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You are getting a BAC mono with Grid2 or Grid2 with BAC mono. I don't think a video gamer would purchase this only a car enthusiast will.

For a videogamer, no point in keeping a car which he wont drive much. The car looks good and its a proper low weight sports car like the KTM x-bow.

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I think this dev use to make game for xbox and pc only and now has shifted to ps3 from xbox in console. Not a big deal for MS I know but I think MS should try keep these guys on xbox. Getting more games for console is always great.

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since this is a graphics display, I would say the game has good looking model, enironment and atmosphere.
FOllowing things seems to be disappointing:
1. Textures are outdated, most objects, wall, zombies etc. look like platic which no material identity. Seems everything is made out of same stuff.
2. Shaders are dated, everything seems to be very unappealing the color grade, tone is not good and everything looks unnatural IMO.
3. Torch light and lightning are ...

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yes I agree this is no joke. The injury done to the victim was horrible. I cannot believe how can some one do something like that even to an enemy.

Killing is really bad. BUt a tourture killing like this is insane, inhuman and a sin to the greatest degree.

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I think what article means that PC games have become far more competitive by deleviring better graphics and quality. Since the hardware on PC has really progressed from 2005-06 when the consoles came to the scene.

I recently purchased an Nvidia 560 GTX Ti Graphics Card and the gaming experience on it is amazing. Yeah I know only the visual part is better, but that's what most people like. My cousin who is an avid PS3 gamer is also looking for purchasing a gaming PC, since...

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This is a nice topic, seriously one needs to have good gaming skills if he wants to play game.

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Atleast you can file lawsuit in Japan for this. Still I think she took way beyond the limits. Why not move to a new job if your current job stinks.

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@WrAiTh Sp3cTr3, part of the reason was that Gears 3 multiplayer levels are a smaller than that of single player, hence devs can insert more details.

It question of choice large levels with low details or small levels with very high level of details.

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Wow! this created quite a stir. 16 cores is good, processor is IBM make which is quite good. 360 & PS3 processor are also IBM make.

Why are people comparing this with Intel. Intel CPU drivers are quite good and devs are much better in utilizing intel's chip. Also PC market is fast moving and there are thousands of CPU. You just can't compare PC processor to a console processor because the later is obviously utilized in a much better way.

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I don't know whats the negative reaction with shepard dying. Guys its a game, get over it.

Also please note its a artistic expression, while defining a character in a game, novel or movies etc. charcters are given a certain personality characterstics to them. Shepard has been given a Choleric type temprament. The one that is a natural leader and the one that like to die in battlefield. That's how the ending came like that.

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That why I doubt this comparison. Since both consoles are outputting 720p resolution so either PS3 version should have SSAO, better AA and AF. Which I don't think is the case or both consoles are being run on different settings of monitor/TV.

I remember earlier their was GTA 4 comparison It was labeled as 360/ps3 comparison. But ppl said one looked better and other worse, the fact that both footage were of PS3 on different color/contrast settings was revealed at the end ...

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Every thing is so exaggerated in countries like China and India. The employees are being pushed to work like something. But on contrary they become inefficient and manpower is reduced even further. Its not uncommon to hear something like, "Oh atleast you have got a job aren't u satisfied enough".

Yeah and this shit belongs to Foxconn not to MS.

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ON PS3 hardware U3 is marvel. But honestly Wither 2, Crysis 2 (PC version) and BF 3 looked better. Much better on max settings.

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No, Having good exclusive is always better and Xbox library is not bad but is filled with Multiplatform games most of which are better on the Xbox. Yeah! this is true accept it.
But 360 do lacks in exclusive.

That is the reason for Xbox 360 in equal footing of PS3. I don't think 360 is doing any better than PS3 in sales in fact its a 50:50 situation.

I myself was a PC gamer and I made shift to xbox in early 2006 since the selection of game it had...

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Dude! I own a PS3, PC and Xbox 360. 360 rocks!! It's a damn good console. Worthy of every cent you pay for it.

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Guys if you have any thing less than nvidia 570 gtx or ATI 6970 then you might not be able to try this mods as these are very taxing for hardware. Not mention most of the texture mods are not properly customized and use a lot of RAM plus they are pretty ugly in some areas!!.

This mod was done on high end PC with a Nvidia GTX 580 where it ran at 40-60 fps and switching to 3D mod gave 15-30 fps. Not to mention here Skyrim was tweaked to achieve playable frames. Doing such mod a...

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I think MS will buy out 1 studio at the max. Cause they are playing it safe.

After what the success they manage to get with Xbox 360 and I think it was not as good Xbox (I believe orginal Xbox was superb, unmatched hardware and features) was for its time. They succeded with because they used their brains and looked out for profitibility.

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I purchased a 360 back in march 2006 and it was still worth the money for the visuals and games it delivered where better than top notch PC of the time. But it broke down in Dec 2007 and it was all over.

Then when I realised that one should be thoughtful while purchasing a next gen hardware. Let the hardware get 1-2 year old so it has sufficent number of games and also you can now all its pros and cons till the. Thats the best time to switch over.

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Does it even matters now. Both consoles are old now. There base is too huge. Also PS3 should have taken lead in 2008 only after the market PS2 had left for it.

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