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i've seen that... however, unlike the Wii U's segment, the PS4 and X1's were just part of some other sponsor's display of items you can buy with the gift card.

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knowing Nintendo, they wouldn't trust Tecmo Koei with such a very important franchise, if they don't think they can pull it off. it also shows that Nintendo is now slowly opening its doors by entrusting their beloved franchises in more experimental genres.

however, the Dynasty Warriors series is also a niche title, quite popular in Japan, and some parts of the world, so we'll have to see.

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so we're basically just short of an official confirmation for Retro doing the next Metroid...

that'd be more awesome than awesome!

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metroid pin on Reggie's jacket, says he wants to have a new metroid game, but does not confirm anything... Retro rep not saying whether they have a 2nd team working on another project... Reggie and retro rep smiling obviously keeping something...

something tells me, nintendo's holding on to their bombshell announcements for future Directs... probably realized VGX is not worth announcing anything... leaving a lot of people cranky (couldn't help it)

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And isn't there a sequel to "Finding Nemo" in the works?

i believe it's called Finding Dory or something...

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if i remember correctly, the ending of the movie provided the link to the video game (well the DS version as far as I know).

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the best deal was Zavvi's 19.99 Vita bundle!!! (albeit the obvious mistake)...

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like most games, obviously going from start to finish will only last you about a couple of hours... but really the fun with some games (including Mario) are the secrets, collectibles, etc. so really going 100% on any so-called "short" game will in effect show that it's not short at all.

the key however is how much do you want, to go for 100%? some games are quite good at motivating you to go for it, others are just, well a chore to do.

Mario, s...

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i love Ubisoft games, but I must say this... they don't want to have two buggy/glitchy games for the holidays...

there can only be one!

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"...we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality"

translation: we can only have 1 glitchy/buggy game for the holidays... *cough* Assassin's Creed IV *cough*

no offense, i love Ubisoft games. i'll believe them, if, and ONLY IF, Assassin's Creed IV don't end up buggy or glitchy.

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is this a rumor or true?

c'mon, it was already confirmed by Ripstone that Nintendo had no problem with cross-play support with other consoles, in terms of multiplayer.

it's act'ly good news. something that will perhaps benefit the whole industry; coz you'll be enjoying the game more on your preferred console.

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although it is rather a ridiculous idea, but sometimes good things come from utter, ridiculous concepts.

nevertheless, as you mentioned their interest are completely different, however if they do decide to work together it would make perfect sense, coz each can benefit the other. Valve will reach out to console gamers and younger, casual gamers via Nintendo; on the other hand, Nintendo will benefit Valve's more mature gamers through Steam.

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Nintendo... Valve... Two Tribes... 3 dev companies...

Half Life 3 CONFIRMED!

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sadly you have people who disagree with you, you know why? coz the truth hurts...

people always accuse Nintendo of "rehashing", yet they fail to recognize the "annualization" of many IPs, or other. heck, even games that were originally coming every other year is now going annual (Assassin's Creed); next year, we'll be expecting Treyarch's new Call of Duty (and we're even still a month or so of the new one. if Watch_Dogs does well, expect a...

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inexperienced? true...

incompetent, really? a company that made a lot of the highest-rated and bestselling games of all time, is incompetent?

i'm a multiconsole and PC gamer, and even I recognize Nintendo's potential in creating gorgeous HD graphics. seeing the latest hi-res screenshots from Super Mario 3D World, I can honestly say that they have already improved. in the next few years, Nintendo will sure be coming out with even more beautiful-lookin...

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it's a plus for me. this is what i actually love about most PC games (although you can't really refer to it as "backwards compatibility"), since I can still play games that I missed from ten years ago, on my current PC/laptop.

for consoles, it's a plus, since you don't have to buy a new console just to play the previous generations games, especially if you've missed them.

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actually, i believe there was a panasonic version gamecube. i saw that somewhere, and couldn't believe it at first...

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oh well...

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it's sad that some people would say "i was playing violent games since i was (a kid), and i'm (an adult) now, and i haven't killed anyone..."

this is the kind of attitude that shows how much people can be insensitive, and arrogant. what works for one, doesn't mean it works for everyone else. i myself have started playing violent games at a young age, and yes I'm thankful that I haven't ended up a violent man.

now that i'm...

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it's coz GTA has just been recently released; but the message is the same.

also there was a video of an 11-year-old boy from France who got GTA V from his parents, and he was happy about it.

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