Understanding and Acceptance


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I think it should separate itself from what it became so it can be what it was originally meant to be.

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I was going to wait anyways, I don't plan on paying $80CAD for games (except The Last Guardian).

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This game is a classic.

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Stop nerfing everything.

When changes are made, make them exclusive to PVE or PVP, this way their (Bungie) bias towards PVP does not affect PVE.

Stop rotating weapons to have each weapon type have it's moment to "shine" (be OP in PVP).

Allow exotics to be exotic (referring to nerfs).

Create a PVE equivalent of PVP's Trails of Osiris, where PVE players can obtain powerful gear too (this would be bes...

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It should be in the actual game too, not on their website like the grimoires.

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It really does need a fresh start, but we don't know if they will continue the same issues found in Destiny 1.

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If they improve the overall game then whether or not the character can be brought over will not be an issue for me.

It would be like starting fresh in a better game.

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I'm done with this, if they do what you mentioned I will consider playing again. Though as of now (and if no changes are made), I'm done with the series.

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High memory card prices and a poor variety of games is what caused its downfall, it needed more games.

What solidified it what Sony announcing their lack of support for the system.

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Because the content provided upon release is what is in the DLC.

Future content to be given for free to those who purchased the DLC, are not a part of the initial release.

Reviewers always have a choice to go back to review newly released content, but they can only review what is available immediatly.

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Look at the trailer on PSN which is used to advertise the game.

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The destroyed the series so I will no longer play it.

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They are just trying to control the direction of the industry, that power is in the hands of the consumer.

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I think you got so caught up in the rain drops that you forgot how to learn to play.

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Better than paying the new price.

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Canadian pricing has remained the same, by the same I mean the new current price.

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Way too late for that, the KS ended I think over a year ago.

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Makes sense, but that is just it, perspective. For the reason you dislike it others will like it, especially since it is an iconic character from the 80's horror/slasher films.

I think those who gravitate towards this game, regardless of any senseless killing involved, will enjoy it for being able to relive their nostalgia through gameplay (I know I will).

However, if the game mechanics turn out to be terrible, then even those who are nostalgic will...

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Does it include the fighter pack with the alien/xenomorph in it?


Okay so it seems I was looking at DLC which included the xenomorph for those who purchased the MKX, however this DLC does come with MKXL.

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