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"Beer is Good"


Not Now. #38.1

OT for you. #35.1
Fk Man...

You telling me no one fought over 2600, NES, Celecovison, C64, Apple II etc...

I was there.... and they did. #83.1
Win win on win. #77.1
Win 10 free ( are software developers also considering Linux/Steam OS)
Steam purchases
How will ms make money off me with a non Ms ip? Serious question. #76.1
I must say, Ive been putting money aside to possibly purchase a XbOne, mainly due to QB and the new gears....

Now its on PC, I'm probably most likely putting that cash towards PSVR.

As a muso, Im a mac user, but have win 10 for gaming.

Im just hoping a 3.46 hex core , with 32Gb Ram and a GB OC HD6870 will run it...

(if not, might have to grab the titan X out of the Video Suite ;) ) #75
Oh, lets just forget that 200GBs is a pool of 32 meg....

Im sorry , esram is just a bandaid for the painstakingly slow DDR3 ram...

#dealwithit #1.3.6
I so wish there was a "Deluded" bubble option. #11.2.1
"why does a 1.3TF GPU need that type of bandwidth? It's not 1.3TF."

FFS...... Please head back to the safety of MrX #1.3.4
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How convenient you forget to take into account the 1yr ,and in most other regions a 1 1/2 year head start the 360 had.......

Posts, moved.

Smh. #1.1.9
Ummm, this isnt ................ #16.2

"Yeah but will it be enough? I still think the lack of power will hurt the VR experience on the PS4.
I reckon next-gen, depending on how VR pans out this gen, it would be truly effective."

Oh yes, Realistically , your out numbered by people that have actually tried PSVR and have nothing but positive experiences with it.

Please go shill away in your (MS) augmented reality. #1.1.19

The dislikes? Simple answer..... Kids.

Oh, and how one day they will get older and remember the 64 bit days...... God love em'

;) #26.1.2
Fair enough.
Still , Sony should have ext drives for games installs supported. #28.1.2
Right now?
And in the future?
Buy drive to copy int drive to, remove int drive, place in new bigger drive, copy data back from the old int drive, now format old drive and find a new use....
Oh, re-download all games AGAIN if you don't want to wait a day or two to copy files back............. #28.1
Well, SATAII was a bad idea, But the great Idea was MS gave Xbox One users external USB3 external drive support for games....

I know I'm harping on with this, but SONY needs to get with the program.

Its my most wanted feature , followed by folders........ #26.1
To upgrade by plugging an external USB3 drive into the PS4 would be sweet though... Am I right? #22.1
Greed being the operative word.....
Its not just Apple. #7.1
Agreed. #20.1
I love my PS4, but Fk That,
Give me external USB Drive support for games...

Forget Access Speeds, Thats a given with SSD's
Lets Talk Throughput....(Though Theoretical...)
Internal SATA II 300Mb (That alone, a SSD can Soak a SATA II bus)
USB 3 640Mb...

Oh, and add more drives when the drive fills....
Imagine that?

This is one major thing Xbone does right in my books, and If any PS FB say they don'... #21
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