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Very bad game IMO.

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Really well said, the media ruined the kickstarted campaing.

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Iwata was a big name for Nintendo. But at the same time, hes still just a guy like everyone else.

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Sony have low standard. No suprise...

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Worst port PC ever? Worst ever...

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Nintedo's PR lately is just utter pathetic really....

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Panties. =s=

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Well, no suprise it's Ubisoft after all..

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the NX will fail HARD in my opinion, at least as a home console.

Sony and MS exclusives lineup this holilday is way better then Nintendos. And they even have all the third partys support Nintendo will never get. Im sure many WII U owners will switch to other PS4/XBOX1 consoles if Nintendo really bring NX in 2016 (and it looks like that) and dont bring much more games on WII U in 2016.

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The graphics look pretty awful. It's clearly rushed and it looks like it need another year+ of development.

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Act of Aggression will use the same recipe that made the C&C series so successful''

I doubt this game will be better than C&C series.

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That’s mainly because most gamers have selected the PS4 as their console of choice.''

I work at gamestop and we have a buttload of used xbones in the back. This race is already too late and Sony won this marathon early. It's all downhill for Microsoft from here.

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they have the most impressive lineup for 2015 than anyone.'''

Hahahah nope. I hope you are kidding cause looks ridiculous you statement.

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Best collection of games that any publisher had to there name. ''

So muchhhh bias? Heres Zelda? Metroid......... so yea Nope, Nintendo had not best collection of games.

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The next console will of course be HD. But the technical work will raise devs cost even higher than what it is now for the WiiU. And what has Nintendo really learned? Nothing...

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Shenmue 3 ,Final Fantasy 7 remake.... i really hope this is return of golden age of japanese devs because otherwise it may be too late...

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I love the original VA. Hope this guys come back again.

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Nah, remember the end of the Wii's life, when there were no games and we all assumed they were focusing on Wii U, and then Wii U came out and barely had anything? Yea , NX for sure will be released in fall 2016.

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Nintendo will screw up the NX

Nintendo have expressed difficulties in HD development. What in the hell makes you think the NX will be a turn around?

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you're gonna be waiting till mid-2017, at the earliest. ''

Lmao stop be in denial buddy....Now its pretty safe to assume it will be announced next year and released.

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