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When it comes to thinking they are bigger than the industry itself the problem is bigger than Kotaku, Angry Joe thinks he's bigger than Capcom and Nintendo, he's just another jerk playing games on YouTube and laughing his way to the bank while he slags off another developers game because they didn't give him an interview or content for his show. Channels like his and sites like Kotaku are just commercial entities sucking the life out of the industry and perpetuating silly 'con... #7
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For me Battlefield Modern Combat featured strongly in my gaming time on the 360 as did Forza 2 which had a massive following among my friends. Project Gotham Racing 3 was another favourite and I was gutted when Microsoft let the studio go. Of course you have to include Gears of War in the list, I avoided it at first because I prefer first person shooters but this hooked me when I did finally get it. #2
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The original XBOX was my first step back into the console world since owning a SNES and MegaDrive and the 360 was an obvious purchase for me having enjoyed the first one. Spent so many great hours playing Battlefield Modern Combat, Bad Company, Project Gotham and the Forza series which had a huge following among my friends which meant there was always a private lobby running. The RROD was a big problem, had two but the plus side was it made me look at the PlayStation 3 so I ended up owning bo... #6
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@SlapHappyJesus Yes I have, I love Star Wars, love what DICE has done with Battlefront and have friends on all three systems #1.1.8
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Luckily I've bought it on Pc, PS4 and XBOX One to make up the're welcome #1.1.4
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Its the same every time a AAA game comes out, sites desperate for hits will attack it and in the process make hypocrites of themselves. Blops 3 has one zombie map unless you pay for the other and the chin dribblers lap it up, Activision have been caught out recycling maps and passing them off as DLC in previous games and still people buy the season passes. Call of Duty is the same rinse and repeat every year, even more so this year with what amounts to Advanced Warfare v1.5 and it gets a free... #1.15
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Enjoyed the beta, enjoyed the 10 hours early access even more. I have this game on PS4, XBOX One and PC and can see this game eating up a lot of my gaming time. As a Star Wars fan it's the closest you'll get to being in the film whether it's just running down a corridor or tight canyon with blaster fire flying everywhere it's great fun. Plenty of game modes that even in the limited early access period had plenty of players in every game mode. Call of Duty seems to get a free p... #39
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Every new AAA game that gets released will have a ridiculously low score given to it by a site desperate for hits, its the same tactic time and time again to illicit hits from sites like N4G. Having played the beta and used up my 10 hours through EA Access there is no way this game deserves a 4.5 out of 10. The sites that purposely give low scores to get visitors to their site are no better than the sites that hype games with 10 out of 10 scores, please stop giving these guys hits to their we... #1.14
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Really like this new UI, the old one was OK but slow compared to the new one and the UI on my PS4. I do love the simplicity of the PS4 UI, it's streamlined and laid out really well. #9
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Oh look Gameidealist has recycled their last ill-informed article on XBOX One racing wheels #1
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Why not? I have friends on all three systems and have Battlfield 4 (Premium), Battlefield Hardline and GTAIV on PC, PS4 and XBOX One and had several games on all three systems during the last generation of consoles. #3.1.1
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I have this game pre-ordered on PC, PS4 and XBOX One. The beta reaffirmed my faith in DICE to do a good job on this and for the last 7 hours I've been playing it through EA's early access app on the XBOX One and absolutely loving it. The maps are just so we'll crafted and look gorgeous with little touches like Jawa's and Ewoks running for cover, ships taking off and crashing, the buzz of tie fighters, snow speeders, a-wings overhead. #3
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@FlexLuger The career won't be as good as Forza, neither will the car selection but in terms of driving and the physics and handling its a quantum leap above Forza 6. I've played every Forza since the first, love the series but was disappointed by the handling of the cars in Forza 6. AC is such great fun to race and multiplayer is very good so if you can forgive it for not having a career like Forza or hundreds of cars then definitely buy it. #2.3
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Angry Joe needs some more hits does he? I'm enjoying Halo 5 even if I absolutely suck and multiplayer. Who plays split-screen these days anyway? #36
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Is that active Gold members? I ask because I have (or did have) at least five Microsoft accounts because I've been trying to move my favoured Gamertag to another Microsoft account. You'd think the process would be simple right? prove I'm the owner of both accounts and ask Microsoft - one of, if not 'the' biggest software company in the world...the answer is no, its not that simple. If you have another Gamertag, a subscription or any purchases on the account you want to mov... #7
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I'm not hating on Call of Duty, I have it pre-ordered on PS4 and PC, may even get it on XBOX One but I've noticed a distinct lack of interest amongst friends who played the whole series since the first PC version with me and they just don't like the way its heading. I'd wager they are having to spend and put a lot more effort into marketing this year to keep the juggernaut rolling. #5.1.2
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I think Sony have missed a trick this year with the timed exclusivity on Call of Duty DLC. Popularity for the series in my opinion is at an all time low, even friends who were die hard fans are giving it a miss this year and with such a packed calendar for FPS games with Halo 5, Star Wars Battlefront and Rainbow Six Siege etc. there are a lot of other games vying for the money gamers would traditionally blindly just use on Call of Duty. I'd rather see Sony and Microsoft spend their money... #5
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Easy to setup though I have had a small issue with the wireless pad losing connection after a while like the connections times out. I thought it might be the power saving on the USB ports but it still does it after I disabled power saving #6
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Good news for them but considering Microsoft is considered a software company you still cannot merge two accounts. I'd like to port over my XBOX live account that I've had since the original XBOX and has all my purchases, gamerscore etc to my new email address which has an Office 365 subscription. You can't do it, Microsoft has a helpful little web page to help you choose what account to use and it suggests that to keep my email address I create a new gamer... #6
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Ive got one of these on order from GAME, love the XBOX One pad so bought this adaptor amd another pad for my PC. #5
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