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This is the kind of fairly worded criticism that gets your thread locked down on the official forums: http://forum.il2sturmovik.c... #2.3
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Yes they banned a large number of users who had been in the early access stage providing feedback right from the start because they complained too much. They did also suggest the project could be closed down if their Metacritic score did not improve. The scores got wiped and restarted and the score went even lower (

Someone close t... #2.2
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Driveclub is a fun game in its own right but pCars physics are a step above it. They are in two slightly different sub genres, Driveclub is more geared towards Forza Horizon or Project Gotham racing where as pCars is geared more towards Forza or Gran Tourismo #63
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I have been playing Black Ops 1 over the weekend with my nephew as it was a game we used to play a lot with bots so we loaded it up for old times sake on our PC's and it just re-affirmed my opinion that Black Ops was the last decent Call of Duty game. The movement speed felt right, not the super speed of recent games that make it feel like it's designed for the attention deficient mouth breathers out there who need to make a kil every 0.2 of a second. The weapons had nice variety and... #19
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It's hard to take reviews from commercial gaming sites at pace value. Sites like Gamespot, IGN etc all rely heavily on adverts and therefore web traffic so they would sell their own mothers for exclusive deals with publishers and promote their products. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the poor reviews for Destiny are because Activision held back review copies and therefore reduced these sites abilities to generate traffic to their sites. It's really not a bad game, I d... #31
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Ill informed flame-bait article. The author has taken a few people's comments and passed them off as somehow representing the millions of PC gamers worldwide. It would be like saying some of the worst XBOX or Playstation fan boys that infest N4G are somehow representative of those platforms as a whole.

He has only been playing Standalone so does not understand the history behind the game. The 'oh but its alpha' really doesn't wash with this title as its based... #15
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Nope, we have Call of Fall: Titan Duty 2 #10
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I've been playing CoD since the original was launched on the PC, it bothers me because with recent versions it's moved further away from being a first person shooter and more about instant gratification and easy kills for the kids with a short attention span. #10.3.1
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It makes me weep to see gamers lap up the same garbage from the Call of Duty franchise year after year. I hope I'm wrong but this years instalment looks like it's moving even further away from the original series that was all about gun battles and not some n00b one hit kill smart weapons or silly kill streak perks. They may as well just ditch controller and mouse and keys support and just make it a tablet game when you press the screen as quick as you can to get kills like a glorified... #10
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I think graphically its the best looking racing game to date and in terms of physics and realism its much better than anything in the Forza and Gran Turismo franchises. I think PC, XBOX and Playstation fans are in for a real treat and I hope that fanboy's can see past their exclusive titles and give this a chance. #2.2
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I've been running the closed beta for a while, it ran very nicely on my old system that was an AMD Quad Core 3.4GHz CPU with 8GB 1333Mhz RAM and an AMD 6870 1GB graphics card. Obviously you have to turn off some effects but it still looked as good if not better than anything else out there and I thought was more realistic than Forza and Gran Turismo. #6
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I've been playing the closed beta for some time and its going to be a great game on PC, Xbox and Playstation. I hope that the fanboy's out there will give this game a chance over their exclusive titles like Forza and Gran Turismo as I think its better than both of them. #6
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Pick whatever platform suits you but at least get the facts straight if you're going to try and put forth an argument to convince people they have to choose one over the other.

The crux of his argument is sales, its clear he does not understand the JPR research and the writer also includes VGChartz sales figures as proof when those sales figures do not include digital sales which is where the bulk of the sales would have taken place for Watch Dogs on Steam and Uplay not... #29
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Doom is going to be very different to the modern day shooters we have now, it's got a different set of game mechanics that I'm worried some reviewers just won't understand and give it bad reviews because they will inevitably compare it to Call of Duty or Battlefield.

I've already read some comments like "you can carry all the weapons all the time" and "there is no health re-gen" and also "the level design seems very linear". Those... #5
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I'm really looking forward to the new Doom, I still remember picking up a shareware diskette for Doom in a games store years ago. Some of the comments that Eurogamer collected from various gaming sites has me worried though that Doom will be given poor scores from reviewers who don't understand what Doom is. Comments like "you can carry all the weapons all the time" and "there is no health re-gen" and also "the level design seems very linear" that's w... #5
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Despite Microsoft's desperate hype to make people believe they needed this game I doubt it sold as much as EA expected and they must be kicking themselves for making this a Microsoft exclusive. Even an XBOX One owning friend no longer plays it and I gave up on the PC version a while ago. The AI is awful, it's truly bad for a game that relies on it to mask the low player count. No single player, no level destruction, no bullet penetration, low number of levels and multiplayer modes for... #22
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I'm not saying the whole level should be destructible but you should see corners being smashed off the sides of buildings as Titans pass by them and at the very least bullet penetration. Far from being a design choice I think that's down to a poor choice of an old game engine that perhaps does not support such an ability no matter how much its customised. As ramiuk1 says shooting someone through a mess fence or a catwalk floor should be possible but it is not. Even simple boxes provid... #2.4
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I can't justify spending any more on this game. Its an average online only game that has been hyped into making people believe its great.

No level destruction or bullet penetration despite it being a futuristic FPS with high powered weapons and mech's. 6 vs 6 propped up with AI that is anything but intelligent, in fact its possibly one of the poorest examples of AI I've seen in a modern game.

The review sites that gave Titanfall perfect 10/10 sc... #2
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Your blind fanboism doesn't hide a truly average game. I owned an XBOX and 360 long before I owned a Playstation, the format doesn't matter to me its all about the game. I was excited by its release, had it on pre-order from August 2013 and waited and waited. Funny thing is there is an XBOX fanboy at work and he agree's that Titanfall was a massive disappointment and he no longer plays it on his XBOX One. #41.1.1
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Titanfall was a massive disappointment. I pre-ordered it on Origin after it was first show at E3 last year but as the release drew closer the more concerned I was about it being a flop. Microsoft just did their usual routine of bulldozing a game to the top with hype.

People raising concerns about the AI in multiplayer, the low player count, no single player, the lacklustre graphics, lack of bullet penetration which is now a standard feature in other FPS all got shouted down... #41
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