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Everything in your follow up post pretty much shows how wrong your first is.

"Is this a Xbox AND PC exclusive" Thats why its funny.... Wha? you don't see it?

Did you know COD is exclusive to PC, Xbox and Playstation? /s

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Fun part is its a Meltdown @ Mr X !!! Hilarious......

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Your sentence using the word "Exclusive" changes the definition of the word....

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Interesting that now MS considerer Win10 as its platform, I wonder if those same conditions apply?
Afterall, the PC gaming market stomps the console market.... Maybe we are going to see more first timed releases on Xbox.. oh, hang on make that an MS platform, oh wait, make that a win 10 Device......Make that MS timed exclusive thats available on Steam.

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Idiots both sides I'm afraid.....

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WTF? Many are not exclusives... I mean seriously, If you're going to use that term, make it so...
Afterall, If you did actually list PS4 exclusives, it'd still be a good list.

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At my time of looking at the link the PS4 has more than double the PC user base... WTF?

Peak 24h
Peak 24h
Peak 24h
Peak 24h
Peak 24h

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As long as it costs no more than $999.99... That way we can all watch boogie eat his hair !

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Removing Linux is very different to removing features on a new SKU.
PS3 80Gb Fat's to this day, still have BC and free online..... when they removed linux, it was no longer the box I bought.

When the 40Gb Fat came out the BC was downgraded to software emulation... Thats was its specs...Nothing changed through the life of the SKU... You still got what you bought.
People would buy/trackdown 80Gb fat if hardware BC is your thing...


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In Oz, the first PS3 was $1k.... 360 around $649...
I had $400 from a bonus at work so bought a PS3...
One of the first things I did was install Linux....

My Accountant questioned me when I wanted to depreciate it.... "What ? A games console?"
After a quick explanation , it was filed under computer....

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It should be Nolan... And if it isn't, Just give it to the Rock.... Good action actor with great comedic timing...
At least it won't be scrutinised for white wash....... ;)

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Interesting you use the word "Home"..
I really think sony could Relaunch Home (from the PS3) as it would be the perfect social experience for PSVR..
In a way, VR would be the perfect medium. Maybe they'd be considering it?
Just a thought.

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Scorpio is not a Xbox One..

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Though it might not be numerically named, From begining to end in VR was the statement I believe.....

Thats not bad for a console is it?

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Love the gg comment.... Like we are so happy Kz is leftbehind as the gameplay sux.... But the GRAPHIX are good...
Mate... Kz 2 3 and sf have great gameplay.... Mp is sf is better than most MP games.
It's the people that never play them that say they're crap...trophies brutha! You hardly got any !
Just like septic on the ps4 n4g community page.. A Waste of space.

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Got a message from OZ EB Games yesterday , saying my PSVR will be available for pick up on launch day, Oct 13th..
Fk yeah. Stoked!

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I already have the sharp shooter.... :p

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Slim has more headroom than the Fat One.

Did you not read the article?

Your username serves you well.

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So basically Xbox one Slim is the same sort of upgrade as a Neo... Seems to be true these upgrades are due to AMD's new 14nm Fabrication techniques and thus cost less than the original SOC.

So all those People on the MS side that said Neo's a bad idea.. what about now?

To Add. Project Scorpio is a brand new console, has no release date, Just loose specifications....

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