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^Giving shit away

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^damn. 34?!

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Personally Sniper Elite being in third person loses the immersive feeling I get from a fps sniper game. To each their own.

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I would say it'll take longer than 2 more years. From the creator himself:

Hello everyone, thanks a lot for supporting me so much, I’m really glad to see that people like it.

I have been working on it in full time for two years, and feed myself by doing freelance things, and actually my plan was to release the trailer as the end of full-time development and to find a full time job, then continue it in part-time with a really slow speed, maybe ten yea...

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A video? No thanks. 5 pictures of the controllers with a description of each of them would've been easier for me to check out...

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Has it been proven that a store sold this game? I honestly don't know. A store wouldn't(shouldn't) sell a game at such a price. If he got it on eBay then it was most likely off some person who works at a store. Maybe its a stolen copy....I know when I worked at Target it was impossible to check out a game pre release...the register wouldn't let you. Who knows..

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That was exactly the impression I was getting after reading his statement.

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I respectfully disagree, my main detraction from the previous games is when the whole super-natural aspect kicked in. Like I get that many aspects of the game are unbelievable, but they're unbelievable to an extent where I still felt like it was real-ish. However the super natural stuff gave it a nice Indiana Jones feel....I just happened to prefer the way the 4th went.

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^This. I mean, to each their own. But this game is my own personal journey, I don't want anyone else ruining any surprises for me. Guess some people don't care though and would rather know what to expect in a way :/

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I'll pay my monthy gamefly membership fee of 13 bucks and play this within the first month it comes out...just like just about every other game I want to play. Basically no waiting and cheap= win

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That campaign was all over the place in so many ways.

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And Search & Destroy

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You are 100% on point.

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they tried first person view before BUT not in VR.

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Lol well it actually happened...but I understand that it's crazy enough to be unbelievable.

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Nintendo4Lifex dude you are such a hater, change your name to Hater4Lifex. This guy states a fact and yet you STILL hate. smh what did Sony/Playstation ever do to you to make you so salty?

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You guys won't believe me when I say this but I swear to god it's true. Today I went to a funeral of my friend's father....towards the end, when everyone was paying their final respects, the pastor was sitting next to me talking to people about how he's into Pokemon Go. Next thing I know he's staring at his phone telling me I have one on my shoulder and he's having trouble catching it. Everyone around is laughing. He ends up getting it. Not knowing much about Poke...

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