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If anything, they should have a bundle with the elite controller.

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Though you got Downvoted, I think you've made a pretty fair comment....
Im thinking downvotes are for your crackdown remark...
Truth is, it is classed as a AAA game, but lets not jump to conclusions based on what we have seen so far.
Lets wait until its out in the wild,

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I think its a great thing MS are getting some grip... Will they outsell the PS4 this gen? Most likely Not, but they are giving gamers options I wish some of the PS4 had... BC , UHD... Though its not what makes me buy a console in my case, theres definitely value to many people .

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Im with ya...
I imagine, now sony realises the mistakes of their past (Proprietary Architecture and obviously the R&D costs involved) Now they have gone the x86 route, returns are better, so I imagine PS5 will be backwards compatible...
Will it worry me if it isn't? No..I love their exclusives...
The last Multiplatform game I bought was Alien Isolation, though had it on the PC , it was like $14 with all the extras....... So why not? Otherwise, most games ...

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And hope we never do. ;)

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4 years.

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You can add MS and their OS/Business practices to that too.

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Im sure on launch without Kinect , it still would of been in the $400 ball park... But hey, we will never know.

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I feel i have to respond that what you say is pretty much common sense and really didn't require your post....
However, common sense seems to be missing in gaming forums, so ......................

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Like most xbox one games.

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Condemned man
So 4K capable PC's that can't play 4K Uhd disc's aren't proper 4k machines............
Right.. Got it.

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Its def closed the Gap on Pc's, But theres still a huge gap.

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You do realise, the term "No Games" is gamer talk for no exclusives... This "definition" has been stated by both camps about both consoles when there was a drought of exclusive titles.

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"Did you expect it to play games that the core Xbox can't?"
No, like many, he expects the One and X to play games the PC can't. Exclusives.

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No it isn't as straight forward as you or I suggest..
Thats my point.

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What makes you think people need to build a new PC? A GPU upgrade can be all you may need.
Im also guessing most X buyers will have already spent $500 on a One.

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Totally ----- Blown-------- Away----------
(But no one n the US will want to play it :-Signed Crapgamer)

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New Xbox vernacular "Look"
Always a PS vernacular "Games"

And FWIW, many people got a bonus with PS4. More power for less $..
And now , its more Power for more $.
Look ! Ouch.

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