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"the princess is in another castle..."


what goes around ... #3
That is just what everyone wants, another "candy" game...
Listen, I am all for funding games that you think you will enjoy or you know you will enjoy PLAYING but not funding a game just because of the developers personal experiences. But hey, opinions right. #2
Excited to see more gameplay from these two games #1
Excited for this, Heroes of Loot is still my favourite timewaster #1
useful! Thank you! #3
that is a good score, might just have to check this out #2
such a great game, glad to see it is coming to iOS! #5
might be the next badass female protagonist #2.1
excited for Daylight! #1
listened to it on Spotify and it really is good stuff #1 #1
Really excited to try this game! #1
Clash of Clans was the first game i downloaded on my ipad and the only game i still play every day! excited for this! #3
nice! #4
the ant episode still stuck in my head #5
its March 27th i think #1.1
yes! YES I AM #3
I love everything Hitman! #2
This is truly a great game #3
Some say it is a waste of money but I say it is a great timewaster until Phantom Pain releases #1
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