the princess is in another castle...


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Your comment would be 10 fold better if you said "US also" but you had to say "US instead".

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Yeah I think I am getting money from my shops but I dont have the top tier ones and I forget to check. And yes, as of now there really isnt that much information to find for this but as you said hopefully the internet will answer our questions!

Great to hear I am not the only one spending way too much time with the settlements

I have linked my settlements to different places but most of them are linked to the sanctuary as it is my biggest one so far.

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Thanks man! That is a lot of useful information! For some weird reason the base building is what I have spent the most time with. About 30 hours or so in and have just now started doing more quests. I realized that I started playing and 4-5 hours later I had done nothing but travel back and forth between my camps and building stuff trying to improve everything.

It is addictive in some way. But a question if you don't mind, is the benefit of a good settlement the traders t...

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They need to cut the "reality" concept, and go full insanity! They have the Terminator for god sake!

Do more WWE Superstars and mix in a bit of Mortal Kombat and I will be all over it!

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Agreed! This is actually one of my most anticipated releases!

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I love. How every youtuber. Cuts every second. Of downtime. In their videos. So that we. As viewers. Do not need to waste. Any time. Watching. Videos. With. Awkward. Pauses. In. Them. This. Is. Truly. The. Future. Because. Nobody. Has. Any. Patience. Any.more...

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Every year is the same damn thing, the game comes out and it will be more of the same.
Maybe a new feature that makes the game even less playable.

Turn it more arcade and less like the UFC games. The last time I enjoyed a WWE game was Here Comes the Pain

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I see a lot of these type of articles/opinion pieces and I have a few questions if anyone wants to help me out here:

Why do you feel the need to prove that you are not or are a certain type of gamer? Seriously, why is that?

Do you feel that everyone is judging you because you play a certain type of game or games?

If so then tell me why, and also add why you should care what anyone else thinks about anything you enjoy doing?


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resellers are the worst.

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Making a article about a game you want to see gone is A weird thing in itself. You want the game to fail yet here you are advertising for it, for free.

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GamerGate.. more like GAMERBAIT !! AM I RIGHT?? ....

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Still not sold on this idea but then again I would love to be suprised

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"I hope that you can understand that my friend was just joking about actually killing you and that you will push his product again for you since he is really sorry and stuff."

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weird that both Kotaku and Polygon would react on something other sites wouldn't... WEIRD!

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Great list!

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Looks cool

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To be fair, Minecraft is INCREDIBLE valuable

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Still one of my favourite timewasters!

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I wanted Watch Dogs to be more entertaining but sadly this wasn't the case for me personally

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