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"the princess is in another castle..."


Looks cool #1
To be fair, Minecraft is INCREDIBLE valuable #1.1
Still one of my favourite timewasters! #2
I wanted Watch Dogs to be more entertaining but sadly this wasn't the case for me personally #1
Such a great timewaster! #1
spot on review #1
yeah the hype for Ryse coming to PC is mainly graphics, and if that is your thing then you will probably be entertained #4
you know most reviewers are gamers right? #1.1.2
great review! #1
YEY! #22
This is a really great experience #1
I remember this game back in the day on my Amiga 500... and my memories were that it was frustrating and weird, but as with any games back then I just kept playing, and playing and playing, it is still weird though but I am all for older games being available to the younger masses #2
This needs to happen, as an old school point & click adventure games fan myself this would make my year! #1
Great news! More Peggle is always a good thing! #1
I am also still waiting for Agent... #2.1
More indie games being pushed means more games for gamers and I am fine with that #9
Splosion Man meets Little Big Planet? Looks cool though #1
ah Phil Fish... Your constant need for attention eventhough you claim to hate it.

5 Stages of Grief:
1. Denial and Isolation X
2. Anger X
3. Bargaining X
4. Depression X
5. Acceptance ...? #1
I do love me some Peggle! #1
interesting list #1
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