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$300 consoles exist for the casual gaming crowd. The average person spends more on their mobile phone, than they do on their console. And the phone likely has a better cpu, and is capable of higher resolutions. The only drawback for gaming is the darned terrible controls. SMH. I don't think the mobile market holds consoles back, either. #16.1
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Yes. Because there are games that only exist on PC that are far more "cutting edge" than anything that console gamers have experienced. Nothing is cutting edge about the consoles themselves, other than maybe their "apple-esque" one device fits all, for all entertainment, with an overly restrictive, and simplified approach. #10.1
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It's actually more than "a few more polygons" and "a slightly higher resolution". It's customization. It's smooth animation, virtually lag-less input, support for all resolutions, multiple control input options, multiple monitor support, 144hz screens, native 3D at 120fps, GSYNC!!!

People who claim that there isn't a noticeable difference, have never gamed on a high-end pc, at a higher resolution, at twice the frames, with the level of cont... #8.2
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He is hilarious! Like that time when he said the Vita was going to destroy the 3DS. Oh.

People have to brace themselves for the fact that the Xbox One will outsell the PS4, for a month, at some point during this gen. It will be okay.

On another note, just cracked the top 6,000 on the Driveclub leaderboards! The game has been the biggest surprise of fall for me, for good and bad reasons. I've played it more than Horizon. I'm also convinced that the s... #1.10.2
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In all honesty, I own both Titanfall and Second Son, and they aren't really major system sellers. These titles aren't going to convince the "average joe" gamer to take the next-gen plunge. The hardware sales bumps will be more on the minor side than the average n4g'r is expecting.

Second Son is easily the most next-gen looking game, and it also feels next-gen by way of some of the unexpected Wii-esque controls. But the animation (particularly his standar... #1.2.1
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@morganfell: You seriously have checked all of those sites multiple times daily, since Feb., to compare console hardware sales? You care THAT much? I can't imagine taking time out of my day just to check that. That's pretty hardcore. #1.1.17
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But will Sony support Morpheus better than they have their other gaming peripherals in the past? I, for one, thought move was the superior motion controller, but the support was meager. VR has more potential uses and applications, as well as more general public interest, but going on their record, they'll have to really prove that they aren't just trying to cash in on the next gaming fad. I hope my concerns are unfounded. This is one of those of the cases where I really hope I am wrong. #4.3
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Because it's Facebook. When have they done anything for the consumer? They aren't buying Oculus because they are passionate about bringing VR gaming to the masses, they are only interested in pushing Facebook into every facet of our lives. The more connected they are to different mediums, the more they can mine information from you and sell it to the highest bidder. Zuckerberg always has an agenda. #2.3.1
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Every game company tends to do this. Like how a huge chunk of people on here acted like VR was somehow real after Sony showed off their headset. Nobody really innovates anymore. It's always buyouts and me-too advances, while each of these companies toot their own horn like they've been ready for it all along.

There is no way possible this will end as a win for gamers. Facebook constantly uses tech as a way to get information from you. I'm curious how they plan on... #2.1.8
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Are you guys really arguing over which games YouTube videos have more views?! Is this what the "Console wars" have come to? Haha. I'm going to continue dominating on Titanfall, while waiting for Second Son to drop. Who knew March would be such a great month for gaming?! I love it!!! #1.5.1
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Just like you can't have an article pointing out that ps4 fanboys were duped, thinking that killzone mp was 1080p/60fps, without the article getting unapproved when the story started heating up like wildfire. The Sony defense forced made sure that got swept under the rug before it made too much noise. Quit projecting. #1.14.1
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The one that linked to the crave article was hot. I knew it would get killed. This site is garbage, as is the bias. I've seen multiple articles featured that are about the same thing bashing the xbox. I'm done with this fucking site and it's censorship of any negativity of the ps4. I won't be coming back. #16.1.1
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So glad I finally made the jump to PC gaming. My xbox one and ps4 mainly stream video right now. Haha. #14.3.1
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I'm just waiting to see if some of the staunchest PS4 fanboys even bother to show up. I bet this just gets swept under the rug. #5.3
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Obviously you've never used the Xbox One controller. There is no bulge. The battery pack/batteries go inside of the controller and the battery cover is flush with the body of the controller.

The DS4 is nice, but the sticks feel cheap in comparison to the One controller, and the removal of the analog face buttons is a step back to me, especially when it comes to sports titles. That was a big advantage the DS4 had over the 360 controller, in my opinion. The battery life of... #2.3.2
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Aren't all reviews opinion? #26.2
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You could probably trust Microsoft as much as you can trust Sony. How quickly we forget the PSN hack... #9.1.4
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I feel ya on the pc being the go - to for graphics. I just built my first gaming pc, but I have consoles to connect to my friends. (The majority of them don't see the benefit in pc gaming.) I'm crazy stoked to see how BF4 runs with no compromises.

I might have been a tad bit hyperbolic with the struggles to do 720p bit, but I expected to see more than Forza hit 1080p at launch. I usually prefer the xbox because of live and the controller, but considering that the majo... #25.1.2
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I'm buying both consoles at launch, but have struggled deciding what system to buy multiplats on. In light of all of the speculation, and having used the ps4 controller for a couple of days, the decision has become much easier. It's going to be an adjustment doing a majority of my gaming on the ps4, considering the xbox 360 was my multiplat console of choice because of Xbox Live.

My, times are a changin'. With eight-player chat (Finally!) and the Dualshock 4, it... #25
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Nice spin. It took longer than three days to find out the truth. I was actually a PSN member at the time. I was as angry as I'd ever been at a company just dodging all questions. You live in a glass house, so you should tone down the aggressive, stone-slinging servitude, just a tad. We'd hate to see you make a mess... #27.2.1
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