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I don't like the Turok IP. I've never really enjoyed a Turok game. But when I played the demo that they had running at PAX, I had a blast. I sat and talked to the lead multiplayer designer for at least a half hour about the game. After a while he started to loosen up a little and gave me more info than the "I can't talk about that aspect of the game" that he was dishing out to all of the other on-lookers. He implied to me that it will have Co-op, but wouldn't give me details ...

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When I watch trailers of this, and CoD3, I get far more excited for CoD3. But this game does have some interesting features. Watch how enemy bodies react to being shot. They all react appropriately for where they were struck. If they are hit in the head, their head whips back and they fall down. If they are hit on the right side, they spin a bit to that side and fall down.

I don't plan on buying a PS3 for a very long time (if at all), but you have to give credit where cr...

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How in the world can you say that when they aren't even released?

Back on topic though:
Although the graphics don't look all that impressive compared to other PS3 titles, the gameplay certainly does. I think it's important to take both into account.

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There is no way to optimize your screenshots when posting online. These screenshots are from the video they released, and like I mentioned in the other article's thread, this shows in my opinion that this IS actually what gameplay will look like.

The original videos released may have been real time videos being rendered by the PS3, but they were not gameplay. It's the same thing with the Halo3 video. There is no AI running, no real game physics, and the full map is not loaded ...

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I don't know the background story of this game, so I could be wrong, but I don't think it a good idea to call anyone that looks middle eastern a terrorist. It looks like this game takes place in that region, so for all we know, the metal gears are invading THEIR land, and they are simply trying to deffend their homes and villages. Be careful with that generalization of terrorist.

And back to the game, I need to see a higher resolution video, but I don't doub that this is actu...

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This game looks awesome. I've always loved the Armored Core games, and am glad this one will make it to the 360, since I won't have the money for a PS3 anytime soon.

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The article lists the clock speed of these Cell processors as 2.8 ghz. That is the same speed as the what most say the PS3 devkits run at. It's also been widely speculated that the PS3 will actually run at 2.8ghz instead of 3.2 because of low chip yield. I'm not trying to attack the PS3, just pointing out something I found interesting.

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I think the game looks good. There is a lot of blur, so it's a little hard to tell how detailed the models are, but I think it does look good. I think the lighting in the game gives it a very good feel. I own a 360, and absolutely love it, but I do think this game looks pretty good, and possibly a lot of fun. Still not planning on getting a PS3, but I'm not gonna knock this game until I have a chance to play it.

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They have exactly 4 months.
Personally, from what I've seen, I think this will look as good as CoD2 did for 360, but again, I'll reserve judgement until I have a chance to play it. From screens of this and CoD3, which is also a launch title for PS3, I think CoD3 looks a little better. Graphics aren't everything though. 40 players in MP could make this a lot of fun. It's also a totally new IP, which are always welcome.

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I agree completely with Xtrm L1481L1TY, this is getting out of hand. I own an Xbox360, and spend most of my time on the forums. I love the system, but most of the 360 users on here posting are seriously giving us all a bad name. I don't currently plan on buying a PS3, but I can't deny that it has the potential to be a great console. I like the concept of this game, and feel it probably will make a good launch title for the PS3. I can't say I'm incredibly impressed with the grap...

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I can't believe this guy. Watching him try to dig his way out of the two SKU question is embarrassing. Yes, the 360 does have a version that doesn't ship with a hard drive, but at least it can be added in afterward. You can't do that with an HDMI port.

Although comments like this don't reflect well on Sony in general, I don't think it's fair to hold things like this against the PS3. After all, it's not like Peter Moore hasn't said things that become PR nightmares (back-co...

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I tried it with Halo 2 and it didn't work. I think only xbox live works.

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I found this to be an interesting question/answer:
" The rumours spoke about a power comparable with that of Xbox...

I do not have the right to speak in details of what Wii can do graphically. What one can say, it is that on the sum of all that it can do, Wii is more powerful than Xbox. But there are things which Xbox can make and which Wii cannot make."

I am going to buy a Wii for sure, so I don't bring this up to try to bash it.
I just find ...

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Personally, I do feel that Microsoft is adapting. They're doing everything they can to win the support of Japanese developers. They have a lot of good looking games in development right now by Japanese developers.
On a side note, I lived in Japan for two years, and the menu at McDonalds is the same as the US, except for two specialty items that come around once or twice a year (much like the specialty items in the US depending on your location).
I think Outlaw and Daewoodrow...

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It's a low res video, but it looks pretty good to me. I like the lighting at least. I'd like to see an HD trailer.

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