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That doesn't mean they can improve on it. Sure, gameplay lacked sometimes but they can easily improve on it.

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Really? Cause I remember xbox people defending Ryse.

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You might be in a tank, but that makes you a huge target. I also assume there could be classes since it's battlefield.

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I dont think he was questioning the review, simply stating something.

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I really want the KZ multiplayer back.

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Control looks like what Quantum Break should have been.

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I am ok with ruining my social life, my wallet is what I am worried about.

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I am also looking forward to Shadow of the TR :D

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But VR is dead and has no market /s

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Cool, I'll be getting it on my 10 Teraflop PC

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It's talking about 4K/HDR capabilities which is a sub genre of graphics. Thus, this article is talking about graphical capabilities and I am giving my own opinion on it. Stop being such a fanboy.

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I'm just laughing at the fact you just put like 10 games in the PS1 LUL

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I mean given the power advantage the X has it would be a given. Though, given the talented devs the PS has, HDR/4K doesnt always mean the better graphical fidelity.

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Both will be winning awards left and right. I have no issues with that.

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Looks like one Hell of a game!

Don’t worry I’m going ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ 🚪

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N4G doesn’t care what he thinks.

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Then I guess you are gonna play Nintendo only cause you can’t deal with playing a game with different opinions then yours

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And you are a part of it so you are a joke...?

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are we sure there was no one on the team that just really hated Norse gods tho?

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I’m arguing that anything can be made about politics. Battle Royals has guns in and this can be connected to politics. If a character is straight it can be connected to social politics. If you don’t like it don’t say anything. Don’t buy the game, the glorious ness of capitalism is that you can be heard without speaking a word!

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