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Does it need it ? Nothing wrong with the option....So I think yes....
Unlike Xbox, Sony has always used incredibly specific proprietary architecture.... Though I guess with the PS3 they learnt a lesson.. Cell architecture, PS2 emotion chip, bluray ect.... It was costly to manufacture...
Im guessing in a lot of ways, proprietary meant hard to emulate ect.... But maybe the incident with PS3/linux and home-brew taught them something, allowing them a Mainstream (modified) archit...

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"There are Sony exclusives on PC as well"
Then they are not exclusive. Simples.

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Ahh... guys have always been on the MS train..... Crap would be proud.

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If VR is not supported on one, then X is.

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IMO MS are holding back VR as to not alienate the One buyers...We all know X will have VR, but if Xbox One does not support VR games available on X , that by definition places the X as MS's next gen.

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Why would they.. They Had a more powerful system that cost 20% less on release, and still to this day, more exclusives...

Now, If the X was even the same price as a Pro, which it isn't, why wouldn't people expect a more powerful machine?
So Kudos to MS.. They now have the Most powerful, and the least powerful home console.

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Xbox has more flops, with more flops :p

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"but facts are facts!"
The only fact here your hurt and upset.

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WTF U talking about, Orig Xbox One owners realising they've been lied too all along?

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Hang on .. Im confused.... Who owns a XBX little lone a PS5?

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fark ,, The N4G site is gold.... Push me, shove you , oh yeh says who !

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In my case its easily decided... At $649 here in OZ, its a GPU upgrade for me.

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Reasons I didn't buy one.....;)

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Wha? No elevator action?

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If its about price.. I agree the X is excellent value... And so are all the MS/Somy consoles....
Im just suggesting PSVR is not comparable to an X. price or not.
In simple terms, Its like comparing a console to a TV.

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But you can't play PSVR games without a PSVR, But you can Play Xbox X games with a One or PC..
I don't really think its a good comparison you used.

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Wow.. almost bought Until Dawn Yesterday....

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All im saying is 360 had extra sales to repurchases... What are the numbers? Who knows, but it definitely added to consoles sold...Thats a fact.

Point is, though behind in sales compared to Sony, the One is doing really well for MS this gen.

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Maybe i should be more clear.
"As for my FRIENDS numbers"
I bought one.... One.. and with my friends systems dropping like flies, and the lies that were uncovered , I never trusted MS again.
MS's true form..

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My input, Ive got to take into account the many friends that bought Multiple 360's due to RROD...Obviously before MS admitted there was an issue....
As for my numbers, 4 friends with Xbox's bought anywhere from 2 -4 machines !!!
Desperate times with Desperate Measures...
So, I can see its not all bad for MS.. Have they sold more? Maybe, but I'm thinking a lot more owners this gen.

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