Beer is Good


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It looks like the Grog bog that looked back at me from the toilet bowl this morning...

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Another ninty fail.

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More like a submarine that can't surface... ;)

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I get it.. People love Ninty... The industry Needs Ninty....
I just watched it, and as for me.. imo........ its just a big MEH.

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Fk this Console exclusive BS... The list is HUGE even with "Exclusives"
Btw, Why the hell have they got GT Sport as a PC & PS4 Exclusive????? Is there something i don't know?

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True ... but not in VR, and the Demo in VR takes it to a totally different level...
EDIT: Disagreeing the fact that the only console version of RE7 in VR on PS4 makes me laugh..
true Bone heads!

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Drinking a beer for you my fellow audio brethren.
Just checked out the studio.. Noice.... Got to say , i love Genneys...

Btw, Ad company made a better move...Def didn't need game footage...the cover said it all....
People are inquisitive , and with the internet, its there if they want to find it.

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Yep. Xbone done... Hot potato.

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Wtf? Where you get 540p from ?????
I swear, there really is some fk tards out there spewing non facts like yourself.
Typical FUD.

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....I bought a pair of Speakers last summer off some guy,, and they never worked.

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So many Xbox fanboys having a fap over this guys comments ...
Simple fact.. Unless you have a PS4 or PC your missing out.

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"Microsoft knew this, and opted instead to offer a full high fidelity VR experience next year."
Yep.. burning another console gen... Lovely isn't it?

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Does not run poorly... No frames drops in any game I've played...
Guess that means no matter what VR game on any system you play, your gonna get sick..

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"far Inferior" ?
The way i see it.... (pun intended)
think about this...
Firstly the resolution debacle..
Vive & OR Deliver 1080 x 1200 per eye... PSVR 960 x 1080.. Lets say 10 % higher res...
But people don't take into account thats the extra 10% POV (OC/VIVE 110deg vs PSVR 100Deg) ...
Technically , it means the pixel count (@100 deg) is pretty much the same...
Also take into account the PSV...

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The most important thing is that it comes in under a grand......
That way, We get to see Boogie eat his hair.... ;)

To Add... I wonder if MS will bundle the Pro controller?

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Is this an onion article?

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MS stated that its up to developers if they want to make a game "Scorpio" exclusives.
Not saying developers will, as there will be a ton load of One's out in the wild, and obviously be missing out on a large market... So it wont happen straight away.... But I'm guessing it will happen.
Thus , Scorpio is blurring the lines...

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Both fall under the umbrella of "Graphics" as far as Im concerned...

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Apple with the transition to intel had code in the OS called "Rosetta" allowing Power PC code to run on X86 Architecture just as Bone does.
But, the Cell architecture is not based around PowerPC only like the 360.
You would need mammoth brute force machines to emulate the SPU's in the PS3.... Why do you think Sony use PS3's to deliver PSNOW content?
Though it would be nice, Its just not possible.

One things for sure... As Sony ...

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So 30fps does not gameplay make?
WTF? 8 bit, with a few pixels playing pong at 60fps....
60FPS is not the be and end all... Nor are Pixels mind you....
Its always matter of balance... What the developers envisaged within their constrictions...
Sure... Every game should be 60FPS, Just as much as all games (these days) should be minimum 1080p..

Its almost like console FB's are pulling out numbers and saying 60FPS...

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