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I'm a PC guy so everything is digital. If your on console it makes sense to stay physical for now, since PSN and XBL both have crappy sales and 99% of time it is cheaper to buy physical.

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It's not a sequel or a remake. It's a remaster. We aren't getting a sequel because the first flopped sales wise despite good reviews. Gearbox likely loves the game because it has that crass humor that you see in Borderlands, Duke, and Battleborn. However, Gearbox likely doesn't want to commit to working with People Can Fly on a sequel because the first didn't sell so well. So a remaster is a cheap way to test the waters again for the game and see if there is interest. Slap...

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I was shocked Knack is getting a sequel lol. Like who the hell asked for that!?!?!

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I don't get why people give KZ3 and Shadow Fall so much hate. 3 is awesome and Shadow Fall was disappointing but still solid.

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No way man. Uncharted 4 is the best of the Uncharted games. 2 gets so much love because the leap in quality from 1 to 2 was MASSIVE and that combined with nostalgia.

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I like Destiny...yeah...I'm weird, I know.

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I'm there day 1. One of my all time favorite games. It was an overlooked and underrated gem. Hopefully this sells well and we get a sequel!

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i mean switching over to PC as primary with a PS4 on the side ;) can't miss any Naughty Dog stuff

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Her brothers built it technically...I just paid for it ; )

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Nah man. If you do a 400-500$ GPU aka a top tier card, you will last 2 years at max settings minimum. And a complete rebuild at around 5 years. With minor upgrades like Ram in the middle which is so cheap. And you save a ton on games. Steam has like 75% off sales. They are crazy.

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I've always been a console guy. However I just built my gf a gaming rig with the help of her brothers. I'm definitely going to consider switching over and doing one myself.

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If this becomes a permanent thing, then it will be better to just get a PC. If you gonna have to fork over 400$ then 3 years later another 400$.

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Probably Duke Nukem Forever backwards compatibility

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I liked Duke Nukem Forever. It was buggy and ugly but I still hadn't fun with it. I don't think it deserved the hate.

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Was a diehard PlayStation guy, but finally switched to PC and never looked back. It's infinitely better!

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He would have been perfect like 10 years ago. He is too old and heavy now. Even with weight loss and muscle building (which is possible), he is just too old. You need somebody 27-32 so that you can get more "mileage" out of him. With a 2-3 year gap in between movies you need somebody young if they wanna do more than just 3 movies. Same reason they went with a young spidey, to keep him around longer. Nobody wants to go through endless rebooting every few years.

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It's going into 2015 not fully operational. It even says "not fully restored".

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Why the hell isn't this just a permanent mode along with Salavage? This game is bare bones as it is. -_-

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Gotta agree there. Firmware 2.0 and we still have 5 min delays on messages and no friend online notifications. Explain to me why a year later we still don't have features the damn PS3 had. And the network is always under maintenance. -_-

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