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Doubt it, but he may be getting pay checks from Codemasters, the way he kept jocking Dirt the entire review.

"Hey guys! I'm reviewing Street Fighter today. Ugh! 90 second timer! Yawn. Smash Bros. really improved its mechanics, and respawning is so much more fun during matches. Street Fighter should have more players, and items, like Smash Bros. What in the hell are rounds? 2/5. Could have used more Mario characters."

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Who gives a damn what Dirt does? Dirt is a moderately sim-like off-road rally racer, while Forza Horizon 3 is an arcade open-world racer. Horizon isn't attempting to be realistic in any meaningful way. Dirt Rally is. It's a terrible comparison.

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Are you the reviewer? You seem to be going out of your way to justify the score. Don't know why you keep comparing this to Dirt. The games are two entirely different takes on racing. Dirt went for more realism with its handling in the recent version. Where Horizon has always been the arcade version of Forza. I'm going to score COD lower because it's not Halo. Get out of here!

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You are wasting your breath. These kids on here can only afford one console, and make it their life's mission to let you know how special that makes them. Haha.

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@I Am Legion

Tried adding you on Steam, but it claims your profile doesn't exist. Weird.

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How am I a fraud? The screen may be capable of 120hz refresh rate, but the PS4 is absolutely incapable of hitting those numbers. Ill be glad to be proven wrong on this, because I love VR. I'm hoping Sony will allow use on PC to really be able to test what the headset can really do.

@I Am Legion

I didn't mean to come off as much of a jerk as I sounded, so I apologize for that. My steam user name is: Rimfro, even worse than your name. Haha. Add me i...

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And my primary point is that, even though I have 2 nvidia 980s, and a premium cpu, most VR games look like crap. And we are talking a $3K PC. Even the highest of high-end pcs are currently struggling with VR.

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I totally forgot about this game, I didn't get to try it. This actually looks fantastic, and the movement is similar to what I'm used to on the Vive. Don't get me wrong, the PSVR appears to easily have the best dev support, and will open the floodgates for AAA development in VR. Like I said, I'm just hoping the performance improves between now and October. It definitely has the potential to be the go to VR destination. But again, performance, at lea...

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I actually have one pre-ordered, and will likely still cop it because I believe in supporting VR development, regardless of platform, but after E3, I'm a little worried about the experience until the NEO drops. I prefer the PS4 over the Xbox One for my console games, and I like that Sony is taking the initiative on console VR, I'm just scared that its implementation will fall short of the current VR standard. It's absolutely taxing on even crazy hig...

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I've tried both, and have a hard time believing you actually own a Vive with that statement. As a Vive owner, the main things that would be getting you excited about the PSVR would be the prospect of more content, and the prospect of VR going mainstream. But you almost sound as if you think the PSVR might be the superior experience.

If you really own a Vive, you'd immediately understand how taxing on hardware VR currently is, this issue will be absolutely magnified...

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The graphics look like crap in the non-VR demo too. Right now, VR graphics are drastically scaled down from non-VR games. People expecting cutting-edge graphics on PSVR are going to be very disappointed. The PS4 isn't capable of good VR in it's current form. Many of the cats on here try to claim that the PSVR HMD is "vastly superior" tech-wise, but fail to factor in the fact that you couldn't run the supposedly "inferior Oculus and Vive", with PS4-like specs on...

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It's not true 120 fps. And the PS4 is incapable of doing 120fps in 1080, obviously. The OLEDs are nice on the Sony, but it's kinda like using a PS4 on a 4K TV, doesn't really matter how good the screen is, if the hardware can't properly power it. I'll hold off on final judgement of PSVR, until I can try it with NEO. But that screen door effect, and lower resolution aren't going to magically improve with more processing power.

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@Angeljuice But it doesn't run just as well. That's why so many who work for VR news sites have been reporting how many are getting simulation sickness from it. Performance always trumps comfort of the HMD. The Oculus and Vive are vastly smoother, fuller, VR experiences. The Oculus is $600 (PSVR $500 with move) and is vastly superior. PSVR really isn't even that cheap, considering the paltry performance you receive for the cost of entry.

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It's not even close to the best. The tech in PSVR is without a doubt, the lowest common denominator in VR. In VR specific gaming circles, it's kind of seen as a joke. No 360 degree tracking or motion. Antiquated move controllers, that suffer severely from light interference. The most latency of any HMD. The worst resolution, and using the least functional form of reprojection.

It's meant for those who want entry-level VR, on a budget. It's not going to chan...

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Who cares about sold-through numbers? You fanboys all act like some kind of genius experts when talking about potential videogame sales. The only people who care, are investors, and those who need to feel better about the little amount of money they can spend on entertainment.

The smugness in you fanboys, when discussing these types of things is hilarious, and shows that you really have nothing going outside of video game comment sections, in your lives, so you get hard abo...

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So if they are coming back because of VR, several years later, they must have been the future.

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The original isn't really that great to me. Don't get me wrong, the song itself is timeless in it's way, but I've always felt it was overhyped. Great for movie montages, but I tend to skip this one when listening. Way better Simon & Garfunkel jams out there. The Gary Jules 'Mad World" was a better cover, back in the day. The movie "Old School" will forever remind me of this song. Hahaha. The original is almost always used in comedies, as a joke, in over ...

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If you want graphics, you play on PC, not PS4. But I'm sure you'll try to convince me that somehow your PS4's decade old gpu should be impressing me. PS4 fans bragging about performance, are like a guy bragging about being the world's tallest midget. Haha. You need some fries with all of your salt.

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The Vive has the superior display tech, a far better controller included, and integrated steam support built in, with Valve playing a lead role in the software development side of it.

On the other hand, you have the oculus, which immediately looks like the cheaper product just on the eye-ball test. Comes with an Xbox one controller, which most already own, and was bought out by Facebook, who has taken major control on the software development side of the Rift.

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EeJLP- Um, no. Your entire argument is irrelevant. PC game developers tend to cater to the highest possible configuration, then make all of the settings scalable down from there. It doesn't take that much effort to allow your game to properly scale to the resolution of our choice. That's the beauty of PC gpus, we have options that console gamers can't even imagine. The last steam survey I did, I had three 1440 screens, and a 65" 4K connected at once. I wasn't the only one...

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