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Push it to the limit

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Someone didn't play Deadly Premonition.

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If you live in Bizzaro world, yes.

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Yeah, it's an empty and shitty article. The author doesn't even elaborate why "wandering around, killing zombies, and solving puzzles" is a bad thing. Anyone can simplify any game with such logic.

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I closed the video when he showed that montage of him sucking and dying over and over again.

If you can't learn the fundamental game mechanics like Rolling, don't be surprised if you just collide with the baddies and other obstacles.

The Genesis Sonic trilogy are one of the best platformers of all time.

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From the videos, ammo seems scarce. There is a lot of exploration, and some puzzles.

Seems like a Survival Horror game, to me.

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I'm honestly a little fed up with horror games where all you do is run away and hide, I really liked Penumbra and Amnesia, but then the market (especially the indie scene) was saturated with those kinds of games.

The Evil Within looks like to be a return to classic Survival Horror where combat is a key component to the gameplay, which is a lot more fun to me to be honest.

Then again, Alien Isolation seems to have a combat system of it's own, but the d...

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Actually, he just went to the studio to give tips now and then. He was barely involved in Shadows of the Damned.

And I love SotD, by the way.

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He's not the one making it, he's just supervising.
That's like Miyazaki's role in Dark Souls 2.

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"He should have atleast 2 sources to back it up not 1."

Not everything must follows GAF's guidelines. Maybe he thought the source is trustworthy enough.

"Thats how journalist do it, well except for IGN."

Not really. Some are fine with a single source as long as it's crediable enough.

Even then, Thuway is not a journalist.

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You guys are quick to dogpile.

Maybe his source screwed up? It doesn't mean he is lying.

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People still blindly follow reviews and metascores.

What a pity.

They're the first to bitch and moan about how this generation is bad, filled with overrated games... Yet they proceed to disregard any game that averages 70 or less in Metacritic.

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Just listened to Podcast Beyond, at no point Greg mentions he played it. In fact, he refers to his hands-off experience at PAX again.

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Well, you went and claimed most impressions ranged from "meh-identity crisis", which is simply not true. Most of them were positive.

But eh, whatever... "'tis jokes!1!"

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The impressions from PAX were hands-off, naturally Hands-on impressions hold more weight.

And they also played 2 hours, as opposed to watching 15 minutes footage.

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Link? Don't remember Greg playing it at all. He just watched it at PAX.

Also, that's not true. The recent hands-on previews were apparently mostly positive.

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Yeah, let's ignore every positive impression from these hands-on previews, while we latch on that negative impression from that IGN guy who didn't even play it.

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MachineGames is a Bethesda team.

That's like saying Nintendo didn't develop Metroid Prime, Retro did.

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So, you're seeing a lot of 8s and you think a 9 is going against the crowed?

Less by one number?

Well, sure bro. Just to remind you, Polygon isn't the only site that gave it 9...

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Check the other reviews. Positivity across the board.

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