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negative, its open to everybody (all fileplanet members can get it now) #8.2
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it's actually based on ghost in the shell. #6.1
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if western RPG's can have lizard men, whats wrong with having spiky hair and big eyes? Like just saying that makes it sound retarded. The main difference to me besides story/playing difference is the graphics. Alot of western RPG's ive played have a "washed out look" where alot of white is used and they try to go for the realism soo much that it clearly looks fake. (check out the Oblivion pictures with a sword drawn on screen) with jRPG's they are always played like RPGs and n... #30
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*speechless* #67
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microsoft uses the previous OS's source code to build the next operating system. in the begining XP looked just like 2000, and then was updated with the new theme. Vista codenamed longhorn looked like black XP when it started, and then was changed into "aero". im not surprised they are using teh UI of vista to build windows 7, but i cant help but thing how stupid they are for this. they are going to have to solve all the problems of vista and xp in order to get it to work and it... #24
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i quite disagree! #16.2
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i remember when somebody made fun of ps3 with this video, and power of green and round peg wouldn't report that as spam, yet here we are and this is spam. go figure. #10
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they didnt add damage because they want "realistic" damage eg; you hit a wall and half your car is trash. #18.3
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no, the tires have been in GT since atleast GT2 the first version i played, and fell in love with :3 #23.1
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id still rather get the radeon 3870 x2's 2 of them would cost as much as one of these.. #7
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and just so you know the ones you are talking about are LED backlit lcd display's they are still LCD's but their light source is an LED. They cost 2-3x the normal price of LCD's and are very bright. They still dont have the 1million:1 contrast ratio or equal colour distribution as OLEDs do, thus the reason they are so big. and besides, OLEDs are REALLY REALLY expensive :) #1.3
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@ above are you retarded?

read that, Microsoft pretty much copied the Dreamcast right down to the 2 extra ports in their controller, and your calling Sony's controller a blasphemy? seriously everybody needs to take their respective corporations d!ck out of their ass. #1.6
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wallace read up on this

http://www.roughlydrafted.c... #19.3
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i see a ps3, and a wii, and a 360 #10
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no.. the game isnt selling because epic released a beta product on the PC. i own it, i went out and bought it. i thought i would be getting a complete product, boy was i wrong. They released patch 1.1, maybe the earliest patch they have EVER released. and now they are working on patch 1.2. I just hope they can get UT back to its roots, with all these problems that need fixing. If you dont believe my words, head on over to http:/... #1.2
WHAT? that made as much sense as your birth. #1.2
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LOL dell innovative? LOL i work with dell products (laptop) they are one of the worst managed companies around. try this, we ordered a replacement keyboard. we got....A FKING TV INSTEAD. innovative? yes if you are retarded.

heres a fact for you: IBM gets more money from royalties then you will make in your lifetime. (they have patents on soo many different things, that whenever a company sells their item they make a pecentage of that money.) and HP dwarfs dell in compari... #5.3
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pokemon snap? #19
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its a really good read, tells you more about everything that has been happening. #1
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is it just me or would "GizMOE" have been funnier? #6
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