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Well you have a good point.

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How about dealing with your last gen graphics and optimization. Damn the game is full of glitches and the animation looks so damn garbage. We gamers care about quality games not some bug fest.

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I didn't like crash cuz I'm not a platform guy. Haven't played Jak before so pass that. U4 was the best IMO with best villain(Rafe not Nadine) and phenomenal story. Best performance and best gun mechanics. It was the most believable one without that super natural nonsense. TLOUP2 is shaping up to be the best game of the generation knocking down U4 which is on my number one spot.

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Hands down the most addicting game this gen. I got bored after 600 hrs .

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That one should be in December.

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To be totally honest I'm only hyped for TLOUP2 but still there are 3 games I will buy day one regardless of my hype and RDR2 is one of them.

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Well GOW should top RDR2 first before thinking they are in the same league as ND.

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Well CDPR claimed they admired the works from R* and now they have come to par or surpassed in open world quality IMO. same can be said for SSM cuz their recent GOW was heavily influenced by NDs TLOU. So anything can be possible. But I'm just too biased toward ND games, and still to this day, my favorite ps4 game is still U4.even though GOW was great, it really didn't hit me with that emotional resonance which I believe ND will deliver yet again with the TLOUP2. Cant wait to experienc...

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Agreed. The horse animation is the best I've seen in video game. Interacting with Dutch's gangs in a tent fire looks awesome.

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You are one of the few person in N4g that seems to apply logic in 2018. Majority just dont seem to understand and accept the change / and want to stay conservative as possible. Jesus its 2018, either accept it or move on for God sakes.

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Yeap I agree. That's why I'm looking forward to have fun and unforgettable experience in TLOUP2.

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GOW was a descent game. But I dont think it's on TLOU level. Therefore it will get destroyed by RDR2.

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I'm going to buy dragon quest day one and buy spiderman and SOTTR on sales few months later

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GOW felt like it was trying so hard to be the TLOU to me tho. And btw, the character development was the best in GOW series but compared to TLOU, It felt forced and wasn't emotional at all.

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Well deserved. I have all three but the other two are busy collecting dust while my PS4 pro is running most of the time.

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I think most of them are fake outrage coming from the other camp. Games from ND will get hate all the time. People just dont want to admit they are one of if not the best game developer in the world.

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One of the best open world rpg for sure. I wish they can add more farming elements to the sequal like the recent MHW. That will be a game of the generation material.

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Well Zelda BOTW wasn't all about graphics so there you go. I'm sick of open world games with maps filled with meaningless icons. This game seems like it will make you wanna explore and the characters looks pretty charming. The first game was all about character and the world so if u liked the Uncharted games or any games with memorable characters I'm sure you will love this one as well despite the graphics.

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The one and only game Im hyped for atm is TLOUP2!!!!!
Unless new IP from ND or Persona 6 comes out, my real hype is only on this game. Please make the game good!!!!!!!

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