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This isnt square's fault

The game is a cancelled game that they had no intention of ever talking about

this is the fault of siliconera for a tabloidish story

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of course he would say that, to the rest of us they arent

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oh so every dev, analyst is wrong huh?

So when most devs say costs will increase another 50 percent, like they did this gen, thats another lie huh?

So when monthly new game releases dropped from 40 to 20, that was a lie too?

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You all are thinking as fanboys and not as industry professionals

The industry is headed for a crash and its simply because unlike every other form of entertainment

Costs are not stabalized......they keep skyrocketing up which means next gen you might only see 1 game per dev per gen

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Heres why everything in this article is irrelevant


An increase in cost leads to less freedom, less time spent on gameplay, and basically NO ORIGINALITY

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