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It's not really fair to compare a title that launched just when the entire industry had moved into 3D to titles released years later. At the time, the development team behind OoT was highly praised for their control system at a time when many titles were a mess. Hell, a generation later and you were still seeing AAA titles launching with awkward controls.

It stands to reason that as developers become more accustomed to 3D environments the puzzles would improve too. Why no... #9.1.1
Glad I got out early. Bought the base game, believing the core idea of the game was great. Soon realised how little content I had paid for and expected the host of expensive DLC. £40 for an expansion is ridiculous. #1.2
That's just an excuse to be honest. One of the most powerful and viable decks (Zoo) costs very little to craft and many variations have nothing above rares. The game has been out for a good while now - I haven't spent anything and I've a good number of legendaries etc. #1.1.1
Because Titanfall was original? #1.1.3
I don't follow your logic. You can earn gold without spending any money. :S #1.1
What struck me is the weather/time cycle. It sounds simple but after a touched down on the Earth for the second time, it was a totally different look. So far my only complaint is that PvP is VERY gear dependent and that needs to balanced. One gun shouldn't be the difference between double negative and double positive. #1.1
All the more impressive considering it's a new IP. Although it could easily be the market telling publishers we're fed up with Generic Clone 4. #1.1
If they get this right, I might be able to forgive them for DA2 and for making "KotOR III" an MMO. Might. #1.1
Baker has shown he has tremendous range so I'm sure he'll be able to vary his portrayal of Ocelot to Kojima's needs in a way most voice actors can't. #1.2
Exactly my thoughts! Refreshing to see a team delay their game in today's "rush it out and we'll patch it later" industry. Besides, I can forgive the team for the delay, I couldn't forgive them if they rushed this out. #1.2
We've heard all this before. Remember Eric's speech about all the next gen state of the art tech in Ghosts. I won't negatively judge SH and their game, I'll wait until it's out, but I'm not going to get sucked into an increasingly desperate annual hype train.

I want SH to succeed but I feel as though the biggest issue with CoD is franchise fatigue. When I played MW2 (I was late to the CoD dance) it was something very fresh. It'll take some serious... #1.3
I really can't see that happening. Remember, although the FF series is popular globally, a huge element of that fanbase resides in countries where the Playstation brand dominates (Japan being a prime example). It's surely lead. #1.1.1
Never been a big baseball fan, but The Show (as a series) has always looked incredible. Eager to see what they can do with the PS4. #1
For a Realm Reborn go for the PS4 version over the PS3 version - it's not just that it looks better, it handles the game better. If you're doing something that requires a lot of enemies/players on screen at once the PS3 shows its age and struggles to keep up.

PS4 also has much more integrated support such as keyboard and mouse etc. #2.1
It's not that hard to believe. Every party member will have their own ending that will no doubt change based on your actions with them. Many of the major factions and cities will also have different endings based on your actions.

The central plot will likely have a couple/few different endings. #1.4
But you're paying the monthly price for additional content. Of course, it comes on a case by case basis but I've found many MMOs and their sub fees still offer better value than many of the full price retail games you can buy today (with short campaigns and tacked-on multiplayer).

I do agree with the article though; I'm just not really hyped for ESO. #1.1
I find it a joke considering the lengths (and cost) that MS will go to in order to secure content on their platform first. #1.2
SWTOR's failure had nothing to with the sub fee. When the game launched there was a mass of hype which lead to a mass of players. This mass of players was divided among several servers. Problem was the game launched in an unfinished state.

The elder game simply wasn't there and folks quickly grew bored (before we even mention the lack of group finder). As a result the population dropped across all servers and so you had a (still sizable but) divided population - this... #1.5.4
I just assumed it was an MMO - talk about comparing apples and oranges. #1.3.2
I love how you take it upon yourself to speak for the masses. I'm looking forward to ESO. Conversely I've heard very little about Kingdom Come so the hype seems to be restricted. #1.3
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