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people hate the vita and claim it's dead even when it gets AAA support and a new non Indie/''

Nice sarcasm here. Please show one AAA game vita get ALL WEEK PLEASE. #1.6
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Despite this crasp review, the game is superb and challenging thank you Mikami for this amazing game survivl/horror to it roots what else Crapcom have forget in the past. #1
Why would Disney be jealous?''

You are not watch the Lion King , right? it's just a rip off of Kimba the White Lion of japanese movies. #1.1.1
Please no Dysney sucks and are jealous of japanese movies. #1
''Smash sells 705,000 copies in 2 days''

I say: http://www.quickmeme.com/im... #2
Makes no sense. #1.5.1
Vita's doing normally

Nope.... Vita is not doing normally cause in the last media create Vita is around 14 k. #1.4
Well deserved. #11
Fanboy much? #1.1
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Looks the game is not memorable like original Resident Evil. #1
I think this is the end of the series unfortunately. #1
Agree.These Famitsu most wanted lists never gave even the remote possibility of a purchase intent. The people who vote on this are usually otaku ultra mega fanboys types. #1.1.1
congratulations wii u owners , you finally have a game non nintendo fans would wanna play, ''

You comments make my puke dude....are you not played Super Mario 3D, Mario Kart 8, and others games? #1.1.8
This game proves resolution debate in internet mean SHIT. #2
Don't worry Shinji Mikami is the king of Survival Horror. #2.1
Just played through the demo. Wow, just... wow!
Game of the year material right here people. #18
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Man consoles truly seems to be dying in Japan. Urgh.. #3
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What's the point of the GCN controller anyway? Who would want this shit??? #17
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The Most Shocking Final Fantasy Moment''

The fusion Square soft for Square enix. #4
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For those haters of fussing over Bayonetta 2 the sales figures are not that bad for a start and its still far better than W101 considering how Japan is mainly handheld dominant these days and I do expect to see higher sales in the west. #1
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