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3) EFFECT ON GAMING. Haters on this deparment are the most reasonable of the few that actually look at the effects COD has had on gaming. COD has no doubt made gaming more known and popular. Casual crowds know what COD is, and has improved sales of gaming as a whole. HOWEVER this has predictably caused other companies to try to copy the COD style of gaming to try to cash in on the success. This of course leads to an overload of COD-type FPS games on the market, and many once beloved gaming fr... #33.1
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ITS SIMPLE HUMAN NATURE!!! As a few mentioned before, PEOPLE HATE THE TOP DOG....people hate success in general. Whoever is currently the "king", will have plenty of haters to counter it's fans. This happens in movies too (or music) where successful franchises like Harry Potter, James Bond, Hunger Games, etc...have their fair of critics despite being (for the most part) universally loved.

Now i'm not saying COD is a wonderful masterpiece of gaming art, but t... #33
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BF2 and Counter Strike are online games only and were full priced. There value is much greater than plenty single player only games. #14.1.1
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BF2 was full priced and had no single player shit, well worth the price.

TRUE BF fans would gladly pay $60, if not more, for a real return to the old BF formula of games (aka no single player). #16.1
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Battlefield 2 had no single player (while, except for maps when you could play against bots). And BF2 is EASILY the best BF game of all time. It didn't need no shitty single player.

Counter Strike is another game online only game that is still going strong and was well worth the money. I couldn't imagine Valve even bothering writing a dumb single player mode when we all know the awesomeness is online.

Counter Strike and Battlefield 2 are both great ex... #24
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"Spec Ops: The Line" easily most underrated.

When I think of a complete revolutionary unique experience in an almost impossible genre to innovate in (aka shooters)...Spec Ops delivers flawlessly.

The story line and player immersion in Spec Ops easily rivals, if not exceeds, that of The Last of Us. The game was just a total mind fuck and full of emotions that it really almost gets to the point where you didn't want to play any longer. And again... #36
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The same way they made the Wii a success, strategy and good business decisions. I'm tired of people saying Nintendo got "LUCKY" with the Wii. Nintendo made their own luck. Sure the success of the Wii was unexpected, but Nintendo did exactly what it said it would do.

Nintendo CLEARLY stated from the get go they wanted casuals and families to buy the Wii. The marketed the shit outta the wii. Plenty of commercials showing families playing, the actions you could do... #7
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Too much of a milked franchise. Even worse than COD. They add new features, yet most of them add very little in enjoyment. AC2 was the best in the series, and it was decent game at best. If AC is ever going to compete against MGS, Hitman, Splinter Cell, Thief, and all the other stealth platform games...it needs some serious soul searching. #6
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You do realize Nintendo is a "conservative" type company with the a big chunk of it being owned by a few. And you wanna talk shareholders??? Do some research, the shareholders if anything are the ones that have made Nintendo what it is today. They aren't too particularly big on change, especially a drastic one such as dropping console hardware.

And you seriously bringing in the Dreamcast in this? It was decent console for a company that... #15.3
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How is COD such a beast of a game that next-gen consoles can't run it at steady 1080p 60fps, and neither can PC??? The PC requirements for ghosts is extremely high, it makes the game look like a graphical milestone. But visually the game is not.

This reminds me of the first Metro game. The spec requirements on PC for that game were extremely high, yet the actual visuals of the game weren't that impressive. #110
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Whats TLoU???? Sorry, gotta get back to GTA5. Need to get ready for the awesomeness I'll have on ps network once the online component is released. #17
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Next Gen doesn't seem sooo next gen compared to games already a year old. #137
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Game of the Year confirmed. #114
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game of the year confirmed! #6
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What the kid should have done is state he is Muslim? That would have made the cops look racist for saying he made a "terrorist threat". Then he could have counter sued the state!!! #52
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Sorry, I meant January is when the sails took a huge dive.

Your Resistance analogy is of course fallacious. The ps3 has large pre-orders and was sold out even before the release of Resistance itself. It was the holiday season and the few games available for Wii (largely Mario) that drove sales. Case in point, whats the second best selling game on Wii U...Nintendoland???

Nintendo fans did obviously buy a Wii U in antecipation for future games, as you stated. B... #14.1.3
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"he fact that an HD Nintendo console launched sold the Wii U"

Ok so in other words the Wii U magically sold itself.

The Wii U did sell great for the holidays, it was only in June that sales dramatically decreased. #14.2
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Uh actually a the new mario did sell the Wii U. The Wii U launch was a big success and was much more successful than the previous console generation launches. It was only after the holidays, when games slowed down, that the Wii U's numbers took a huge dive.

Wii U does not need a price cut, it just needs to have value. Which it currently doesn't from either a tech or gaming perspective. #14.1
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Other than the mini disc thing, the GameCube was a beast of a system. That thing was powerful for its time.

If Nintendo came out with a Gamecube 2 right now, spec wise it would be just as powerful (if not more) than the ps4 or xbox one. #5.2
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Honestly they need to drop that damn "rectanglish" look, its been beaten to death already. The Wii U is basically a rounded dvd player, One is a cable box, and ps4 is ps2 wannabe excepted shifted into a parallelogram.

Honestly I think Nintendo got it right with the Gamecube, it was a cool shape. I mean CUBES>>>>RECTANGLE S any day. But damn it they had to drop it and go back to boring rectangles. #22
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