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I don't blame them. I mean come on it's Sonic lol. What are you a Sega fanboy? The game sucks. Deal with it. You must think that they finish RPG's before they review them too, apparently. Most reviewers only finish the games that are worth finishing. Games like Sonic can be judged after 5 minutes.

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The Xbox 360 platform has nothing in store for you in 2009. This became quite obvious when Microsoft announced Halo 3: ODST and delayed Halo Wars + Alan Wake unless you actually believe that Ninja Blade is going to be a good game lol. 360 owners are very desperate at the moment. To be honest I actually feel bad for you losers. Ah who I am kidding? HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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I freakin' loved this game on PC.

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Agreed. The Metacritic score will drop if they add this.

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Gotta love PR talk. http://www.gametrailers.com...


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They're both great but Insomniac's Ratchet & Clank Future engine doesn't work very well with FPS.

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You'd have to be a PS3 hater to doubt that the teaser was running in real-time. How many of you morons even played Drake's Fortune? The correct answer is NONE, apparently. And another thing: Gametrailer's videos look washed out 100% of the time. Can't wait to see it running on my 50" Sony Bravia.

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Just keep pretending to know more than Naughty Dog, iMad. While you're at it tell us how many games you've worked on. I'm sure you enjoy showing us how retarded you are.

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I heard nothing but M rated games in the background. LOL!

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That was a teaser. This will be a trailer. Trailers = Longer + in-game footage.

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You continue to make less and less sense with every post you make. Still angry about finding out that your dad fed you his penis on a daily basis when you were just a little baby? He dropped a bowling ball on your head hoping you'd forget but that only made you even more retarded.

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A gay dude pretending to be a girl named Chrissy. The average 360 user.

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Haha I was just watching this. http://www.gametrailers.com...

Best fan trailer ever.

With God of War 3, Sony will once again show all gamers (and haters alike) that the PlayStation 3 hardware is light years ahead of the competition.

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@ sushipoop: Lmao that's f*cked up.

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Ninja Gaiden 2 failed to live up to the hype. PS3 owners have God of War 3, a.k.a the best looking game ever made, according to GameSpot, David Jaffe, and other sources. God of War is in a league of it's own though so I guess it's not worth mentioning it alongside the flops 360 owners are constantly dealing with. The only AAA exclusive on 360 this year was Queers of Bore 1.5. Fable 2 dropped below 90 on Meta and Left 4 Dead is just Counter-Strike with slightly better graphics and dumb AI.

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As you can see, piss poor graphics and nonexistent AI. Ninja Blade is the average 360 game.

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With God of War 3, Sony will once again show all gamers (and haters alike) that the PlayStation 3 platform is light years ahead of the competition.

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Another "incredible" JRPG on 360, right 360 fans? :)

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