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"Beer is Good"


Wow... this is something you could do in home. #4
You wish. #5.1
Looking at my disagrees, It seems many people agree with your first paragraph Kivespussi ...

Sad. #6.1.1
I wish we had more Articles like this..
I love seeing how the tech is implemented in modern games.. #6
"I just feel bad for that guy that gets kicked in the face. He gets a pretty bad nose bleed."

I thought you might feel bad for the guy because he most likely falls to his death !!

;) #7.1
As a PS owner, even I know the Xbox is great value now, with great games and features. Definitely worth the entry price. #18
Yep Phoenix,
Not as bad in oz ($34.16 AUD), but we are all still getting railroaded in EU territories .

18.99 USD=22.6030 AUD = $34.16 AUD = Deal with it.

Its the reason Ill generally always wait for a price to drop on the hard copy.

As a note, I played this on the PS3, and still own it, so I'm not rushing for a PS4 copy.... but, its still the principle of how all these companies work with online digital... Its not just sony. #4.1

There needs to be a search engine called "Bong"

A engine that forgets what they're actually searching for. ;) #1.1.31

I don't own it, nor will i say your your thoughts on the game are not your experience...

However , I might question your ears for the engine sounds.


“BMW and Mercedes actually called us up and asked if we’d be happy to give them a copy of our recor... #2.1.3
Not even going to read the article...
Ive been gaming for almost 40 years...
Was it Better ?
Nope, its still fun. #10

Using percentages...

Specs show the PS4's GPU is 50% "more" powerful than the Xbox one..

That also translates to the Xbox one's GPU is 33% "less" powerful than the PS4's #11.1.3
Marcofdeath or/is MisterX ?

Wow... just add up the bandwidth.

Be reasonable and don't take Mr C , Mr X etc as your only info on such a subject. #1.6.6

How bungie has fallen and Insomniac has risen from the ashes.

Not that thats my take on it....

Bungie where ok in my books, but insomniac always delivered , across many different styles of IP.

Hopefully , now people get how good insomniac are as developers.

I really suggest you play all their previous titles.... (FUSE Excluded)

BOT: QB & MCC is the reason I'm consider... #3.2
Seems the last line from the title was missing colum


: Money #38

Let's get real here....

3 of the 6 games you mentioned are playable without a Xbone... Even some revisions of others on older hardware....

Xbone is good, so is the ps4 , wiiU and the PC platform....

Everyone can pick and choose...... #62.1
Actually, expected is based on the score/gameplay of the original title .... What's good , and the reason for the score is content....

Gameplay (tick) Sp (tick) Mp (tick) CONTENT (TICK).

Personally , I've also found halo's lore interesting, just never was engaged by it, so only ever played 1 (mac) , 3 & ODST (yuk)

but, no one can deny its a great package...... Maybe I'm trolling, but I just might grab a xbone for this.... #3.1

Why you even here ? #1.1.10
My thoughts were its better to have a faster frame rate, to have the headroom to lock and v sync to the optimal hz..

probably my bad. #7.1.2
And it is. #7.1
All Ratchet & Clank games got grilled for not being HD, as Isomniacs goal was FPS over Pixels.....

Oh, those times....I remember all the PS3/Insomiac hate....

Lets put this all in perspective , Yes?

http://www.eurogamer.net/ar... #5
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