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"The Retro Raconteur:"


Great promotion! I'd love to win! #617
An adapter wouldn't be terrible, but it would be far more limited. I'd rather have a controller designed for the Wii U so all the console specific features (power/home button) are still in the controller itself. Also prefer wireless. #1.1
Oh man that black one is glorious! Hadn't seen that. Thanks for sharing. #2.1
Quite possibly one of the worse articles I've ever read. #85
That's a really good point and it just might work. #8.1
Not sure if you're referring to my blog or the article from Silicon Republic. A Sony executive specifically stated the game is coming out this year. #11.1
Insane and awesome if true. #18
And here...we...go. #38
Exactly. This is all about exciting the core IMO. #3.1
Certainly need casuals to be truly successful. I'm not sure this event is about the casuals though. I think it's all about hyping the base. They've still got E3 (more mainstream) to focus on casuals. #1.1
Vita isn't dead yet...but it's on life support. #30
Loving these videos. Anxious to see what they release Monday and Tuesday. #45
Awesome gesture by Sony. Have to love everything they're doing with PS Plus so far. #20
Can't wait for this! #1
Fake. #3
Thanks! They're pretty addicting for sure. I've almost got the double plat from Sly on Vita/PS3. #3
I know it's minor, but I'd love concave thumbsticks. #35
Great news! #2
@SilentNegotiator Quite the contrary actually. I do most of my gaming on PS3. Uncharted, Heavy Rain, Mass Effect, Skyrim... I play lots of games.

Actually, my next blog will be all about trophies and how I'm addicted to them, lol. #7.1
Appreciate it! #4.1
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