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Back when DayZ (mod version) was still quite new it had me and my friends hooked. We spent hours foraging because back then there was a lot more players and a lot more PVP and it was fun to play. As each new version came out it added more and then branches of the mod appeared, Epoch etc. and it became huge. We would spend hours scavenging, finding vehicles to stash weapons and supplies and then putting them somewhere hidden and giving team mates co-ordinates to find the, doing high risk runs ...

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Poor list, Sonic gets a mention but no Project Cars 1 or 2 or Assetto Corsa?

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I own both and spend more time on the One X. Thats not to say the PS4 Pro isn't a good system but I also have a gaming PC so have them to enjoy the exclusives on each platform. In terms of OS I would have given it to the XBOX. I do find it frustrating the number of clicks you have to do on the PS4 even just sending a party invite seems just a fraction more clunky than on the XBOX

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Billed by the developers as "the most authentic, down the barrel experience of WW2" in the original Kickstarter video but its full of bunny hopping and jumping around corners no-scoping. Graphically its poor, a downgrade from the Kickstarter video's. Doesn't feel like CoD2 or MOH that the developers cite as being inspiration for the game. Its just a fast paced arena shooter - Quake with WW2 guns

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I don't think you are understanding what I'm getting at, its not the generation they came from its the scale of the game. There were much better looking games than MAG in its generation, it was the scale of MAG that meant it was far less detailed graphically than CoD or Battlefield of the day. In my opinion PUBG holds up pretty good, not as detailed as some but its scale far exceeds other FPS/TPP games.

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I don't think its ugly, its one of the biggest maps in any console game with a high number of players. MAG on PS3 was pretty ugly but a good game with lots of players and a large map but that wasn't anywhere near the size of PUBG

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I've seen benchmarks of a 8700k benchmarked against a 2600K with your video card and its not shown a big leap in performance. My Haswell 4770K is doing just fine I just need to upgrade my aging 780Ti some time this year, I may wait for the next gen of NVidia cards.

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XBOX for me, only bought GT Sport for PS4 and I only got that because it was half price in the sale. Going forward I see me buying more on XBOX in 2018, I have the One X Scorpio Edition which means even third party games will almost certainly look better on that than my PS4 Pro.

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Its sad how N4G has become the last bastion of PlayStation fandom. Post anything positive about an XBOX game that is exclusive or timed exclusive and you get voted down or your comments hidden as inappropriate. PUBG has not attracted so many millions of players by being a bad game. The XBOX version admittedly has some issues but will follow the same path as the PC and get updated and have more features added. It looks simple but there is a lot of depth to the game and the millions of players ...

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Maybe for the XBOX early access version but certainly not for v1.0 on PC

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Its not like Dayz at all, Dayz has zombies, is not last man standing, PUBG has as much in common with DayZ as it does Doom or Quake Deathmatch. PUBG is a good game, runs well on a wide variety of hardware (even my wife has starting playing on her old PC) and is fun. It has some issues sure but what seems like simple gameplay on the surface i.e. land, loot and kill has more depth and subtle strategy than people give it credit for.

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Long story short, its so Sony can charge you for PS Now

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That's the crux of it, if he hadn't been such an entitled little shit he would have realised he overstepped the mark, took the video down and we would never have heard about this. He even restreamed the video with an offensive hashtag aimed at EPIC so he obviously knew he'd done wrong. You'd think any self respecting parent would sit him down an explain he's made a mistake and to apologise and move on. It's clear he's a spoilt little shit in his response video belo...

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They did over 10 times, he kept making new accounts and continued to use the hacks

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They did, over 10 times by his own admission

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No automated system will ever be as good as live Marshalls, sure tweaks can be made but major flaw? no

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Online ranking should now be considered a must have feature for any racing game that has online modes. iRacing set the benchmark for ranked, structured online racing and its great to see titles such as GT Sport and Project Cars 2 seek to emulate some of that structure - GT Sport more so. As much as I enjoy Forza 7 the online play seems primitive and limited in comparison.

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Scorpio Edition on pre-order

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