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It will be a good game,its kinda obvious now but its still just a game where u shoot at thing and run,not really gaming revolution. #3
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one of the longest movies ever then #7
2012 killed my three favorite series,hitman,maxpayne and diablo. #1
Mass Effect 3 Happy Ending Mod ? ME probably deserve better ending but this... Humans are really happy-pils whores,redemption and salvation junkies,its like our only thing that separate us from animals is not working,like we dont know that we will end up as a worms food. #7
I really love people that know how to enjoy game,good job. #3.1
spy and sniper from TF2 :D #1.2.2
star trek was always dumb shit,you just cant ruin something that bad #1.1.9
World in Conflict 2,but i could kill for Ground Control 3,GC2 best game ever for me. #68
TF2 and DOTA2 are using micro-transactions to be f2p games so all people can join in and play,you dont have to use it unless u wanna new hat or new mustache. #1.4.1
Game can be f2p only whit micro-transaction #1.2.1
go away #5.1
Yes. #7
F.E.A.R 1 #24
I want Augmented Dinosaurus #7
i really hope it will not be "now press X" type of movie-game abortion #10
I really dont understand USA,what is point being artist if you cant speak about politics and religion,in this age and day people are afraid to insult even the worst types of human scum. #14
xbox gold lol,it should be xbox america_fuck_yeah_720 :D #19
ignorant fanboy #2.2
valve should buy sony #7.1
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