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I think he will. Check this out.

http://testyourmight.com/th... #1.1
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It is bombing - or drastically under their expectations. All this talk about the whole xbox brand being spun-off says alot. What a hugee turnaround though. MS came into this gen with too much arrogance. All of their reversals make Xbox One far more accessible. They're ticking all the right boxes. #1.2.23
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I'm late! Good luck to everyone. #593
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I disagree. Max Payne 2 was amazing for its time but Alan Wake was hyped up like crazy, took forever to release and was a let down for me. Good but not great. They have a lot to prove. SSM has done a lot more in less time. #6.1.2
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It's Evolve

https://www.gameinformer.co... #133
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Muted the stream so many times. The content itself was disappointing. Most interesting game premiere comes from an indie developer. This wasn't worth watching for 3 hours, not even a condensed 90 mins. #19
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Even SSDHD was 1080p/60fps & 720p/120fps. The Walking Dead is 1080p. There's a good handful of games that are native 1080p on PS3. Some less demanding than others. To flat out say none at all is wrong. There were native 1080p games at launch. #3.1.7
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lol, no. There was Qore, the Tester, and an exclusive anime show on PSN long ago. The idea is nothing new, except for Sony Pictures being involved this time around. You're reaching. #6.2
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I think this might be why:


They are probably holding back stock for Xbone too. However, the Best Buy in NYC still had lots of them in stock, so I wouldn't call those people liars. #1.1.3
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Yeah this is an obvious downgrade. Reports started in beginning of September the TGS build looked severely downgraded, but they blamed it on bad calibrated monitors.


It's funny how all of these rumors from months ago are starting to make more sense now. #1.1.13
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Battlefield 4's online/campaign issues have nothing to do with PS4 or PSN. The game itself isn't stable on any platform.

http://battlelog.battlefiel... #10.3
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Its faster than that in some ps4 games. 30 seconds to a minute for a few.

I hope more games do what KZ SF did and relocate the splash screens and logos to the credits. #3.1.2
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lol @FITgamer
forza is really pushing the boundaries. rocket science level stuff. #3.2.4
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Xbox live gold owners should get the first season for free. Pricing is ridiculous. #13
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They've been doing this for a long time now. #14
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I'm an iPhone/iPad owner and those $2 games aren't going to compare to the titles Vita will have. The truth is, tablet gaming isn't that good or at that level. Expectations are low on how these devices function with playing games. They're completely different experiences and target different audiences. Vita does gaming best and tablets don't. It's as simple as that. #17.2
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I doubt it'll happen.
We get this rumor with every GTA game, but it never happens. #5.1.3
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People still want a Kinect? I find this hard to believe. I think more people want COD more than Kinect and you don't need a 360 for that. #27.2
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I disagree
Even with the hardware from the BC PS3s, only 72% of PS2 games were compatible with BC PS3s AND some of those games had issues.

If they do release some type of software emulation, expect a huge amount of games to not work right. It'll be half-assed software emulation and that's exactly why we don't have it.

I can't find the source, but it has something to do with the fillrate differences. It's just not as easy as everyone thinks. If the B... #2.1.2
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^I don't know.
I thought that too, but they already revealed and announced a new PS Home. Why would they unveil it again? I think this announcement may have something to do with PS Home, but how their integrating it into PSN. It's not a coincidence the video store is getting updated too. I think the new PS Home + video store is a good indication PSN is getting an upgrade in another department. #1.1.2
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