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Holy crap! The pretty!!!!!!!!!

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I'm sorry but a co-op mode should be standard nowadays. Be it co-op campaign or a separate co-op based mode (Horde, Zombies, Firefight, Spec Ops etc.)

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Yeah it is pure flamebait

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I am kind of worried about the the fact that there are still no reviews. Obviously EA has an embargo of some sort but why? This usually isn't a good sign. Remember Medal of Honor?

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They will still have World of Warcraft but yes in two years time, Call of Duty will be dead. Modern Warfare 3 will be the beginning of the end. Infinity Ward is crippled, and Raven is a piss poor developer. It is friggin' doomed, especially with Battlefield 3 releasing at the same time. It is clear with that game EA and Dice are ready to kill Call of Duty.

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Whenever it gets here, I will be there day 1.

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YEA!!!Now hopefully over the course of the next year Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, Gears of War 3, and Resistance 3 can eat away at Call of Duty and than...BAM...Activision will have nothing but World of Warcraft left!

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Call of Duty is going to wind up killing itself. I have been a big fan ever since 2007 but the novelty is wearing thin from the graphics to the game is getting tiresome, boring, and repetitive. I really hope Battlefield 3 kicks some serious ass.

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Bad Company 2 had less than the original so it is highly likely that it will be reduced in this one also. Plus look at Uncharted...the first one had plenty of screen tearing, the second one...not a single tear. Developers always continue to optimize their engines.

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Socom: Confrontation wasn't just a disappointing game in the Socom series it was a piss poor game overall. I have never in my life played a game so damn buggy as that. Load times are 2 mins+, the menus lag/stutter constantly, the freezing, missing advertised features on the box, etc. It fails at the basic game design features.

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It is so snipers don't camp and since they announced you can go prone in Battlefield 3 this time around, it is fair.

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Black Ops had levels from WW2, the Cold War, and Vietnam. It was sort of a highlight reel of the 40's through 70s. It was easily the best campaign of the bunch...exciting, varied, and chock full of awesome set pieces.

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I have had an XBox 360 since launch and only have a 7735 gamerscore, I don't play games for the achievements. I just play them for fun and they don't matter for replay value for me. I have played my favorite games through like 3 or 4 times not for the achievements but for the quality of the game itself. A good game doesn't need em'.

Anyway, Red Dead Redemption has something like 90+ achievements so the 50 limit is BS.

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What I don't understand is how the "Connection Interrupted/Server Disconnected" bug which has been around since 2005 when Call of Duty 2 came out continues to be in every Call of Duty game. Pure laziness on the developer's part and cheapness on Activision's part. There is no reason why a game that sells this many copies can't run as smooth as Halo: Reach, Battlefield, Killzone, Resistance etc.

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The multiplayer is absolute crap, 5 maps and 1 mode. There is not enough there and it isn't fun at all. Single-player was impeccable though.

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Insomniac is such a high class studio, they always go under the radar. I hope with Resistance 3 they finally get some serious recognition and praise. They are long overdue.

With Resistance 1 and 2 they really paved the way with online features, epic boss battles, and an INSANE amount of on screen chaos that no game has matched yet. Plus their games are always nice and lengthy, you get serious bang for your buck. I freakin' love that game studio.

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I love the squishy loud pop sound it makes, freakin' ace!

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Easily my most anticipated ANNOUNCED game this year.

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Hey anybody know if this also gives up double CoD points? The stuff you use to buy emblems, weapons, etc.

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That was a good one, LOL!

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