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I'd take it seriously if I was left behind,..
Its a new generation cloaked in stealth by ms...
And before you disagree, all the vr talk makes it obvious.

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When the PS5 comes out and the PS4 has no exclusive games?

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Never thought of it as a star sign, more a sting.

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Xbox 9000

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"Xbox 360 Pro was around long before Sony borrowed the name"

Yep, no one has ever used the tag "Pro" before..... Def a MS exclusive.... smh

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New console gen confirmed by Phil.

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And scorpio is still 6 months away.

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(IMO) PS4 has the best number of must play exclusives... read that as must play TRUE exclusives.

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Whatever the release price, Im pretty sure Boogie's going to be eating his hair !!!

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Those Salty Lines.... Rack Em Up !

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Maybe off topic, but it still relates to OS4.5...
4.5 offers much much better Move tracking... Check out iWaggles YT channel... Got to say, Its made a big difference to VR games using move controllers.

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Oh yes please.

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"The eSRAM came about because MS chose to use 8GB of RAM for their console"
Yep 8Gb of ddr3 ram.... SLOOOOW /CHEAPER ram. Great for Multitasking Apps, not so good for games...ESRAM was a band aid.
And yes, Thats why Scorpio is ditching the Cheap, slow DDR3 ram and ESram.
Next gen For MS.

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"Bro Uncharted 4 is like a movie-game. Most of the time you only have to push the left stick to "play"."
That right there, says you didn't play it. Little lone MP...
Typical Troll ... No not troll... Scrotum Gargler. Your name says it all really.

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A bunch of us want to confirm it is.... ;)

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And in some cases, half the price.... Well, not so much now... i believe intels dropped the prices of their high end CPU's by 30%, and they're still more expensive....
Cant wait to see the new AMD's out in the wild and getting end user feedback...
Good times for PC builders...

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Wow... these guys are fruit loops.. Seriously...

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And thats fine... but if for less, where you may get more, its a good thing.
Interesting time for PC gamers.

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"And yet every VR game that scorpio supports will not be playable (in VR) on the regular xb1. I would say that is an exclusive of some sorts."

Besides the ram bandwidth (GDDR5), dropping of ESRAM, and i imagine other changes to its architecture... (Not just a 2nd GPU as PS4 Pro), VR on Scorpio and not One, pretty much confirms its MS's next gen Console...

I cold be wrong, right? If the All the scorpio games (VR inc) are on One, Ill drink a ...

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