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Uncharted 2
Metal Gear Solid 4
Killzone 2
Gran Turismo 5
God of War 3

I like the games they mention, but these are the true must haves, in my opinion.

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The PS3 is gonna kill this year

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Fun $15 game that was worth the money

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Valve is so awesome (Half-Life, Portal, Left 4 Dead, Team Fortress, Counterstrike). COME ON! That is like the craziest resume EVER!

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You do realize Epic did Unreal Tournament III for the PS3, right? It was just as good as the other versions, was one of the first games to ship with rumble support, it is the only console version that contains the mod support, mouse/keyboard support, and the Titan expansion pack. Just because Gears of War is exclusive doesn't mean they are against the PS3 or morons when it comes to development. Plus they want to keep selling the Unreal engine license, so they aren't going to put out a...

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Wouldn't be surprising, Certain Affinity worked on some of the World at Wat maps and DLC, and assisted on Black Ops multiplayer maps.


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I forgot about Max Payne 3!

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Resistance 2's ending was awesome, I am usually not a cliffhanger ending kind of guy, but that managed to be badass, sad, and shocking as hell, all at the same time.

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He was a fat, annoying sidekick who tried to be funny and well...just wasn't.

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Dude, I couldn't have said it any better. EXACTLY how I feel to a friggin' T.

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It was mindblowing when it came out, but it is fairly dated now. I am sure Valve will kick everyone's ass, when Half-Life 3 rolls around. Valve is ace and there is no denying that.

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It is really quite funny how Hollywood makes the same damn mistakes over and over again. They never learn...which is why I just skip video game movies.

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I only have a 360...I would give my left nut to play God of War III. The PS3 does have some sick exclusives.

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I love the "What!...No!" line in The Happening. His delivery was so bad.

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I only spent maybe 45 mins with Dance Central. I noticed some issues with it at first, but I noticed you have to slow down quite a bit. You can't really dance at fast and fluid as you want to. The delay though is definitely annoying, it just takes some time to adjust and compensate.

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Still don't know why they didn't just go with Nolan North as Drake. He looks just like him, he already does the voice, and knows the character back and forward. Plus, his performance in both of the games is downright incredible.

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Yeah, the boss fights were the weakest aspect. Still a damn good game though. My second favorite game of 2009, right behind Uncharted 2.

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Got one for my girlfriend along with Dance Central and Kinectimals. She is having a lot of fun with it. I played Dance Central a bit, and it was enjoyable enough. Still not really my thing though...

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Great concept, mediocre execution. Too short, terrible story, and no multiplayer, but it was innovative and pretty.

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