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I'm very curious to see what it is #2.2
Yea because being innovative is the only thing that makes a good game -_- #2
I have Battletoads, and Double Dragon & Battletoads games on Sega Genesis

so yeah it's been awhile #1.1.1
I sure hope so. Love these franchises. #1
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past #1
Why have I never heard of this game? It looks good. #1
Wow, that's ridiculous. The developer should release patch notes like all the others #1
That's really cool that Dreamcast is still getting games.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects
Elysian Shadows

both look cool #2
That's what she said #1.1
Dark Cloud 3 and Ni no Kuni 2 are my top two. I want both lol #1.2.1
Hopefully Legend of Dragoon 2 comes to PS4 this generation, well see I guess #1.1.1
Level 5 new JRPG announcement for PS4 coming at E3

cannot wait

hopefully this generation is like the PS1 and PS2 generations. Tons and tons of JRPGs #1
PS1 and PS2 for me #1
Because hes been on Raw what, like one time in the last year? #2
This game is gonna be sick #5
You should have seen my face at the villager part

just WTF!? #2
I completely forgot about the game Rain #12
I just want actually gameplay, and real information on the game

apparently that's hard to come by -_- #6
I usually miss them so I don't watch them live. Glad they are put on YouTube though. I think the last one was at 9 am EST for me, yeah too early. #1
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I hope it does get a retail release #1.1
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