". with all the content across the PS2, Wii, & 360 Platform. an they can make it for PS3, 360, PC, & Wii U. sounds good to me.

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don't care whether anyone did or not. i can say whatever i want when i want fucking moron.

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it's what will nintendo do? not what will the wii U will do? moron. not like it matters though this article is nothing more than flame bait.

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don't care about it tbh.

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oh my god screw metroid i mean i like metroid but we got two metroid games on the wii. where the hell is star fox dammit

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c'mon you and i both that nothing compares the PC master race.

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why not make a new series. why must we feel the need to create more sequels to series that has plenty. let Mass Effect breath a bit and make a new series. then you can come back to it.

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wtf??? XD

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hell no. most of the games that come out aren't even worth 60 bucks. what they need to do next is have differentiate pricing. example: a game like asuras wrath should NOT be priced at 60 dollars when first released.

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has anybody actually tore apart the wii u and compared the specs to a PS3 & 360. because you have some saying the wii u is more powerful and some saying its weaker. like cmon i can't this dude serious about the wii u when there is major inconsistencies all over the place.

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looks better on the wii

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No Star Fox, No Buy. Simple, i'm sick of nintendo giving me freaking mario all the damn time, screw mario.

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los santos is not a state its a city. san andrea's is a state.

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1. Uncharted 2
2. MGS4
3. Demon Souls
4. God Of War 3
5. Resistance 3
6. Heavy Rain
7. InFamous

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good to hear the humor is more apparent.

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Xbox 360 for 150? shoot count me in on that though i'll just get rid of all that skylanders stuff. i don't want that trash.

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what in the hell are you even talking about? nintendo said they are taking a loss on wii U, so nintendo is gonna influence Sony & MS to take a loss on a loss they are already taking. you know how much sense that makes? NONE.....

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so instead of making a new syphon filter game sony has bend making a stupid card game. nice job sony well done /s

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i get the second half but the first half had me saying what does this pseudo accusation about americans having something against british have to do with anything. weren't the british just blasting ubisoft about AC3 being insensitive towards british now they are praising them and saying we americans don't understand them. man people are ridiculous.

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