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"Understanding and Acceptance "


I'm only interested in the story dlc, so I'll look out for the combined pricing for them.

However, if the price is still high I will just get the GOTY edition. #11
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Nice, I forgot to buy Hard Light last time. #3
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No hate from me, it makes sense. #4.2.4
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At what point can you challenge him?

I think I can since the gate in the back is open, but I never entered (don't want to trigger a cut scene).

Currently I'm going through the chalice dungeons on each type (standard and root) and level/depth. I want to kill the boss at the end before using multiple saves to get all endings. #2.2
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Both points are reasons enough to not purchase season passes, even with loyalty it is still a blind purchase.

Recently Bungie proved that the content listed (House of Wolves raid) is not set in stone for season passes.

So far there is nothing positive about buying passes that outweigh the negative. #15.1.1
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Season passes are only a gamble until all content releases and you literally see what you will get. #15
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Even if they list something for the pass they can can still pull it later. Bungie did it when they pulled the raid from the second season pass release. The replacement is some hoard mode arena.

So unless all dlc releases, only then will you be aware of what you get with the pass. #10.2.2
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Is it no longer 60 fps? #2.1.1
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The thing about the horn, once I got it, is that it makes everything very easy. The challenge gets thrown right out the window. Since the pace of everything quickens you find yourself with more time on your hands, probably deciding to grind even more.

It makes you realise how dull the game can be due to a lack of content.

Soon after obtaining it and almost maxing it I stopped playing Destiny weekly. #5.1.1
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It sucks that the quality is reduced, however the art is still very beautiful. #4
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I'm not trying to teach them...This is an effect of their decision. #18.1.1
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I have not reached far enough in the game to use a Ferrari, will I be able to get the La Ferrari when I reach level 5 in the future? #1.2
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Is there individual character stories for arcade mode? I don't own the game yet. #2.1
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They can't kill your doll right? #7
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I have always been annoyed about their decision of moving Tri from PS3 to Wii, and even more so when Nintendo acquired exclusivity for a limited time (as far as I know). I am a huge fan of the series, but I wish they could have at least made it multiplatform. I will never buy a handheld or console solely for the purchase of one game/series. My brother bought the Wii for Tri and the WiiU for the other MH game. Both systems currently sit on a shelf covered in dust, they are not even connected t... #18
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People would feel forced to buy another handheld. More money in their pocket. #3.1.1
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This gen is edgy, it is the dlc practices. They seem to have become more fleshed out than last generation.

Patience is needed more now more than ever due to "extra" purchasable content becoming more common. It is hard to determine what is simply a cash grab and what is not.

Pre-ordered dlc is the new method to obtain money and it is based on the word of the publisher/developer alone. This method tests the loyalty of fans with something that is non... #8
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It is better than having equal to no advertisements. For the uninformed that own no consoles, always seeing "PS4" being associated with the new Battlefront game will cause them to think of it as a PS4 game. Thus, they may purchase a PS4 over the Xbone for the game unless other factors change their mind. An example of another factor is their friends owning the Xbone console, making them ignore seeing "PS4" logo and then wanting to play with friends on the Xbone. #5
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People will decide for themselves, even when swayed. #23
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I look forward to the reasons why she is dressed the way she is and why she does not speak. #3
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