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Loving this on PC and looking forward to playing it on PS4 and XBOX One. Porsche in a proper racing sim is well overdue

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I don't think that's how it works, the game is tied to your Microsoft account and so wont let you play simultaneously on PC and Xbox One. That said I think Microsoft is in a really good position now its using the Windows 10 codebase to its full potential, unifying its mobile, gaming PC divisions. I don't think the Xbox brand s going anywhere, it will evolve as needed.

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Gamers will just get ripped off on trade-ins. In the UK GAME offer very poor trade-in prices, on two occasions their staff have implored me to go away and sell privately when I enquired about trade in prices. You'll be lucky if they give you £80 for a used XBOX One. I'll give mine to my grandson and upgrade him from his 360.

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So Twiggy, if Wee Jimmy Krankie gets her way and has a second referendum, will you vote for Scottish independence?

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I don't see the XBOX brand being killed off by Microsoft, it may evolve but Microsoft want to be in the living room. They have massively expanded their store into the movie, TV and music domain so they need people to have devices to consume those products. My thoughts are Microsoft has never really been keen on being a hardware manufacturer, a lot of what they have done has been out of necessity so perhaps the XBOX brand will stay but like the mobile phone format it will become a platform...

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The XBOX One UI update was a massive improvement in terms of speed and layout but I still prefer the cleaner, easier to navigate PS4 interface.

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That picture of Don Mattrick makes me smile, a hint of desperation in his face "Pleeeease buy this". I thought this gen would be a no-brainer, that Microsoft would build on the popularity of the 360 and firmly cement their position in the console market. I had both consoles last gen but used the 360 far more but this gen I bought the PS4 and didn't buy the XBOX One until over a year later. I still use the PS4 more but enjoy the exclusives on the XBOX and like the direction the p...

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It's pretty poor when a site just writes a bad review for clickbait. Anyome can set up a site or a YouTube channel, post some contentious opinions and watch the money roll in from their advertisers as unsuspecting gamers go to their sites and channels as they shit on the teams who actually have the talent to create something.

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It will still outsell Battlefield and any other FPS that dares to launch in the same period. I'll buy both any enjoy them for what they offer though it's likely Battlefield will hold my attention in the long term just as BF4 has. The down voting/dislikes don't mean much as a lot of those posting dislikes will still buy the game.

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I'm hopeful that they will do this justice and not just put out a quick HD update, from the brief scenes we've seen so far it looks like they are going to do a proper update

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The 360 pads wore down yes but after a much much longer period, years in my case. The analogue sticks on my PS4 pads wore through after only around 6-7 months. I bought a new pad which does seem to be a bit better but I prefer the diamond textured harder wearing rubber on the XBOX One pads though they don't have the funky touchpad and the speaker

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It sounds like they are rushing this to the PC and I don't know why. No multiplayer and more importantly for a racing game no wheel support from launch but will be added later so why not just hold back and do a decent release. I love the Forza franchise, I've played every version since the first and was happy to hear it was also coming to PC but they risk damaging the reputation of a good franchise for the sake of holding it back a few months.

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The writer of the article can't be watching much TV then, product placement is everywhere, why on earth would he think Microsoft would pass up on advertising their products in a game they invested heavily in? Just more of the same Kotaku nonsense articles, they lost any shred of credibility when they went all crazy ex-girlfriend on Sony after they blackballed them for leaking news on PSN Home.

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"the first fps to have online was CS in 1999."

LOL seriously? Please go and look up Quakeworld and Qspy, we were playing online across the Internet long before 1999, when you've learned all about Quakeworld, look up Kali, Gamespy and a whole host of games played across the Internet. Back in 1995 I was using a DOS PPP/SLIP script to play online with hundreds of players all in one arena in Warbirds. All that was long after I was playing multiplayer Doom and Duke N...

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Titanfall was fun, it was just a bit shallow. I'm hoping they use a new engine as it just didn't seem right such powerful robots and weapons yet there was no environment destruction or bullet penetration.

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It's unusual for Microsoft not to send out keys quickly, I've received them for other promotions quite quickly although I don't understand the delay its not like they have to post anything, it's a completely computerised system that should be capable of sending out a simple key.

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Does the XBOX One need a VR headset? for great gaming no, for public perception of the brand yes, it can't afford to be seen as the format without VR with it being such a high profile feature. I fear Hololens will become this generations Kinect - a great idea but poorly implemented and supported.

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@MCTJim Agreed, nothing new. There is a lot of talk about how Microsoft cannot be trusted yet the openness of the Win32 system which allows developers to release what they want has caused lots of issues of its own with developers bundling software in with the install program that users don't want, some of it reasonably harmless but some unscrupulous developers bundling software that leaves systems open to security breaches. What Microsoft is trying to do is make the Windows platform more ...

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The majority of the reviews are very positive about the game, this is nowhere near a 5/10, just another clickbait video from someone who makes a living from his advertising partners.

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Not one flight simulator listed like DCS World one of the most hardcore flight sims ever or a racing simulator like iRacing? Really poor list

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