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I am pretty sure Ken said that it was a new, original IP.

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You could have ALOT of fun in a Coed dorm room with that RC Spy Car...very tempting, LOL!

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Ah, very well then. I actually had Battlefield Vietnam too. I loved the radio stations with all the 70's tunes. Hope they got some of that stuff back!

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Yerp, Bioshock 1 was done by Irrational Games, who very briefly changed their name to 2k Boston, but then back to Irrational Games. Bioshock 2 was done by 2K Marin.

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Why didn't EA just wait to include the Vietnam expansion with it, to create a "real" ultimate edition?

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I loved the "Would you kindly?" plot twist, so unexpected and clever.

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Single player better in BC1? Are you kidding? Bad Company 2's single player is still terrible but it is ages above the first. BC1 felt like huge maps with bots in them with a few cut scenes and bad jokes to tie it together. BC1 along with Unreal Tournament III are the worst single player modes out there!

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I'd buy it, I am dying for a good ole' fashioned mindless, over the top, macho action game. Plus, you gotta love those one liners! With the exception of Uncharted's Nathan Drake, heroes these days suck...they are all boring, generic, and have a personality of a wall.

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BioShock 2
Red Dead Redemption

They all do the R2 to fire on the PS3.

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It was alright, sort of disappointing though. The frame rate and super close camera during some of the combat is what bugged the hell out of me. I am gonna wait for more reviews and give it a pass for now. It only got a 7 from OXM UK, which is pretty damn lackluster.

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I am not worried about it being overpowered. Chances are it will be on a timer or only go a certain range, explode if you hit a wall, and blow up if the enemy shoots it. Whenever a UAV goes up, I alone rack up major kills because it gives away the enemy. I am fine with just 1 RC Car running around killing 1-2 people as opposed to 5+ because of a UAV. I mean seriously, just think about it. The UAV causes a ton of "indirect" kills, the RC Car is only getting 1 or 2.

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I am curious as hell to see what it is. Bioshock was bloody incredible!

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I think Action Bastard has it right. The title is referring to the Joker and Arkham inmates taking control of the city, in addition offering a sort of continuity with the first game. I think it works really well. Reminds of the line in The Dark Knight where the Joker says "This town deserves a better class of criminal...and I'm gonna give it to em'. Tell your men they work for me now. This is my city" in that creepy voice.

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Ditto! I buy a game for the single player. If it has good online then it is even more bang for my buck, but like you, I won't buy a game just for the online modes regardless of how good my friends say it is.

There are some games out there that I felt had great single player and multiplayer though...Modern Warfare 2, Gears of War, Uncharted 2, Red Dead Redempetion, GTAIV, Halo 3, Killzone 2.

I don't bother with games like Unreal Tournament 3, Battlefie...

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The Wii is probably going to wind up with PS2 like sales numbers, I'm still never getting one though. But, props to Nintendo.

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WHAT!?!? You haven't played Batman???? That is blasphemy!!! You are really missing out! GET IT NOW!

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The game spands several decades, we don't know the exact timeframe just 1960's on. It won't be a specific period like the past Call of Duty's, I am thinking a sort highlight reel of major events in history.

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Yeah, that was pretty damn sick. Seems like it won't be a complete retread of MW2 and that Treyarch is adding new stuff and putting their own stamp on it. I am pleasantly surprised that Treyarch isn't doing what they did with World at War.

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Which is why I don't understand why publishers wait until October to December to spam all the games. They are screwing themselves over especially with Call of Duty and Halo this fall.

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