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Sony was the best conference of E3 hands down

Source: I watched all the conferences

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There was no Xbox only exclusives


Microsoft doesn't do that anymore

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Sick Xmen game please, and Avengers

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Dragon Quest 11 and Ni no Kuni 2


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Sony, by a landslide

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1. Crash being in Skylanders, and the IP still with Activision. Was really hoping we would see a new Crash Bandicoot for PS4 (besides the remasters, which I will get)

2. The lack of Red Dead Redemption 2, by rumor it supposedly was supposed to be there.

"Up until yesterday it was planned to show Red Dead at the end of Sony's show to close. In the Red Dead announcement trailer there is a scene of an outlaw shooting up innocent people at a popular ...

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Easily the best conference at E3 this year

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It was predictable and boring. The lack of new games was ridiculous

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Can't wait for these Crash remasters

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Yeah and Microsoft have been showing the same games for 1 and 2 E3s now. The lack of new games Microsoft showed yesterday is astonishing. Sony had new game after new game. It was ridiculous and awesome

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Sony won by miles. It wasn't even close.

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Not better than last year in my opinion. But still definitely the best this year, by far

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I'm so excited for this. I love Spider-Man

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Sony showing amazing looking games. It was fantastic

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Sony easily had the best conference. So many games that looked great, and new game announcements and surprises

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Got a point lol he gave Sony crap for not showing the PS4

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As a fan of Call of Duty campaigns, that looked pretty sick

And really they didn't know it was Call of Duty lol

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That's really cool

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Sony honestly did save E3 no one else took any risks, had many new games like at all...

Bethesda announcing Quake and Prey was cool though

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I love Spider-Man and this looks so sick!

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