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C-H-E-F> I did mention it works with PCars, sadly that won't be the case for the sequel later this year because of this decision by Sony. The very fact it works in PCars and Dirt Rally shows there is no hardware limitation, indeed the drivers exist in the system to make it work so its not a software issue either, its a cold hard business decision by Sony to not allow working hardware to work in new games and that is really unforgiveable. I think it should be left to the developer to ch...

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Online has always been one of the franchises weaker spots. The beta is ok but didn't blow me away and I'm struggling to be enthusiastic when my enjoyment is further hampered by Sony's anti-gamer, anti-consumer approach to Fanatec support. My CSW V2 works great with Project CARS, Dirt Rally etc. but because Sony won't allow legacy support a perfectly working wheel on the PS4 is blocked from working with future games. Sony were pretty open with legacy support with the PS3 but it...

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Just because you can stream doesn't mean you are allowed to do it, not sure if Sony can disable streaming on individual gaming as its built into the OS not the game. Regardless the second or third paragraph on the NDA specifically says testers cannot share any details about the game.

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I was quite excited about this until Sony took an anti-gamer stance on Fanatec compatibility

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There seems to be a lot of suggestion that the son or mother tried to fix the XBOX, even suggesting they scammed Microsoft - based on what? I keep my consoles in good condition, I clean them regularly but when I tried to trade in my XBOX 360 Slim some years back I couldn't because the warranty sticker that sticks over the edges where the top and bottom casing meets had started to come away from the plastic due to the heat. The guy in the store said it was a common problem because that are...

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The new content is nice but even without it I felt the different operators gave the game depth. You can learn the maps like you do in other FPS games but with the destructible environments and the unique abilities of each class it takes longer to really learn the maps. Even now players still find another bit of wall to shoot out or another spot to set a trap or choke point.

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I'd settle on a fix for the current DX Error crash. There is a thread 519 pages long with over 10,000 replies on the issue yet months on and DICE/EA are silent while they work on DLC

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The person who signed off on the release date at EA needs to be sacked. Respawn put a lot of work into this, it had the single player campaign the first game was criticised for lacking, they tweaked the multiplayer and then some idiot goes and schedules the release between the two established FPS big hitters.

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Its a real shame they released it into such a busy period because I think its a really good game. Initially I bought it only on XBOX One as I felt that was he format it belonged on but recently Sony sent me an email with 43% off so I bought it for my PS4 Pro as well and will encourage my mates to do so also.

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Activision seem to be in a real hurry to kill the Call of Duty franchise

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Couldn't agree more, they channelled the online competitiveness of Counter-strike and blended it with the more realistic style of the Rainbow Six series. Its a great game that is sadly overlooked by too many players and didn't enjoy the same kind of media hype as the underperforming Call of Duty series. Its been well supported by Ubisoft.

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I like the XBOX One interface, everything is right where I need it though the PS4 interface is very easy to use. The interface on the PS4 has got slower and slower though with each new update and its nowhere near as quick as it used to be doing a simple every day task like selecting a friend and clicking on their profile to set up a party. I'm hoping this improves with the PS4 Pro which I have arriving Thursday hopefully. I also prefer the XBOX One pad over the PS4, it feels more solid, h...

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The first game was ok, nothing spectacular but fun, I've bought the sequel on XBOX one rather than PS4 as it feels right to have it on XBOX because of the first one's exclusivity.

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I don't know why this is so difficult for people to comprehend, as you simply stated above is all that happens on the PC. With the consoles it may just be presets though rather than a load of different user configurable settings. I could just about play ARMA 3 on my old PC and turned clgraphics options down to get a decent framerate. When I upgraded I continued to play ARMA 3 but at a higher resolution and more graphical touches, it's still the same game, everyone still plays it but ...

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I can't see Activision doing this with Call of Duty or EA with Battlefield, would be great if they did and a big selling point for XBOX

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"If you're a PC gamer? Sorry but now that all MS games will be on PC, there's no reason for a PC gamer to get an X1."
I have a very capable gaming PC that can run any of the current releases yet I still spend more time gaming on my PS4 or XBOX One, why? Ease of use and the speed and simplicity of getting into the game is one lf the main reasons. I work long hours and come home and sometimes I just can't be bothered downloading driver updates and configuring thin...

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You don't need to buy the collectors edition for the "full experience" neither do you have to buy the DLC to enjoy the game. My nephew and I play Battlefield 4, he used to mainly play on his XBOX One but now plays a lot more on his PS4. He had the premium content on the XB1 but bought BF4 cheap in the recent sale on PS4 so he could play with me online. He doesn't want to spend the extra on the premium content right now because in a months time he plans on playing BF1 but tha...

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I really like the way Phil Spencer has led the XBOX team. Don Mattrick never came across like he understood anything about what made the XBOX so popular and what gamers wanted but Phil Spencer seems to get it and is pushing the XBOX brand back into a successful era again. Granted the XBOX team has not had much to crow about but its been nice having a little less radio noise from the likes of Greenburg and Hyrb. During the dominance of the 360 they were really quite unpleasant and egotistical ...

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I did try to cancel my pre-order for PS4 because of the lack of support for Fanatec wheels but Sony support dragged their heels responding so I kept it and glad I did, I think its worth buying

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