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Agreed, art looks solid.

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The whole game up to the last dungeon or so, yeah. You can't get to Orphan's room like that, though.

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I guess I can see that. For me, I almost never used the Sentinel -- they don't put out enough DPS for them to be useful in anything but drawn-out boss battles -- so hearing someone say they used THREE just boggles my mind.

My typical opener was COM/SAB/RAV. Builds combo incredibly fast and gives you some breathing room against tougher enemies.

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If you ever, EVER used SEN/SEN/SEN for more than jollies, you're doing it wrong.

Then again, I could have misunderstood your post. I'm honestly not sure what you said.

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Now THAT would be something ;)

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Nice, I'll have to download this one.

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I think you summed up my thoughts exactly: Natal is awesome, but not for gaming.

As a non-control peripheral? Absolutely. I would LOVE to be able to browse the XMB by moving my hands around, considering how much I use it for things other than gaming. Voice/face rec? So awesome.

But all of the gaming applications have been done with the Eye/Eyetoy (minus the z-axis tracking, of course, but there's only so much space in my living room for that kind of motion) and it di...

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Hardware gets hit harder and faster than software in recessions like this. It's cheaper to develop, ridiculously inexpensive to reproduce, and easy on shipping costs; hardware is none of these.

Microsoft's primary income in through software, so their costs are already low to begin with. Sony is almost exclusively hardware, so they're gonna get screwed in the butt.

All things considered, I'm only a little worried about Sony. They've already started trimming the hedges...

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That must be the most narrow-minded financial forecast I've ever read. Are you working with Pachter?

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It's where digital distribution makes the most sense. Honestly, I like having downloaded titles on my PS3, since I can buy them without leaving my house, and since a good portion of them have demos (read: not nearly enough), I can sometimes try before I buy.

Sure, it promotes laziness, but I'm all about that.

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I think that's the best way to do it, really. It makes sure that everyone's experience on N4G is what they want, and it still let's the user-generated ideals come through.

I don't like HHG or sites like it, but there are those who do. I don't wanna see a mass exodus over any site, but then again, most of these sites have RSS feeds so N4G isn't exactly the best place to get updated.

I suppose I'll have to reserve judgment, but I'm glad staffers are making an effort.

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Until someone is found guilt in a court of law, they are merely accused of a crime. Saying they are guilt is a form a slander, and printing it is a form of libel -- and considering the publicity Play n' Trade has to lose, they'd be happy to take someone to court over it.

Protect yourself and follow the rules.

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... and it was won by 4chan.

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If you can handle the Japanisms, you'll enjoy yourself :)

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Really? Of what? I put in my time as a games "journalist," covered GDC, interviewed developers and producers, got hands-on time with unreleased games, and even got paid a little to do it.

I left writing because I didn't like where the publication was going -- my priorities were elsewhere. And that site is leagues more reputable than HHG.

If HHG's site is all you need for news and entertainment, then by all means, click those links. Help them thrive; it's yo...

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Just finished my minor in Journalism. Granted, that's not a Bachelor's, but it's more than you have room to scoff at.

And yes, you should have told the guy you work for to shove it if that's how he wants to run his publication. If you have any skills whatsoever, you can find another place to write, one that might actually do something for your career instead of putting the brakes on it.

It doesn't matter if you're writing about war, politics, or video games. If you'r...

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If you were a self-respecting journalist, you'd tell him to take articles like that and shove it. But you're not a self-respecting journalist, so you did it anyway.

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... to ask for an interview in the guy's blog. You need connections to get information from publishers, and I've yet to see HHG get anything credible along that line.

That's not to say HHG didn't do well to get an interview like this, but it's not a matter of having connections.

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... is this: if the majority of the content on your site is crap, good content will be stained similarly. I frankly don't care if this is the greatest interview ever conducted between a gamer and a developer, this site won't be getting my clicks until it cleans up its act.

Sorry, HHG.

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He's trying to point out how utterly subjective your claims are. There are many ways you can judge the success of a console, and even the one you chose (hardware sales) is dubious at best, considering how little of the world's sales are tracked as well as the NPD.

There are metrics showing the PS3 slaughtering the 360, and vice versa. Pick and choose, that's your prerogative, but don't start shoving that nearsightedness on others, please. Just play some games.

Oh, an...

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