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I hope you guys know this is the reason we haven't heard of a Ps4/XB1 version of this game. They don't want people to not buy the DLC and wait for the Prepare to Die Edition of Dark Souls 2 with all the DLC on it. Same thing happened with TLOU #5
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does anyone know exactly how much hours in total you get from a controller fully charged and also the power pak fully charged. #2
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Actually "technically" it's the best the Ps Vita has majority frame-rate issues. I haven't played the Ps3 version of XL but I played the crap out of the vanilla version and regular version of Dw8 on Ps3 had some frame-rate drops also and comparing that to the Ps4 version that I play it's definitely better when it comes to frame-rate, graphics and loading times. SO i don't know how the Ps3 version in any category (other than how fast DLC comes out) can be better than... #6.1
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I still don't see Megaman Legends 2 that's like the only Ps1 game I didn't finish but wanted to #26
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I don't mind a grind as long as I'm making progress. What's an example of grinding with no progress behind it? Retard drop rates for either materials, items or weapons in certain games making it literally a 0.01% chance of you picking up what you want is not the grind I like. I'd rather get to lv 9999 because I know each and everytime I do it I'm one step closer. #9
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They probably aren't fighting back because he's playing against the cpu on a rather forgiving difficulty. #2.2
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Agreed but I don't like the fact that the Ps Vita version (which is the version I was planning on buying) isn't coming over. Since I have a Ps4 I want to stop playing my Ps3 and just focus on Ps4 and Ps Vita games. This isn't helping. I agree with you with Extreme Vs. Hopefully Maxi Boost get released on Ps4 #1.1
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I would love an American Wasteland 2 #14
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I don't like Monster Hunter because it's slow pace to me and I like a game that has some sort of combo system

When Ragnarok Odyssey came out it was exactly what I was looking for in a hunter game. Fast pace, combos and difficult of great boss battles, fast pace timing and consistency. Lock On System was decent nothing to complain about.

When I played Soul Sacrifice I didn't think it was as fun as Ragnarok Odyssey, because like I said I like a gam... #6
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Sagittarius Seiya > SSJ2 Goku #2.1
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Cambridge needs to be in charge of making Killzone 4.. #5
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I would rather CyberConnect keep their hands away from this game the gameplay > graphics #4.2
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I'm not saying they didn't have any games those first couple years. I'm saying the consistency didn't start until 2008 #1.1
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Agreed I wouldn't mind seeing a Goku Outfit Pack for $4.99
It should include
1) GT Outfit
2) Saiyan Outfit
3) Yardrat Outfit
They should have set up the Ps3 and Vita like the Ps4 where if your using the the account that the content is from you don't need to be activated #7
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He complained about the it being boring and having expensive micro-transactions really? he's in the video with over 2000 platinum (which you can only obtain by real money if you don't know) and the only platinum pack that would give you that much is the $150 package. Let's not mention the frame-rate drops, enemies disappearing leaving some missions unbeatable, glitchy interface and fucked up drop-rate. Let's complain the pricing of the micro-transactions #3
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Great Review #6
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Alot of people don't know this but there are two different updates a 300mb version and a 800mb version

This 300mb version is for updating PS4s
The 800mb version is for people switching out hard drives and that new hard drive needs Ps4 essentials and update information #1.1
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Well since he's most likely playing offline that's why the trophies didn't sync but none the less if it did have to sync it would sync like the Ps Vita (which is a good thing if you know how the vita does it) #1.2
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Name one PlayStation accessory in the past that needed a usb cable to charge and came with one.. I'll wait.. Dualshock 3? No, Bluetooth official mic? no, Stereo headset!? no, Bluetooth official mic 2.0? no, Stereo Pulse Elite? No.. You think because just generation is about to start that this would have changed!? #23
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