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I'd like to see them cancel the Wii U version, the console is just not powerful enough and I don't think it will sell in significant numbers to warrant the work #8
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For the love of God please make this Halo Wars 2, the original showed just how well an RTS control system could work on a joypad. #8
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Not only are they providing more choice with graphics but also more choice with tweaking controls even on a standard gamepad. I've been playing this game on PC for the last 2+ years and seen it really improve in terms of handling and physics that has really cranked up the realism along with the graphics and sound. I think this will be the most realistic racing game on console, more realistic than Forza or Gran Turismo (and I've played every game in those series). All I hope is gamers... #3
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It makes perfect sense. Releasing so close to Christmas potentially loses sales from parents who get all their shopping done before online stores can no longer guarantee delivery or the high streets go into meltdown which is why a lot of games release in October and November . November is a traditional blockbuster release month and releasing any later doesn't help hype the film, a mid November date is far better for hype than a mid December release, that would be far too close to the film... #5
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I've been playing the PC version for what seems like the last two years and I'm really looking forward to the final release version. On the PC I don't think it will be as realistic as Assetto Corsa, rFactor 2 or iRacing although graphically it looks a lot better than those titles with only Assetto Corsa being close in my opinion.

I'll also likely be buying it on PS4 and XBOX One as I think on those formats its graphically superior and more realistic than eith... #2
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Don Mattrick's leadership made me hold off buying an XBOX One because he seemed to want to focus the XBOX brand on being a multimedia machine that just happened to play games. With Phil Spencer at the helm the brand slowly moved towards being more gaming focussed and so recently I bought an XBOX One. Mattrick didn't seem to have a clear idea of where XBOX was going or indeed where it came from and I'd not want to see him back at Microsoft. #40
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I've just bought an XBOX One and I'm already running out of space. On one hand its good that you can add a USB drive as it makes expansion simple even for the most dense gamers out there but the neat freak side of me wishes Microsoft had done the same as Sony and engineered in a clever way of upgrading the internal drive without invalidating the warranty. I have already upgraded my PS4 HDD to a 2TB drive as for both consoles this gen I'm going completely digital with no games on d... #1.3
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I'm still hoping they do another Halo Wars or even a remake of the original game. #3
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I think you're right, it will certainly be a better uptake than the last time Microsoft tied a big DX update to and OS like they did with Vista and DX10. A free upgrade for windows 7 and 8 users will be a big draw especially as 10 looks to take the best of 7 and 8 and as we know its often best to skip an OS as Microsoft seems to release a dud every other release so Windows 10 should be a good OS. #2.4
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Windows 10 is a free upgrade for the first year for Windows 7 and 8 users. #1.1.1
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Awesome! I bought an XBOX One last week and bought a few games and one I was considering was Forza Horizon 2 as I love the Forza series, can't fault it at that price. #1
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Angry Joe is just angry because Nintendo want a percentage of the money he makes using their IP. These Youtubers are making hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars through their channels using IP they don't own to make their money. His claims of free advertising are bullshit, these companies survived just fine without these shallow Youtube channels with hosts who have an over-inflated idea of their importance. #18
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You're spot on, Angry Joe is just 'angry' because Nintendo want their cut of the money he makes using their IP. Angry Joe is just as commercial as Nintendo, he has an inflated opinion of himself because mindless fans who lap up his bullshit can't see him for what he is - just another YouTuber trying to make money. #1.9
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Thorstein you are spot on with your comments. These people who lets not forget make a living out of these channels show how vacuous some sections of society have become when they hold up people like Joe as someone who matters. This isn't about gamers its about someone sore that Nintendo want a cut from the money he makes using their IP to bring people to his Youtube channel. He's sore he is not making as much money as he would promoting a Microsoft or Sony platform plain and simple, h... #1.3
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Hardline wasn't meant to be a successor to Battlefield 4, it's from a different team with its own new storyline and DICE are still supporting Battlefield 4 with new content so it's clear Battlefield 4 is not done yet. #2
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Just bought an XBOX One, Forza 5 and Halo MCC to go with my gaming PC and PS4 #4.5
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Once Don Mattrick left Phil Spencer has done a very good job in re-engaging with gamers and promoting the XBOX One as a gaming device and not a media centre that just happened to play games too. His approach has been refreshing to the point its made me re-think about buying an XBOX One after originally deciding to just go with my gaming PC and a PS4 this generation. I have a feeling Microsoft will have a very positive E3 this year. #4
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They would never kill off Master Chief, it would be the end of Halo in my opinion, there is no strong character to take over the lead role if they wanted the series to continue. #3
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I've not bought an XBOX One yet but giving it a lot of consideration lately to ad to my PC and PS4, a remodelled XBOX One would definitely swing it, I'm not so bothered about the size or shape as it sits under my TV out of the way (although a smaller footprint is nice) but some items on my wish list would be:

* Put power supply inside the case and do away with the brick
* A slot/hatch to easily open and replace internal HDD
* Backwards compatibility (u... #10
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Funny advert, I liked the comparisons between old and new gaming especially as I was one of those people sat wide eyed in front of an Atari playing Pong and Space Invaders #7
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