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Agreed that is one slick cover.

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Oh okay, thanks dude.

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So then what was Bad Company 1, 2, and 1943? Just like Spin-off games and this is the next "real" entry? I am confused....

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They need to fix the Zombie matchmaking because 9 times out of 10 it migrates hosts in the pre-game lobbby for no reason all the time and BOOOOOM! "Game Lobby Closed". I have no problems with the competitive matchmaking though.

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That is my favorite map of the bunch. Stadium is similar in set-up to the map Summit. Big open area in the middle where people always rush to, but the map is big enough around the sides that allow for flanking routes and buildings that over look different sections of the map to get the people who run and gun around the middle. If you like Summit, you will like Stadium.

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The maps are solid, the only 1 that sucks is Kowloon. Too big and a ridiculously complicated layout that is practically a maze.

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It is 5 maps dude, 4 competitive and 1 zombie. Not sticking up for the price, really should have been $10-12 but whatever, Treyarch did a great job rolling out updates and the game is light years ahead of MW2, so I bought it unlike the MW2 maps.

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Yeah it was very vague and basic. Where were the details?

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Aha! The Dead Space guys, well bring it! Cause that was an awesome game! I am dying to get a hold of Dead Space 2, three reviews so far all 9+, should be sweet.

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Quake 4, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Wolfenstein, Singularity.

Disposable, poorly-reviewed games with bad graphics, no post-launch support, and buggy/laggy multiplayer. Although, X-Men was a fun single-player game (the lunge was a sick feature and the amount of violence was ace) but they are a "C" grade development house at best.

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Raven is working on the multiplayer?????? Then it is freakin' doomed. Raven is one of the worst game developers out there!

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How can you love a game developer (Sledgehammer) if they haven't even released their first game yet...

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Uncharted 3 without a doubt but they can keep Killzone 3. I know I am in the minority, but I thought Killzone 2 sucked both online and off. Boring story, annoying characters, excessive cursing, clunky controls, and chaotic multiplayer (the maps were too small and it resulted in rocket spams and welfare headshots).

The graphics were awesome but I had zero fun playing it. Resistance 3 is looking better to be quite honest.

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Looks surprisingly sweet.

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Seriously Fillion IS Nathan Drake. I mean just look at this interview. So funny, so much charisma and energy, plus he looks just like him!

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Totally agree with you there. Wahlberg has done some damn good stuff like in The Departed but he is just wrong for the role.

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Great News! Plus the director's latest film, The Fighter is one of the most acclaimed films this year and is a guaranteed nomination at the Oscars. This could actually be awesome!

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This game did nothing for me. Bland, boring, ugly single player and the multiplayer was just meh.

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Alan Wake was rightfully shredded by critics, like Gran Turismo it is low 80's on Metacritic after a massive development schedule and hype. Alan Wake bombed in sales while Gran Turismo is at 4 million +.

Anyway, why do people say that critics bash Sony and the PS3? Total hogwash, look at Little Big Planet and Uncharted 2, countless game of the year awards and are rated higher than any XBox 360 exclusive. Critics bash disappointing games not the PS3 or Sony. Plenty of big...

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Red Dead was great the only thing I didn't like as breaking horses and herding cattle...flat out long, boring and annoying.

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