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A well reasoned response to an article? I don't believe it!

Some really fine points here Mr Cheese. As the person that wrote the article, I'd have to say you've got some valid points there.

I personally don't think MS's idea of focusing on a niche of gamers (bros that want their NFL and COD) is a great way to go. With regards to the exclusives, MS have shown more, but my personal interest in them is low. Halo, GOW, Forza... none of these e...

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Where'd you get those numbers from?

IMO, both consoles have some sweet looking games. It's all the extra crap that's making me lean Sony's way.

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Yes. They do. Women have rights no matter their line of work. You know, like a man does.

Secondly, this is nothing to do with 'testing' the game. This is 'focus testing', where the reaction that the player has is measured. This is done to find out what people like and don't like. Very common in films. Increasingly common in games.

They didn't think to get women's opinion on the game. Which is silly considering how many women play g...

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I wouldn't call what the '720' is getting publicity. It's wild speculation and a whole lot of (mostly) negative rumours.

The PS4 is out there, mood is positive and people are looking forward to it. THAT'S publicity.

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GraveLord, did you even read this? The article mentions how this could be a good thing, the whole blocking of second hand games.

It also mentions that it is just a patent. It links to, and shows pictures of, an old MS patent that never went anywhere.

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No doubt that precedent has been set. All they need to do is sort out the update speed and regularity and Playstation will be... *Golden*

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Like the end of the article says, most games companies have some bad financial news floating around.

With the markets as jumpy as they are, it really doesn't take much for you shares to take a serious dip.

Another concern is that it's not even big name IPs are guaranteed to sell anymore. BLOPS 2 has sold less than last year's COD and titles with a lot of marketing push have still struggled. Playstation battle royale rumble all stars, or whatever i...

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Glad to see other people miss manuals as well. Though I was just getting old and nostalgic.

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Honestly one of THE games that I'm most looking forward to next year. Castle Crashers has finally got some competition.

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