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have fun with half the player base :D

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Did you just call them awesome?

Also, Sony wanted Cross play last gen but MS shot them down. So go figure when you have double the opponents base you arent gonna give them the players /shrug

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as in somethings might be removed or changed later?

Cause that whole thing looked like gameplay to me (aside the obvious cutscene)

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- some "gamers" today

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She was 14, you already lost

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They did actually announce it

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When you said "I'm fighting my self " I thought you were going to pretend you were kratos, i was slightly disappointed that you didn't. /shrug

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ngl, if they made a Punisher game M rated I would likely buy it. Any idea on developers that could make that happen tho?

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Sony has been marketing Spiderman as the grand finale pretty much every conference they run lol

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If you go off more recent history with both Sony and Insomniac the quality of their games (especially AAA) has risen dramatically. GG made Horizon after KZ, Insomniac has Sunset Overdrive and R&C remake, etc. It has been a while since both the publisher and developer have miss stepped.

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You know you have the other 2/3 of the comment box right?

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Highly praised developer of platformers (as in they have a history of making great platforming action games). They have had all the time in the world and have Sony to back it up (most games backed by sony have seen critical and commercial success). All the gameplay they have shown looks riveting with immersive, easy to learn/hard to master combat. The only reason i can see why you wouldn't be excited is if you dont care for spiderman and even then do you really need to make an opinion ...

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Then don't buy their games.

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Yah, i can really tell with that exclusive spiderman game made by insomniac

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This website needs to be banned

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Wasnt the entire big fight in Halo 5 a big cutscene? They dont need help with that.

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Im pretty sure Sony wanted to focus on their games. As stated by them.

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Reggie just said that Sony does what Sony does, Phil is crying and whining about getting cross play support.

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I like the idea of slower, methodical combat. It reminds me of GoW on hard difficulty where you had to time everything etc. This looks like a real samurai game imo.

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