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huh? where?

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The Video Player on Vita and Ps3 still trumps this. Hopefully we get Scene Selection and a slower faster forward and rewind options. Because if anything is bothering me about the Media Player it's the lack of those features.

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Probably the best review for Zestiria I've seen nice read.

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Fun fact the Dragon Quest manga completed with 349 chapters and Hunter x Hunter gets put on hold right at 349 chapters also.. coincidence? I fucking hope so because that would be the biggest troll if he decided to go on Hiatus right at the time for such a troll like tactic

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Falcom is Vita hungry also it seems. Doesn't bother me though keep em coming!

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"I am the editor-in-chief of the entire site and also the editor of the Nintendo news sections on 3DS/DS, Wii and Wii U." This is the title of the Author of this article uhh yeah no more is needed to be said..

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Why should they "stay classy" whether you want to call it immature or genius. The fact is had it not been for that "unclassy" performance to the exposure of what the other company was doing the industry right now would be taking a route no one would agree with.

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If sonic was a pokemon his attacks would be
Roll Out
Quick Attack
Extreme Speed
Mach Punch

Tails would have
Tail Whip
Iron Tail

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Even though i know none of these games would ever be created for the Vita let alone be exclusive if they did randomly held a vita conference announcing some crazy exclusives that would possibly turn people's they would have be these.

Megaman X9 (2D Art style of and gameplay of like Megaman X6)
Megaman X Command Mission 2
Megaman X10 (3D Graphics and gameplay of Megaman X7)
Megaman Legends 3 (Yes I know it was cancelled bring it back)
Death ...

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Yeah since 2.5 came out (which I love what it introduced like control config) I can't use any of my 3rd party themes I paid for my background is blue for all of them!

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Monolith Productions or From Software anyone else I don't think would to this medieval universe justice.

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Hopefully Brave Soldiers had a nice roster and cell shaded graphics. But the gameplay was a backwards step from Sanctuary Battle and was more of a half ass Naruto Storm rip off and the online was meh.

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I fucking love what 2.5 brought but I've been having Theme issues with 2.5

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When ever they decided to give us these games for PS+ then I'll be happy until then I think every month is going to be "meh"

(Don't Care what the next game is)

Anarchy Reigns
(Don't care what the next game is)

Ps Vita
Ys: Memories of Celceta
Rayman Legends

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someone lied to you bud lol. I mean the split screen is a could be better but as far as playability it's just fine.

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Sonic Adventure 3.. Notice Sega has not created a SA3 yet. Even though Sonic Adventure franchise is the most successful 3D sonic game created. They've had Sonic 06, Sonic Unleashed (In japan called Sonic World Adventure) and Sonic Heroes, Shadow the Hedgehog but NO SA3. Sega could have called Sonic 06 Sonic Adventure 3 but why didn't they? Because they knew deep down every Sonic game after SA2 was not worthy to be called Sonic Adventure 3. I still think SA3 is going to happen that'...

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If there's anything they need to focus on it's the NAT TYPE issue. Everything needs to come second.

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Usually these DW Clones have some sort of twist to the gameplay that make them unique and some times even more enjoyable than the Dw games themselves. (Example One Piece Pirate Warriors Heavy into Light attacks or DwG and the dash cancel to connect combos even tho Sw4 add both of those to their games they debuted in One Piece and DWG) So hopefully DQH does at least one new gameplay mechanic that is so useful fun or unique that it feels weird playing without it in future Musou Games. (I'm...

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Dude just yesterday an announcement trailer confirms a NA release for the game for Ps3, Ps Vita and Ps4. Everyone had their doubts even me but times are changing, the times of games never coming over are slowly disappearing this is the best example for it. And this is a good thing too another good example to my statement so to localize Gundam Extreme Versus that should be just as hard if not harder for them to localize.

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If Maxi Boost gets localized that'll be my GOTY of 2015

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