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I'm not a serious fighting game enthusiast but I do like to play Street Fighter IV and Mortal Kombat X and looked at cheaper options that would give me cross platform compatibility between my XBOX One, PS4 and PC. I've looked at the Mayflash F300 which does work across all three platforms although strangely requires a joypad plugged into it. The buttons and stick are cheap and not Sanwa but it does support replacing these with Sanwa parts so I figured it would be as good as any of tho... #3
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Great to see Porsche coming to Forza 6, I'll get the expansion for sure but I just wish Forza 6 didn't play so poorly on a wheel else I'd play it much more often. #2.1
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It can be a valid tactic though to have one floater moving about freely while the rest of the team stay with the objective. Earlier on 'Plane' I tied up two enemy players by engaging them soon after they entered the aircraft slowing them down considerably and we went on to win the round as the clock ran down. Some maps don't work so well but on maps like 'Bank' and 'Hereford Base' I sometimes wander up a level higher than the objective and then time the enemies mov... #2.1
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Microsoft are just coming full circle. They used the PC as a testing ground for tech that went into the XBOX with their various Sidewinder joypads and joysticks, Game Voice hardware and software and the Microsoft Gaming Zone etc. Most of their in house game developers were moved on to XBOX titles leaving the PC behind. Microsoft had a history in PC gaming long before Games For Windows Live mentioned in the article. Windows 8 was a failure because it wasn't a unified system, it was various... #35
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"It's nice you feel so defensive about the game"

Thats a rather foolish statement to make given the fact that I've pointed out flaws in the game that I have posted above. I still enjoy the game and I have no need to create overly dramatic clickbait headlines to get hits for a website. #6.4.1
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Only as old as the sites that post tabloid style sensationalist headlines and their writers who post that tired well worn defence you just used trying to discredit anyone who points it out. #6.3.1
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But I'm not posting clickbait titles #6.2.1
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I'm not giving them a free pass, as I said above there are still some niggling issues I have of my own, most recently it's been the fuze charge splash damage clipping through walls and objects killing players outright without damaging those walls or objects. I've not experienced any issues with map rotation and the matchmaking issues that plagued the game over the Christmas period have largely gone in recent patches. More maps would be nice but not a necessity and I think saying U... #6.1.1
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I'm still loving the game, such a nice change from the mindless run and gun games like CoD. They do need to sort out the matchmaking issues though they have improved it greatly over the last few patches. There are some other small issues I have like fuze charges clipping through walls and killing you without damaging surrounding objects like window or door barricades but on the whole I am enjoying it, the maps are well made, you still see a variety of operators being used. Usually games a... #6
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There just isn't enough of a performance increase to justify the cost of a 2TB SSD, I'll stick with my 2TB conventional HDD for now. #3
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The PlayStation brand is massively important to Sony's fortunes and the XBOX still has a place in Microsofts Windows 10 Eco system so no they are not going anywhere for a while yet. #12
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Lol don't know what happened, that area of plastic has just gone white like someone has brushed a paintbrush against it. I only clean it with a microfibre cloth and my PS4 has not discoloured #7.2.1
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Maybe your mother should have not let her brother impregnate her and create you but she did and here you are #7.1.1
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Driveclub is a fun arcade racer, Assetto Corsa is a racing sim #2.1
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Look forward to seeing what they reveal, with Phil Spencer at the helm the XBOX has really started to get into its stride. A bit off topic but has anyone experienced the plastic on their case discolouring? I was watching Netflix a few nights ago and noticed what at first I thought was dust on the corner of the case so I jumped up and went to wipe it off but found the plastic had somehow discoloured. It feels the same as the rest of the plastic on the side and where the front has discoloured i... #7
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Its undeniably better than Forza in terms of physics - I have both games and love Forza but I'm not sure the single player aspect will be as good as Forza. I hope gamers give this game a chance though. #2.2
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They have released some complete series like DTM, WTCC, GT Masters, AUDI Sport TT Cup etc, I would recommend trying those. #1.1
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Someone take the shovel away from Palmer Luckey, the hole he has dug for himself is deep enough. #31
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I think a lot of people are disappointed that the Oculus Rift is nearly twice the price originally touted by Palmer Luckey and not even in the "ballpark" he talked about, not even with Facebook's millions behind it. The hype has been building and they have increased it by selling dev kits to consumers and knew they could gouge customers on price as there would be plenty of people who will buy this without questioning the price. Comparing its price to complete systems like the Pl... #15
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Funny, because smart phones have auto-correct. #3.1.6
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