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No, I think Duke Nukem in May-August sometime. No way would they have that go head to head with Crysis 2, Killzone 2, and Bulletstorm. The summer is the dry season, if they were smart do it then.

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As unrealistic as regenerating health is, I think it works well in single player but I hate it in online modes. It is really cheap there. But in single player, I find it annoying hunting for health packs.

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Yeah I know, install, no loading screens, and INSANE graphics, how they hell they pulled that off I don't know. The team at Naughty Dog have got to be the best in the biz. The whole train sequence is friggin' incredible. Seriously, the best game this gen by far, it is an interactive movie.

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Can't say I ever bought any of Pandemic's games, but I don't wish layoffs on anybody. Best of luck to those now over at 343, and to the developers still trying to find work.

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Bioshock 2 was a competent but forgettable and unnecessary sequel. It did some improvements here and there (research system, hacking mini-game) but it was just "meh" compared to the first which was so damn great. The story was lame, the villian was weak, the weapons weren't as good as the first, the voice acting and dialogue wasn't as impressive etc. It could have been a lot worse though. Personally, I would rate the two like this:

Bioshock 9.5/10 ...

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Bioshock should have been number one, there was a barrage of 5 massive plot twists, all within 2 minutes.

Your character crashed the plane
Andrew Ryan is your father
Frank Fontaine is still alive and was Atlas the whole time
You were born in Rapture, genetically modified to mature rapidly
Would you kindly? mind control

I mean when that all went down, my head almost exploded.

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Yeah he means Glen A. Schofield who was the head of EA Redwood shores and the creator of Dead Space. Redwood Shores changed their name to Visceral Games now. Anyway, Schofield and some other lead guys left EA, joined Activision, and formed Sledgehammer Games who are making the next Call of Duty game which is rumored to be set in the future.

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I was naive for believing in Treyarch...

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Here we go again...seriously, Treyarch? How the hell is a glitch from MW2 that was fixed, back again?

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Yeah Bioshock 2 sucked. The only thing that was an improvement was the hacking mini-game.

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Doesn't seem like a big difference at all, the PS3 just handles lighting differently. It certainly isn't complete pants, like Mafia II, that is for sure.

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Considering it was a black man that demoed it at E3 with no problems, this is complete BS.

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Dead Space or as I like to call it, "Elevator Ride: The Game" was absolute crap. The game doesn't go more than 5 minutes without making you ride a damn 30 second long elevator. Plus the constant having to stop, push the indicator to tell you where the hell you are supposed to go was aggravating. Along with the INSANE amount of backtracking, and every time you get hit you get that annoying 5 second stun animation. Plus it had a generic story, regurgitated scare tactics, and was j...

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I am not against motion controls it just that the games for it really suck. I will maybe get it later on down the road if the reviews/word of mouth are positive and we start seeing some "real" games and not avatar/family trash.

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Bring that sheet to the XBLA and PSN!!!!!

I 8> Epic!

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SO glad I stocked up on cards off Amazon a few weeks back when I read about this. $43.99, no tax, and free shipping for 13 can't beat that!

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I really hate that third film's title. So generic, lame, and repetitive. Ugh, between that an no Riddler, I am freakin' worried. Nolan has been hitting home runs for a while now, and he is due for a dud. I just hope it isn't this movie.

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I haven't got any of the DLC so I am definitely going to get this.

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Glad to know I am not the only one who avoids "Greatest hits" versions like the plague!

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