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The design is overdone.

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Replacing the PS4 battery with a higher capacity one is easy and cheap. Don't be intimidated folks. It's really not difficult.

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They're OK. The first one is still the best one IMO. The concept is cool but has a very short lasting appeal for an open world game. Nothing special if you ask me.

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Great move by Sony if you ask me! No one is getting ripped off. Optional upgrade. It's like playing a PS4 game with higher settings. It was only a matter of time before this cycle was introduced to consoles. It'll extend the life of the PS4 without alienating original PS4 owners, like a PS5 could.

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Wow. Only 55. May he rest in peace.

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Surreal. I hope that CD has some sort of demo on it. Hopefully it still works.

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And Corrupted Shinnok, and call it Kombat Pack 2. You heard it here first...

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Since late November its been unstable for me. Not all the time but it's noticeable.

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So Xbox gets Dead Rising 3 and PS4 gets Street Fighter 5? PC gets both. Ok.

I bet this has to do with Capcom's financial problems. Instead of selling their IP's, they'll just have Sony and Microsoft fund some of their development and obtain console exclusivity for them in return.

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Im thankful for another exciting generation of gaming and websites like n4g for keeping me updated and entertained. Thanks!

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I'm thankful for another exciting generation of gaming.

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I think he will. Check this out.


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It is bombing - or drastically under their expectations. All this talk about the whole xbox brand being spun-off says alot. What a hugee turnaround though. MS came into this gen with too much arrogance. All of their reversals make Xbox One far more accessible. They're ticking all the right boxes.

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I'm late! Good luck to everyone.

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I disagree. Max Payne 2 was amazing for its time but Alan Wake was hyped up like crazy, took forever to release and was a let down for me. Good but not great. They have a lot to prove. SSM has done a lot more in less time.

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It's Evolve


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Muted the stream so many times. The content itself was disappointing. Most interesting game premiere comes from an indie developer. This wasn't worth watching for 3 hours, not even a condensed 90 mins.

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Even SSDHD was 1080p/60fps & 720p/120fps. The Walking Dead is 1080p. There's a good handful of games that are native 1080p on PS3. Some less demanding than others. To flat out say none at all is wrong. There were native 1080p games at launch.

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lol, no. There was Qore, the Tester, and an exclusive anime show on PSN long ago. The idea is nothing new, except for Sony Pictures being involved this time around. You're reaching.

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I think this might be why:


They are probably holding back stock for Xbone too. However, the Best Buy in NYC still had lots of them in stock, so I wouldn't call those people liars.

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