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"Beer is Good"


Haven't Played Knack or Infamous SS.... But KZ MP is a Hoot !
Totally under rated.. IMO.

Edit: Oh, and just bought Drive Club cheap az.... Its Fkin great. #2.1.2
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I agree...

A lot of Sony fanboys put him down due him not having a PS3, so considered his Xbox reviews bias...

However, now he has and reviews PS4 games, its all the more reason Sony fans should take his opinions on board.

After all, he gave TLoU a 10, and his review was spot on.

AJ is a consistent, passionate gamer, and honestly, his one of the reviewers I trust...

A shame he rates "The Order" so... #2.1
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Great detail, (in 1080) which I'm sure the Megascans system is promoting...

But, the lighting engine is so bad, (In this Case), looks like a cartoon and it totally takes you out of the emersion....

Anyway, as a keyboard critic, it doesn't make me go "wow" #21
In Oz, theres a lot to dislike, but the good really does outweigh the bad. #10.1
Theres many a film I had on DVD that I have bought on BluRay, but in some cases theres no love for the transcoding process....

Hi Def digest is a good ref for me, when considering upgrading older titles to BluRay.

Point is, 2001 has been transferred with LOVE ! It beats a lot of recent high quality releases , hands down. #7.2.2
Bad example? good example?

Australia is a rich nation... Good living standards etc... but with things like the TPP, (look it up) we are going to get even more screwed buy the gov controlled by the 1%

After all, the drug cartels have done it and succeeded..

Look at the price of a kg of cocaine in comparison. It may be OT, however, big business here wants to do the same.

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I do hope you have "2001:A space Oddessy " in your collection.

BluRay Reference material.

It beats out many newer releases , and it was filmed in 68' #7.2
Interestingly, I buy games for ozgameshop based in the UK..
I buy from them because Its generally 2/3rd's the price... Sometimes Half !
Also , all local DLC in Australia off the PSN store is supported due to being in the equivalent "PAL" territory...

Weird ay ?

Edited for Spelling ;) #2.3.1
Have s Snickers. #16.2
Interesting that Adam Rosenberg worked for "Official Xbox Magazine"

Im sure that wouldn't tarnish his review approach to a PS4 exclusive. #64
This whole online only crap bores me...

Obviously, MP games overall give the player more hours gameplay... As for a SP campaign, most likely less...

However, realistically, more work hours hours are put into the production, direction, art, story ect of a SP game....

Maybe a SP isnt repayable for some... but the effort put in to a good length SP campaign eclipses the amount of effort put into a MP game..

I want both, with... #39
Guess Joystiq opened the flood gates.. (before the merge with Engadget- Smart play boys...Smart Play)

http://n4g.com/news/1653596... #1.1.7
The same could be said for xbox fanboys since day one, as for you November 1st 2014.

smh. #10.1
Those PowerPC chips in the G5 at the time where fantastic, but IBM's roadmap didn't aim towards mobile solutions.. Thats why there was only G3/G4 based laptops...

Apple went intel because of the Power/per watt performance...

Apples Laptop market,such as their MacBooks / Powerbooks were selling 4 to 1 to G5 towers...

They had to make the move.

Im positive apple would have preferred to stay with the PPC architecture if... #22.1
Whats with disagrees on this thread?
Theres a word called empathy . Look it up as it seems its the only way you'll find it.


My Condolences. #74
What is it how all games need to be sanbox/open world?

Some of the best games I've played weren't...

To each their own, but to judge a game on the "Openness"?

Closed thinking i say. #4.4.1

And games depict real life scenarios ......

Smh. #1.5.2
Ahh , the old "NDA" excuse. #11.3.1
For gaming, give me VR... But I cannot doubt this tech will bring new experiences to gaming and outside of that..

The idea is nothing new, however, its the technical aspects of the headset... MS may have made some serious optical display advancements. #26
I also miss the old open zone...

N4G is great at collating gaming news from around the web... thats its purpose and a reason I visit frequently , but its become a forum of "Yay or Nay"

Fanboy Fodder.

Im with you ceballos, Main posting where the gamers were just that, and the Open Zone for all the "I've got pubes" talk. #6.2.1
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