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You got caught. Shut the hell up, Bungie.

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A vast majority of previews have been negative, it's gonna end up just like Ryse and Lair...pretty turds.

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Oh man, I totally agree. The track "Skyline" is flippin' epic as hell.

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H-Hour is dead in the water, I fear. They have been looking for funding for months and months. And the Lead Programer left the company.

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Sony owns the rights.

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Brutally overrated franchise. Not bad, but Metal Gear Solid and Last of Us both do stealth better, GTA does open world better, and Uncharted/Batman does action/adventure better. It is a jack of all trades but master of none scenario.

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I luv my PS4 but Sony's online infrastructure is still an epic fail.

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I know I'm in the minority, but I found the naval gamplay and sailing to be boring as hell. I for one welcome the return to the ground combat.

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I don't understand why Crytek bothered to buy the IP. The first game had lukewarm reviews, a huge drop off in sales after launch, and a low player count, so it will have a hard sell this time around. It will be one of those sequels where it may be better than the first but the first left a bad taste in everyone's mouth, so it underpeforms. They were better off just starting a new IP.

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Honestly...pretty damn unimpressive. As others have said. Looks like BF4 with a Cops and Robbers skin.

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Bummer! Thanks for the info! :)

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Anybody know if there is new trophies/achievements?

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WWII is boring as hell...

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Solid series, but franchise fatigue has set in for me although Black Flag was the best since ACII.

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Dude...chill out. Naughty Dog, Valve, Bungie, Epic, and Rockstar blow Sucker Punch out of the water when it comes to features and post launch support.

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Gotta agree. The smoke and neon stuff was real sexy looking! ^_^

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Yea the community numbers have gone down quite a bit, and by next year it will be a ghost town. Total bummer...I like it better then BF4 and CoD.

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I really hope this is good to capture that old school Socom nostalgia...but my expectations couldn't possibly be lower and I got a feeling this will look and feel like a budget title.

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Adam Sessler along with Jeff Gerstmann and Greg Miller are some of the funniest video game dudes there are. I will miss him. :(

Bring on the haters.

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Dude. Right on. Right f*cking on! Thank you. Finally someone with a brain.

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