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"the princess is in another castle..."


Making a article about a game you want to see gone is A weird thing in itself. You want the game to fail yet here you are advertising for it, for free. #2
GamerGate.. more like GAMERBAIT !! AM I RIGHT?? .... #2
Still not sold on this idea but then again I would love to be suprised #7
"I hope that you can understand that my friend was just joking about actually killing you and that you will push his product again for you since he is really sorry and stuff." #1
weird that both Kotaku and Polygon would react on something other sites wouldn't... WEIRD! #1.1
Great list! #1
Looks cool #1
To be fair, Minecraft is INCREDIBLE valuable #1.1
Still one of my favourite timewasters! #2
I wanted Watch Dogs to be more entertaining but sadly this wasn't the case for me personally #1
Such a great timewaster! #1
spot on review #1
yeah the hype for Ryse coming to PC is mainly graphics, and if that is your thing then you will probably be entertained #4
you know most reviewers are gamers right? #1.1.2
great review! #1
YEY! #22
This is a really great experience #1
I remember this game back in the day on my Amiga 500... and my memories were that it was frustrating and weird, but as with any games back then I just kept playing, and playing and playing, it is still weird though but I am all for older games being available to the younger masses #2
This needs to happen, as an old school point & click adventure games fan myself this would make my year! #1
Great news! More Peggle is always a good thing! #1
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