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Exactly. Game on PC. #1.9.1
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You're right, resolution does matter. That's why I only game in 4K, at 60fps on PC. If resolution really mattered to you THAT much, you wouldn't be primarily gaming on consoles. That's what's hilarious about all of these "console war" comments. ALL OF YOU are taking MAJOR graphical/resolution downgrades by gaming on consoles in the first place. You guys are arguing over 180 lines of resolution. Hahahaha. It's like claiming to be th... #1.10
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The average low-end PC user is running 1080p. The PCs rating lower than that aren't meant to be gamed on. You literally need nothing to start a steam account on your pc. Spin won't give your PS4 100% destructible environments. Just kidding. I love my PS4 brothers. ;) #3.2
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Don't sweat the fanboys putting words into your mouth. They are all busy trying to cope with the fact that the cloudz wasn't just a myth, and that the secret sauce was VERY REAL.

1440p is quickly becoming the new 1080p, on PC. Not to mention gsync, and 144hz/fps. Even the average low-end pc user is achieving 1080p. Meanwhile...HAHAHAHA #2.5.3
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@moldybread: I love how you try to paint Xbox users as potentially xenophobic. Haha. It's really sad that console fans have stooped to the point of painting supporters of another platform as prejudiced towards other nations, only because they support a different console than you.

It's as bad as blind-followers of political ideology. You can't actually defend or refute another's position, so you just accuse them of something really bad, only to put them on the... #5.1.4
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Meh. It's not that bad. Most titles I play, I'm playing at 1440p/144fps. Some multiplats are like this, unfortunately, but this is usually not an issue. But when you look at all of the ground-breaking gaming experiences, and the way pc games are showcasing new sides to gaming, and telling new stories not ever confronted by games, I'll live. I've always felt like the Batman games have been a bit overrated lately. #1.12
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It's not hard to run games well on the pc anymore. Mid-level hardware is achieving performance and fluidity, vastly superior to consoles, for just a couple of hundred dollars more.

Console gamers have been playing the same games for several generations. The only upgrades to console gaming has been slightly improved graphics. Still use the same control input. Still use tvs that intoduce hug amounts of input lag. Still struggle to stay hd at fps over 30. Consoles are actual... #11.1
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The gap between consoles and pcs isn't closing, it's widening at an alarming rate. HD became the norm around the launch of the 360. Resolution, and frame rate has barely moved forward in an entire generation.

The majority of games on consoles, are still struggling to hit that 1080p/fps "sweetspot for gaming", and 30fps is still the norm. And many titles are still sub hd, trying to squeeze frames out.

On PC, 1440p/144fps is the standard now.... #9.2
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Console gamers will never understand the level of control that is afforded by sub 1ms response, and 144hz refresh rate. Gaming comes down to playability and control. PC gaming slays consoles in that right, and we aren't even discussing hardware, input methods, or graphics. Just the ability to display a faster image. I can go on... #28
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I don't see how it's a good point. They literally are just flipping a switch, and leaving it up to developers to activate. I doubt it took vast resources, or focus to make this feature possible. SMH. Xbox is like LeBron James. It doesn't matter how much they do right, the brand will always be held to a different standard than other systems, and I have no clue why.

Sony gets a pass on their terrible network. Stripping features, charging for BC, "winning"... #1.14
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He's right. More options, custom mapping. Ps4 controller, xbox one controller, steam controller, motion controls, tons of mouse and kb options. Not to mention framerate. You can prefer a console or controller all you want, but you'll get crushed by m/kb because it is quantifiably superior. #19
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Unfortunately, you won't hear a counterpoint. Just phantom disagrees from the casual console crowd. I've bought 35 games for $80 during the steam sale. I'd say like 20 of them are AAA titles too. #1.3.3
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So much hate. Who cares? The only ones hyping VR are the Sony fans. If you want true VR, you'll be gaming on PC. #tistrue #1.15
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It's like a compilation of everything awful about the 90's. It's only missing a rollerblader, or a wolf head. #bruh #30
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Uh. Nintendo still tears it up in the handheld market. The Vita was never even a contender. It never stood a chance. Just because Sony failed, does not mean handhelds are dead. Haha. SMH #8.2
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$300 consoles exist for the casual gaming crowd. The average person spends more on their mobile phone, than they do on their console. And the phone likely has a better cpu, and is capable of higher resolutions. The only drawback for gaming is the darned terrible controls. SMH. I don't think the mobile market holds consoles back, either. #16.1
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Yes. Because there are games that only exist on PC that are far more "cutting edge" than anything that console gamers have experienced. Nothing is cutting edge about the consoles themselves, other than maybe their "apple-esque" one device fits all, for all entertainment, with an overly restrictive, and simplified approach. #10.1
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It's actually more than "a few more polygons" and "a slightly higher resolution". It's customization. It's smooth animation, virtually lag-less input, support for all resolutions, multiple control input options, multiple monitor support, 144hz screens, native 3D at 120fps, GSYNC!!!

People who claim that there isn't a noticeable difference, have never gamed on a high-end pc, at a higher resolution, at twice the frames, with the level of cont... #8.2
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He is hilarious! Like that time when he said the Vita was going to destroy the 3DS. Oh.

People have to brace themselves for the fact that the Xbox One will outsell the PS4, for a month, at some point during this gen. It will be okay.

On another note, just cracked the top 6,000 on the Driveclub leaderboards! The game has been the biggest surprise of fall for me, for good and bad reasons. I've played it more than Horizon. I'm also convinced that the s... #1.10.2
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In all honesty, I own both Titanfall and Second Son, and they aren't really major system sellers. These titles aren't going to convince the "average joe" gamer to take the next-gen plunge. The hardware sales bumps will be more on the minor side than the average n4g'r is expecting.

Second Son is easily the most next-gen looking game, and it also feels next-gen by way of some of the unexpected Wii-esque controls. But the animation (particularly his standar... #1.2.1
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